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Title: Our First Time

Characters: Jun Divine, Hisoka Strifer, Akira Hunter, Kira Wlesh, Ryu Tesuga, and Youkai Sotaro.

Rated: M, boy x boy, Yaoi, sex, and all the rest. I hope you all enjoy!

"Y-You! Holy crap! Y-Y haven't done it with him yet, y-you freakin' pansy!"

Jun glared sharply at Akira, watching the blonde shamelessly laugh like a crazed psychopath while holding a shot of beer, the amber liquid sloshing around and spilling.

"Shut the fuck up! I'm just… waiting for the right time." he said lamely, sighing, and then looking around to the counter and the bar to make sure no one had heard the younger's barking laughter. Ryu patted the black-haired, nineteen-year-old's shoulder, looking at him knowingly with his blue eyes.

"Hey, don't let Akira get to ya. You just wanna be careful with Hisoka, right?" he asked. Jun nodded, pushing his bangs back. This is what he liked about hanging with the tall, eighteen-year-old. The man had a heart. Unlike Akira, who teased him whenever he got the chance.

"Exactly. It's Greek to him, you know? Hell, he was freaked out when I told him I liked him since elementary." he said, drinking the wine he ordered.

"What do you expect? You and Hisoka were rivals the minute you met each other. And then, 'poof!' You tell him you liked him. That's just fucked up, man." said Akira, who looked like he stopped laughing a long time ago.

"Says the guy who cross-dressed his boyfriend every ten minutes before they started dating." muttered Jun. Akira scowled at him darkly while Ryu gave a light chuckle. Bot Ryu and Jun knew how much the deranged one of their trio liked to make Kira flush.

"There's the Jun we know. Oh, sorry fellas. I gotta get going. I promised Youkai I wouldn't drink too much before we went to the movies. See ya!" called Ryu as he paid for his drink and left.

"Me too. Kira should be home from his brother's right about know. See ya, virgin!" he laughed before running away, just one lucky second before Jun had a chance to whack him in the head with his wine glass. The college student sighed again. Man, he needed to get laid.

(~)(~)(~)(~)(~)(~)OK, so he didn't get laid. Hell no! He wouldn't cheat on Hisoka! Never! He was Jun Divine. And the men of the Divine Family were noble and honored!… well, there was the case for his father in a mental ward, but that wasn't the point. Other Divine men were the classic, 'I-am-more-holy-than-thou-art' type.

Anyway, Jun sighed as he entered his house, his nose greeted by the scent of something spicy and tangy. He closed his eyes, smiled slightly, and hung his coat by the coat rack. Taking off his shoes, he walked over to the kitchen and spotted his boyfriend, Hisoka, stirring a skillet of Jun's favorite food, spiced noodles with a lot of veggies. Hisoka's earbuds were plugged into his ears and his body was bopping to the music coming from his Ipod. Jun watched the blonde's tight ass sway to the beat, that clothed piece of flesh just daring him to take his lover over the countertop.

He shook his head and glowered, scolding himself for going that far. Hisoka, though seventeen-years-old and gay, was still new to their relationship. Jun didn't want to scare him away, especially when his sexual urges were going haywire. Hisoka grew shy when Jun just gave him a simple kiss on the lips. And damn, was it hard for Jun to control himself. Why did Hisoka had to make it so hard?

For one thing, Hisoka was a virgin. So was Jun, but he had learned what he needed to know from his older brothers and his friends. And Jun most certainly wanted to be Hisoka's first. For another thing, Hisoka just looked so, well, to put it bluntly, cute and fuckable. Jun nearly laughed. Never in his life would he think he used those words in the same sentence. But it was the truth. Hisoka was a few inches smaller than Jun, with a lithe and semi-muscular build. His blonde hair was complimented by his black-dyed bangs and his dark blue eyes. So yes, to be extremely blunt, Hisoka was both cute and fuckable.

And that was what led to Jun's problem occurring in his pants.

On one hand, he wanted to claim Hisoka, dominate him, and show him how much he, Jun, really did love him. But on the other hand, Jun didn't want to go too fast or straight forward. Hisoka meant the world to him. And his, ahem, 'friend' below his belt was not going to be the one to scare the blue-eyed boy away. No, all he had to do was hold back those urges and he would be fine. And that's when Hisoka turned around, finally noticing that Jun was home and he had caught him dancing in the kitchen. Boy, was he embarrassed.

Shit. That blush that crossed Hisoka's cheeks made him look too cute. Jun swore that his pants grew three times smaller.

