This is just a quick oneshot based on my good friend Stetson and Fedora 1103's story Warrior's way. Please go check it out at: fictionpress(dot)com/s/2984509/1/Warriors_Way
Obviously, take out the (dot) and replace it with an actual dot.

I woke up next to my brother, Jason. My father lay with my mother in a bed not far from ours. The room was small. None of us complained. It was all we really needed.

I yawned, stretching my arms as far as I could get them to go. When I was done with that, I shook Jason awake. "Maria! You don't have to shake me so hard!" he hissed, obviously pissed at me.

"Too, bad you big baby! Come on, let's go explore." It was our Sunday morning tradition, why would we stop it today?

I pulled on a dress, and Jason got dressed behind a curtain on the far side of the room. Our father had set it up. Jason and I were getting older, after all.

We raced out the door, and to the beach. I picked up some sand, laughing, and threw it at my brother. Slow to react, he put his hands up too late, and sand hit him in the eyes. "Maria! This is why mommy calls you impulsive! Why did you throw sand in my face!" What he said is- was- true. My mother thought that I never thought before doing things.

Our parents worked hard to keep us safe. I knew they did. My impulsiveness and my temper didn't help much. Daddy always said that there was a war going on, but I didn't know what that meant. He always told Jason and I that we shouldn't play outside, because it was too dangerous, or something. How could playing outside be dangerous?

I looked into the sky, gasping as I saw a big ship approaching. It looked as if it had black smoke coming out of its engines, but I couldn't tell- it was too far off. I poked Jason in the shoulder, and pointed to what I saw. "What do you think it is Jason?" I said. His eyes got as round as saucers, and he ran back to our tiny house. I followed him, not knowing what else to do.

"Mommy, Daddy! There's a big War Lord ship coming closer!" I didn't know what a War Lord was, and I wasn't sure I wanted to. Daddy lept out of his and Mommy's bed. He grabbed his special jacket, and ran out the door. Mommy lifted up the scraggly carpet that was the only decoration in our home. Underneath it was a trap door. She lifted it, and Grabbed Jason and me by the hand, pushing us down the square opening in the floor.

I was so confused. Not five minutes ago, Jason and I had been playing on the pink sanded beach of Garlarax. I never thought a day could end so badly.

As soon as we stumbled down the stairs that were concealed by the trap door, it slammed above our heads. Our mother never came down. I ran back to it, pressing my face against the cool stone and screaming. I heard the screams coming from above me, and I knew that it was the screams of my family, my friends, and all those I loved. Its alot for a seven year old to take in.

Jason sat in the corner, crying. I heard booms, and dirt rained down on my brother and me. "Jason! How can you just sit there!" He shook his head and rocked back and forth and back and forth. I screamed again in frustration. How could Jason just sit there, while I was going insane.

Just then, I heard a click. THE TRAP DOOR! Somebody had unlocked it! This was our chance. Before I got to grab Jason and run up the stone steps, the door swung down, and a creature was gruesome, with scaly green skin and bug-like black eyes. Just then, I became aware of the tears streaming down my face. I ran to Jason and hugged him as tightly as I could. Even though he was three years older, I had always felt as though I was the one who protected him.

The creature stepped foward, barring the sharp teeth that lined its humanoid mouth. It came to the corner where Jason and I were intertwined. "I love you," he whispered in my ear. "No matter what happens, remember that." I nodded my head, hopefully appearing braver than I felt.

Closer the creature came, and harder did my heart beat. How could the creature be moving so slowly? When it finally reached my brother and I,the creature scooped us up in its four arms. The claws on each of the six fingers dug into my back. Instanty, I attacked the creature. I swung my arms, my legs, and pounded the creature. It showed no emotion, walking up the steps as if it were carrying two sacks of potatoes.

When the creature finally exited our ransacked home, he through us on the ground. I curled into a ball, clutching ribs that I was sure were broken. The creature ran away from us, into our neighbor's home. I stood, my chin held high and my chest puffed out, despite the pain. I was not going to let these creatures hurt me that easily. I fight to the death. I reached my tiny hand to Jason, who was still on the ground. He took it, and stood.

Jason looked around, examining the devastation around us. I knew what he was looking for. Neither of us ever saw them again.

Rumbling. All around me. Wait, it isn't all around me. It was almost as it the rumbling was inside me. I can no longer feel my body, it's as it I've been thrown into an inky black darknes. With a start, my eyes open again. Flames lick my tiny body, blackening my skin. But I'm no longer me. I watch my skin smolder from afar. Jason is next to me. His body is in the same state. Somehow, despite the bombs exploding all around us, my hand is still clasped in his.

Maria Karkaron. That was my name. Never will I say it again. Never will I play with my brother. Never will I feel warm sand between my toes. Never will I say " I love you." I died. I was only seven, and I died.

There was my father. On his knees. Crying. Dakros Karkaron. My daddy, and all he could do is fall apart. "Suck it up, you big baby!" I wanted to yell at him. I wanted to run into his arms, take in his musty scent, and tell him to protect our mother. But I couldn't. I saw our mother's charred body not far from Jason's and mine. Dakros Karkaron was alone in the universe.