This is my first story that I've posted on Fictionpress, so I hope you like it! Remember, this is just the prologue! The real first chapter will be longer! Warning: war and sickness and no romance for this chapter! Enjoy!

The year was 2229, and it was April fourth.

The location was New Averill, the largest dome-city in what was left of the United States of America.

Two hundred years ago, the newly-united Middle Eastern counties declared war on the United States and its allies England and France.

The war already looked bleak from England and France's side, having been cut off completely from their supply of Middle Eastern oil for a year or two, though they were cut off from Iranian oil for about seventeen years now.

Unfortunately, the war spread from the Middle East to Africa and southern Europe, mostly Egypt and Spain. Spain's population drastically decreased as the fighting continued, while most Egyptians joined the Middle East's side.

The war was starting to gain more than just two sides. China, who finally decided that they wanted the United States to pay back what they owed, threatened to declare war.

The United States couldn't give any money, or the whole country's economy would officially crash. They had no choice but to fight with China, adding to the fears of many in both countries.

People in the United States had four choices. They could try to escape to Mexico or Canada, stay in their homeland, or die.

But most people didn't even get a chance to pick, and people finally realized that this really was World War III.

The war with China carried itself over to the land of liberty, and the United States became a warring ground. England and France, who were trying to hold up against the Middle Eastern countries, were losing the war. Spain was officially a deceased nation, and so was Portugal, and France was nearly there.

The earth's population had decreased by a fourth, and the atmosphere's condition started to deteriorate.

Several European, African and South American countries founded a peace-keeping league and tried holding negotiations between the leaders of the United States, England, France, the Middle Eastern representative and China, who had allied itself with North Korea and Russia. The negotiations helped a little bit, but not much.

Half of the United States was now gone. The East Coast was in a panic.

War had now taken almost two fourths of the earth's population.

And the worst part hadn't even come yet.

The negotiations were starting to get somewhere. Even the countries that had declared war on the United States, England and France were running low on supplies and on money. About ten years after the Middle East declared war, they ended it, and tried desperately to rebuild afterwards, but the damage was done.

A year later, the war with China, North Korea and Russia was over, neither side taking the victory. It was time for everyone to start again.


Because just when you thought it was getting better, it was about to get worse.

Disease started to spread all over the world. People who had seen the movie Contagion knew that this was no picnic. It may have seemed bad in the movie, but this was real life. All the things that the world had done were now going to be paid back. The religious said that this was God's way of punishing us for our sins.

And you know that saying: What goes around, comes around. Indeed. Karma's a bitch.

But maybe disease also did the world a favor. During the war, everyone had chosen sides. There was no neutral. Everyone knew what happened to Spain and Portugal within the first four years of the war, and they were supposed to be neutral.

Disease brought the world together. Countries that used to be at war were now working together to help feed their people, or what was left of their people.

Finally, nearly seventy years later, after the end of the war and the start of disease, the disease wasn't spreading anymore, and doctors had given vaccines to prevent that virus from ever spreading again.

However, the environment was now an issue. The amount of pollution had skyrocketed during the war and during the sickness, and the air was started to get harder to breathe.

The Amity League, which was the peace-keeping league founded during the war, decided on building fourteen large dome-cities around the world. These dome-cities would be very large, almost the size of New York City, Los Angeles and Houston combined. Each could house around fifty million people, but that would be if the city was at its maximum capacity. The dome-cities would be very modern, and even though the people would never be able to breathe in air from the outside ever again, the air inside the dome-city would be almost the same. It would be like living outside of the dome, but inside of it.

And that's what happened. It took a long time, more than fifty years, but they did manage it, and people were quickly moved into the dome-city that was closest to them.

New Averill was located in what used to be called upstate New York, the middle of the dome-city exactly where the town Averill Park used to be.

The normal temperature in April inside of New Averill was around fifty to sixty degrees. It was currently six in the evening, and the 'sun' was setting. It wasn't the real sun, of course, because the dark gray clouds caused by pollution and chemicals and space junk coming back down to earth was too thick for anyone, even with the strongest microscope, to see the real sun.

For Alexandros O'Mara, an average seventeen year old boy of New Averill, this was life. Life after the war and the sickness that had brought the world down to its knees but then together again.

So, what'd ya think? I hope I didn't offend anybody in this story because of what happened during the war. Anyway, if any of these facts are wrong, please remember that I'm not an expert, and that this scenario will most likely not happen in real life. And if my numbers are off, sorry. It's a wonder I'm in advanced math, really. Anyway, I know this may not seem like a romance story right now, but I promise, it will come! Anyway, please review, and please don't flame!

P.S. If you're from Averill Park, New York, you get the honor of living where my futuristic city is! I have the honor of living about fifty minutes away from Averill Park, so yay!