"W-Welcome home, Jun. S… Sorry about that. I didn't hear you come in." apologized Hisoka, blushing up a storm. Jun cleared his throat, trying to get rid of the dryness in it.

"It's alright. To be honest, you were dancing pretty good," he said with a smile. Hisoka blushed and smiled back and Jun fisted his hands in his jeans pockets, 'Control! Control!' echoing in his mind like a mantra.

"Th-thanks. Say, let me get dinner on the table and we can watch that movie marathon you were telling me about yesterday, yes?" asked the blonde, pointing to the cooking pan. Jun nodded and he eased himself to the table as he watched his boyfriend cook, crossing his legs tightly to clam down the bulge in his pants.

"How was your time at the bar with Ryu and Akira? Did you have fun?" asked Hisoka as he stirred the sauce with the noodles. Jun eyed the table, drumming his finger's along the wooden surface.

"Just stupid shit." he muttered, watching Hisoka set up some bowls and forks and filling up two cups of milk. Hisoka only gave a laugh, used to Jun's crude language.

"I see. Well, I hope you're not drunk enough to eat." he said, serving the noodles and the two began eating. Jun forced the food down his throat, mentally groaning as he watched Hisoka slurp up his noodles, those sounds causing blood to drain from his head and rush down South.

'Fuck, do you know what you're doing to me, Hisoka?' Jun's hands fisted till his knuckles turned white from strain.

"Are you OK, Jun? You look like your sick." said Hisoka, washing down his food with his milk.

'I'm sick of you being some a goddamn tease.' But Just only gave a half smile.

"I'm good. Lets just get to the couch already. The movie marathon is going to start any minute." he said. Hisoka nodded and he placed the dishes and cups in the sink as Jun made them some popcorn. In no time, the two were sitting together on the couch in their living room with Jun having one arm around Hisoka's shoulders as they watched the marathon. Since it was horror, Hisoka would always jump and huddle to Jun for protection from the killers that murdered with guns and bow knives. Jun would alternate the blonde in his lap, making sure that he couldn't feel his growing erection, the stiff length growing bigger as Hisoka moved on his lap, that virgin ass rubbing him so sensually without Hisoka even knowing.

'Don't lose control. Don't lose control. Don't lose control. Don't-'

"Uh, Jun?"


"Uh. . . Are you wearing your kendo sword in your hidden pocket again?

Fuck it.

He moved so quickly, that Hisoka nearly fell off the couch, had it not been for Jun's arms around his waist. Jun pressed his lips to Hisoka's and Hisoka only gave a muffled noise in surprise. Jun scrunched his eyebrows in concentration and he snuck one hand down, slapping Hisoka's ass. The younger boy gasped and the older delved his tongue into that hot cavern, nipping and licking relentlessly as he coaxed Hisoka into a French kiss.


Jun's eyes opened (since when did he closed them?) and he stared down at Hisoka, now releasing that he had pushed the blue-eyed boy on the couch, their bodies so close that Jun could smell Hisoka's cool sea-breeze scent. Hisoka's cheeks were flustered and his now-swollen lips were parted and gasping for air. His dark blue eyes were confused, swirling along with something else. Jun blinked and felt a pity pang hit his gut. He wanted to punch himself, for almost looking control there.

"Look, Hiso-"

Pale lips crashed into his and Jun froze with wide eyes. He then groaned as Hisoka began rubbing his warm body against his, the clothing between their chests causing a frictions that made both their cocks twitch. Jun gave a playful growl as Hisoka sucked on his tongue wantonly, small mewls escaping his lips as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's neck. Jun pulled away and smirked at his lover, his libido going to the red zone as Hisoka whined and tried to kiss him again.

"You want some more? Fine, but I ain't stopping now," with a growl, the black-haired young man moved his lips downwards, licking along Hisoka's jawline and leaving butterfly kisses along his neck, stopping under Hisoka's ear and sucking that particular spot. Hisoka moaned shamelessly as his hands tangled in that mass of black hair.

"Jun! Ah, oh! M-More!" Jun growled again as he sucked harder, nipping at that spot to hear more of Hisoka's moans.

"Oh god," moaned the blonde, gasping as Jun brushed his lips against the shell of his ear.

"I'm not God. . . I'm better." he purred as he tugged on Hisoka's ear lobe, the latter whining and shaking with first-time pleasure.

Jun suddenly picked up Hisoka in one swoop, his boyfriend gasping and clinging onto him as he walked over to their shared bedroom.

