Short, short story

Rough Draft 2

Who thought that a night out on the town would be the event of the year? Girls. Obviously, Cyndi Lauper knew a thing or two when she recorded "Girl's Just Want To Have Fun". That was the story of my Friday night when I was visited by two extraordinary women of the past. How they ended up in my bedroom I will never know and how I was friends with the biggest pop sensation I'll never know. All I know is I was visited by two women from the past and one woman from the future. Well, from Cleopatra's future anyways. Oh, who am I? I always forget that part in the story. I am your narrator and tour guide of this eventful Friday night, Miss Ella Stanton, a very youthful, energetic bookworm who never goes out on a Friday or Saturday night.

The members only night club was filled with people and one could see the faint smell of smoke coming from the lounge. Sweaty people filled the dance floor as strobe lights flashed around them. My crew of fashionable women sat around me in talking in hushed whispers observing their surroundings.

"So Clea darling, you don't mind if I call you Clea do you?" Lady Gaga asked holding her Cosmopolitan.

"No, I do not mind?" Cleopatra stated almost in a question than an answer, but it did not phase Gaga. Cleopatra's distress about her two lovers was almost too much to bear and made the rest of us utterly depressed. Our girl's night out was not going well at all, but then I got an idea.

"Alright, Clea…" I started with a sly smile. "I think you should do a shot for every time you mention one of your lovers." With a wink I looked over at Gaga who readily agreed and Jane Austen gave small gasp.

"Why on earth would she want to shoot herself?" Jane put a dainty, gloved hand over her heart and continued, "That would be the most dreadful thing!"

"Oh, Jane! And you must try at least one dare." I replied after rolling my eyes playfully at her.

"A dare?" Jane puzzled not sure what I was referring to.

"Look, she will tell you to do something and then you do it, or you have to do a shot of Tequila." Lady Gaga explained getting slightly annoyed and anxious to get the party started.

Seeing Jane and Cleopatra's distress I simply stated that a shot was a drink and they nodded in agreement. Gaga decided it was time to get the party started and ordered a round of shots. I quickly downed mine and laughed as the two women from the past did so with hesitation.

"Let's dance!" I bounced happily out my seat grabbing Jane's hand, "Just follow my lead."

"But I don't know what I'm doing!" Jane laughed as I twirled her and we began to dance to Maroon 5. When Cleopatra and Gaga followed with exuberance I felt like the party had finally started. As we swayed our hips to Usher, Rihanna, and Katy Perry I noticed a hot guy checking out Jane.

"Jane, oh my god! That guy over there is totally checking you out." Pulling her closer so she could see him, and when she did she blushed.

"He is very handsome." She smiled and giggled, "What should I do?"

"I dare you to kiss him." Lady Gaga came up and winked at Jane. "Just flip your hair and lean in. He'll get the idea and do the rest."

"Now, she might not be ready for such a task." Cleopatra gushed flippantly in her sexy, revealing dress.

"I think I can." Jane replied confidently at her and waltzed over to the handsome man. "Hello, my name is Jane." She said a smooth, sultry voice that was rewarded with a smile. The three of us looked on at the conversation, and when they kissed we burst out cheering.

"Bloody booger!" I stated in surprise, "She actually did it." Cleopatra and Gaga just looked at me with equal surprise.

"Well, that was…fun!" Jane came back over to us with a smirk and we laughed at her. As we continued to dance I noticed that Jane and I were left alone on the dance floor. Our other two friends had found other ways to entertain themselves. Cleopatra had found two guys that were practically drooling over her and Gaga had found other girls that were having more fun. With a slight smile on my face I couldn't help, but think of the predicament I was in. My night visited by three ghosts was the most amazing night of my life.

The song "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" started to come on and I went over to Cleopatra and pulled her off the lap of one of the guys she had captivated, and then went over to Gaga and drug her from some poor girl.

"What? Do you want a taste of my black liquorish lipstick?" Gaga pouted slightly and then licked her lips tastefully. I laughed as we headed back to the dance floor just in time for the chorus of Cyndi Lauper's song. "G-I-R-L-S!" We shouted at the top of our lungs and swung our arms around each other. This was the best dream ever, and I hoped that turned into a reality.