A series of connected haiku honoring the beauty and courage of Mary Queen of Scots. Please comment nicely!

Mary Queen of Scots,

Held captive in a castle,

Pacing back and forth.

Cruel Elizabeth,

Why have you done this to me?

I never hurt you!

A knock on the door.

Mary whirls in a panic,

Expecting the worst.

Dinner on a tray?

So they mean to treat me well.

Unless it's poison!

Mary takes a chance.

It all looks appetizing,

Nothing tastes funny.

Well, I cleaned my plate.

That doesn't mean I liked it!

What's the big tub for?

Servants draw a bath.

The queen is frowning, but then,

Hot water can't kill.

I must be on guard,

Even in this nice hot bath,

Oh, that feels so good!

Afterwards in bed,

Too sleepy to scheme and plot,

Mary makes a choice.

I'll give in for now,

Just to get a good night's sleep.

In dreams I am free!

Though undefeated,

The queen gives in to slumber,

And finds her escape.

A/N: Mary Queen of Scots never escaped from English captivity. She was beheaded by Queen Elizabeth in 1587. But her beauty and innocence survive throughout the ages!