"J-Jun! Why are we-"

"I've waited too fucking long for this, Hisoka," Jun threw the pale boy onto the bed and crawled on top of him, his green eyes filled with lust as the younger looked so vulnerable on the bed, "And I just said I wasn't going to stop." he popped open the buttons of Hisoka's polo shirt and he stared at the taunt and pale chest that only he was allowed to witness.

He was surprised when Hisoka pushed him on his back, his eyebrows raised.


"Jun, kiss me," Hisoka kissed Jun and his shy and pink tongue swept across the taller's lips, the latter opening his mouth and tangling his larger tongue with the pink one. Hisoka sat on Jun's hips with their mid-sections brushing together, their clothed manhood's pressing and rubbing. Jun groaned hungrily and he grabbed Hisoka's hips, his fingers digging into the jean-clad ass. Hisoka moaned in need, thrusting his hips and mewing as his groin got hotter from rubbing with Jun's. The once disciplinary leader smirked into their kiss before he swiped at the roof of Hisoka's mouth, flipping them over and trapping the younger beneath him. He smirked down at Hisoka with a raised brow.

"Wanna play it like that then, huh?" he breathed, yanking off his own shirt and diving forward, lapping at Hisoka's pink nipple.

"Ahh~! Ahh~! Ha~aahn!" Hisoka's head wagged from side to side as his nipple was molested by that large tongue, teeth nipping and rolling the bud while the other one was being teased by Jun's hand. Long fingers would claw at the nipple, pushing it to the side before squeezing it between their nails.

"Ah! Shit, Jun!" cried out Hisoka, never knowing that he could be treated roughly and gently at the same time.

"Oh fuck, Hisoka. . . Damn, you're already hard," growled Jun as he groped both Hisoka's crotch and ass, turning the blonde into a moaning mess. To hear Hisoka curse excited him to no end.

"Mn, Jun. . ." murmured Hisoka, licking his bruised lips. He flinched when his jeans button and zipper were undone and he looked at Jun with wide eyes. The taller man stopped a second, knowing they were just reaching the boundary lines. They would only go as far as kissing and making out, with the occasional gropes here and there. Jun placed his hands on Hisoka's hips and pressed his forehead to Hisoka's.

"Trust me?" he asked. His boyfriend smiled softly and he pecked a chaste kiss on his lips.


Smiling, Jun pulled down the jeans first, tossing them somewhere in the room before making a grab for Hisoka's boxers. He looked at the younger's eyes before the latter nodded and his lover proceeded to pull down the last barrier of clothing.

Hisoka's cheeks erupted in a crimson-red and he looked away, knowing that Jun was staring at his package that was surrounded with pale-blonde hairs. Jun chuckled at the boy's shyness and he kissed Hisoka's navel, sucking and nipping at his abs.

"Damn, you're beautiful." he whispered before licking at Hisoka's balls, Hisoka crying out with tears of intense pleasure forming in his eyes.

"J-Jun! Why-Why are you- ah! Oh! Right thre-ahhh! Feels so good. . . !"

"Shit, so cute. . . So sexy. . . You're mine, got that?" growled Jun, lapping up the tip as his hand stroked the pale boy's cock.

"Y-Yes! I'm your's! Only your's!" agreed Hisoka, trying to thrust his hips but failing as Jun leaned up and kissed him again, breathless pants escaping the gaps of their open-mouth kiss.

"I wanna hear you say that again. Who do you belong to, Hisoka?" asked Jun as he sucked on Hisoka's pale shoulder, leaving small red marks in their wake.

"I-I'm yours, Jun-"

"Call me by my real name, Hisoka," Jun pulled away a little, Hisoka still in his arms, his bangs sticking to his forehead. "Before I went away from the city and I became a jack-ass to you. Call my name." he asked, a begging tone in that low yet sinful tenor. Hisoka smiled gently and he pulled Jun into a kiss.

"I am Taijunso's. His and only his. Only he can make my heart beat this fast," he took Jun's hand and placed it on his own chest, a soft yet fast beat coming from behind the breast bone, "And he is the one who'll be my first. I . . . I always wanted him to be my first." He smiled again and kissed Jun, their tongues meeting again and Jun pushing Hisoka down again, already at work with undoing his belt.

"And I'll be glad to be your first, Hisoka. I. . . I love you." he breathed, caressing Hisoka's face before he cast his boxers and jeans aside. Hisoka smiled back, his already red cheeks glowing more.

"I. . . I l-love you, too. . . Taijunso."

Jun grinned again and stuck his fingers in his mouth, sucking and lathering them until they were warm and wet. His hand moved slowly to the clef of Hisoka's ass and rubbing the untouched orifice slowly. Hisoka's breath hitched and a few cries of pain came from his lips as Jun eased two fingers in.

"Shhh, shh, it's alright, Hisoka. It'll feel better in a bit." whispered Jun softly, thrusting in another finger and rubbing and soothing the inner muscles. Hisoka whimpered and clung to Jun, the fire that pained him in his most innocent place spreading and growing, his eyes dilated and fogged up as a enticing pleasure that came from Jun's hand.

"Mmmm, Taijunso.." moaned Hisoka, kissing Jun's neck encouragingly.

"Hisoka. . . My Hisoka. . ." he whispered, preparing Hisoka as gently as possible.

The fingers were now gone and Jun eased himself on one hand as his other rubbed and stroked his nine-inched length, his essence slicking up the flared appendage and lubricating it. Jun took Hisoka's legs and he moved them over his shoulders, the cap of his length probing his boyfriend's waiting hole. Hisoka looked up at him, panting with sweat running down his face, cheeks aflame and his lips red and tingling from the kissing. Jun nuzzled his nose in Hisoka's black bangs.

"Don't make such an sexy face, Hisoka, or I'll really lose control." He said. Hisoka looked up at him, mirth and playfulness in his dark irises.

"Then lose control."

Hisoka gave wild cry as he was rammed into by Jun's hot length, the blonde moaning as Jun's hard flesh grew in his tightening hole.

"Oh fuck!" he cried, the pain and mixed in pleasure of being penetrating causing his sexual pleasure to rise. He gasped as Jun's cock throbbed in his ass.

"Hisoka. . . damn, so tight!" groaned Jun, his cock being clenched by the tight ring of muscles.

'Shit, I should have done this a long time ago!'

"M-More! Please, Taijunso!" moaned Hisoka, bucking his hips and causing Jun to growl at the younger's erotic attempt.

Jun began moving at a slow paste at first, making sure that his boyfriend wouldn't tear from the inside. The hot walls that held him drove him mad and he braced his hands at either side of Hisoka's head. He began to thrust even faster and harder, making Hisoka gasp and pant and shudder in ecstasy. Suddenly he struck a spot that made the blonde's vision blur and senses dull.

"Ah~! Ri-Right there, Taiju-junso!" moaned Hisoka lustfully, wanting to experience that euphoria again.

Jun didn't need telling twice, angling himself and thrusting, hitting that exact same spot. A guttural groan escaped Hisoka's lips and his back arched sharply, his legs wrapping round Jun's waist in an attempt to take more of him inside him. Jun grunted, a sheen of sweat coating his body as he continued to pound into his lover.

"Feels so good. . . Go faster and harder, pl-please. . ." breathed Hisoka, his brain no longer capable of forming coherent thoughts. He swore he was close to seeing Nirvana.

"Ugh! Shit, fuck, Hisoka. . ." Gasped Jun , now thrusting erratically into Hisoka. He growled as he moved down for another kiss, this one wetter and hotter than the others and completely filled with pure, unbridled want, tongues stroking leisurely. He deeply groaned into Hisoka's mouth as he continued to hit the blue-eyed guitarist's prostate, one of his hands moving to pump on Hisoka's cock in time with his thrusts while the other found its way into pale-gold locks.

The room was filled with groans and pants, the stench of sex following afterward. The temperature had shot up, condensation forming on the small window opposite the bed as the two went at it with abandonment.

Hisoka could feel himself coming closer and closer to the edge, his body starting to tremble with the sensation.

"Tai-ah! Taijun- Tai-ahhh! Ahhh!" Hisoka was trying to keep up, his ankles locked around Jun's waist as he tried to get more.

Jun relished in the delicious sounds pouring from Hisoka's mouth and Hisoka as Jun's cock throbbed and pounded inside him. The both of them had never experienced sheer bliss like this.

Soon enough, the tension in Hisoka's stomach began to spiral out of control and with one final, hard thrust, Hisoka climaxed all over their chests, the most shameless sound that sounded like Jun's true name resounding from his lips. Jun groaned out Hisoka's name as he gave a last thrust, spilling his seed inside the younger and falling on top of him. The two panted and tried to catch their breaths as they fell from their sexual highs. Jun finally pulled out of Hisoka and he fell to his side of the bed, groaning as his softening member cooled with his climax running down his length.

When he caught his breath, he pulled Hisoka into him and he kissed the top of his head. Hisoka smiled at him tiredly.

"That-that was-"

"I know."

The two of them smiled before they kissed, a gentle and soft message of the lips before Jun hugged Hisoka closer and the two eased into sleep.

'Our first time. . . Mmmm, I can't wait for the next time we do this.'

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