Solitude's Howl

Chapter II


They say you should find a job that makes you happy, well, being in the woods made Harper happy, but no one wanted to give her a job at the damn park. Humans... Hmph!

When she first entered the world of the primates at the tender age of fourteen, she had to admit, she was slightly in awe, but that soon passed. Harper had spent her life confined within the Pack borders, out of the fourteen years she had lived there; she never left, not once.

The Pack wasn't barbaric, though maybe a little behind in terms of technology. There were house phones, and typical necessary appliances, cars and the like... no TV's though, or cell phones, radios, video games were nonexistent. They knew what all those things were, they just didn't have them; the Alpha wouldn't allow it. No one cared much; they had other things to do to keep them occupied.

Nonetheless, the introduction to technology shocked her a bit but she picked it up fairly quickly, still had a bit of trouble with computers though... the little demons.

Her lack of interest in the technology landed herself with a job at an antique shop overlooking the river. A quaint little place owned by an elderly woman named Linora. She didn't talk much aside from dealing with the few customers who came in from time to time.

When Harper first started working there two months ago, she was sure the shop was on its way out due to its extreme lack of customers, but she had found out that the shop was a gift to Linora by her husband, and it didn't actually matter how bad the business was. That man paid the bills. She also found out, that a lot of the items in the store were actually from both her family and his that had been collected over time. Quite interesting really.

They were nice enough humans she supposed... and old so... she could deal with them...

Harper spat some shells off to the side of where she sat a few weeks later after she Formed last. Being on her break, she decided to take the five minute walk down the road to the small park - she sometimes refuse to even call it that, it was really just a slab of grass filling a small block, with street roads on each side. But it was all there was.

She pulled out another seed and popped it into her mouth as she sat on the bench and people watched. She never went anywhere without her seeds - sunflower seeds that is. Over the years she'd developed a slight addiction to them, the taste, and the process of cracking the small seeds from the shell. It relaxed her, gave me something idle to do.

She was sure there were a lot of other fun addictions to pick up on, but she was not one to ingest chemicals, so drugs were out of the deal. And she didn't care for Alcohol or cigarettes either. Her grandma use to use both, and she hated the smell of nicotine.

Harper tilted her head skyward, watching as the clouds gathered overhead, disallowing the sun from shining down. That was okay with her as she preferred gloomy weather anyway. Sometimes the sun got on her nerves.

She tossed another shell out and popped a few more seeds in her mouth while standing, twisting at the waist to stretch her back and began to make her way back to the shop, it was Friday and she would be given the weekend off. Normally something to be happy about, but she was broke so... unfortunately she needed to work.

It was around noon when Harper decided to wake up on Saturday. But it took her another half hour to even bother rolling out of bed. Her body ached today, and it was incredibly stiff. She knew the signs; she was late when it came to her Forming. She Changed a few days before last month's full moon, and it had been about three weeks since, so the next one should be coming around in a week or so.

When she waited so long to Form, the aches got worse around the full moon. The urge to Change had a bigger tug around that time but it wasn't necessary. However, when she waited like she did, when she went weeks without Forming, it was more like a yank and sometimes it could be debilitating.

Tomorrow I'll go, she thought to herself.

After shuffling herself into the kitchen, she moved about, pulling a pan down from a cupboard and placing it over the stove, pouring a small amount of butter in it before turning the heat on. She walked around to the fridge, pulling open the door and leaning against it as she gazed at its bareness. Three eggs, some cold cuts, and a large jug of lemonade. That was all there was. She sighed and grabbed an egg and some ham, moving over to the heated pan and placing both in.

As she cooked her meal she listened to the noises of her three story complex. Laughs from below, doors closing down the hall, heavy steps on the many stairs, trudging... down from what she could tell.

Once her meal was cooked she scooped it onto a plate and sat herself down on the small rounded dark brown table that was up against a floor length window. As she ate she pushed the blue curtain aside so she could see the street below, so she could watch the humans again.

Saturday - The lazy day.

Oh she was definitely lazy, she even thought it might be best if she just went straight back to bed and slept all day. But knowing if she did that, she'd be worse tomorrow, stiffer, more tired, and in more pain. If she planned on Forming tomorrow, she didn't need to have all those setbacks; the process hurtful enough as it was.

So instead she grudgingly dragged herself to get ready.

A walk, she decided, she'd go for a walk, move around, watch more humans, something.

She sat atop her bed as she dressed herself in some black leggings, a deep blue long sleeved thermal, and some grey winter boots. It was the beginnings of October, and fall was coming quickly. She walked over to her dresser and grabbed a small glass bottle with an almost clear blue liquid. She popped the cap off and sprayed the air in front of her, taking a step into the fragranced mist after.

It smelled of soap, though it claimed to be some ocean air scent. it didn't really matter to her, as long as it got the job done.

Once dressed she grabbed a small wallet and grey button down coat she left her flat and set for the street.

Harper's walk landed her on a bench, at another Park, surprise. Only this time she'd actually deem it worthy of being allowed to be called a park. It was a twenty minute walk from where she lived, and she ventured there often enough. She liked it, though the trees that were planted there weren't even native to the region, it was better than sitting in some cement covered plaza, which was actually across the street to her left.

The weather was still gloomy today, and most people were dressed in accordance to it. Harper snuck her knitted glove off her left hand to dig in her coat pocket, taking out a couple of seeds and popping them into her mouth.

Leaning back against the wooden bench, crossing her leg over the other as she rested her hands in her lap while bouncing her foot in the air lightly, she watched the goings on. There was a wide curvy sidewalk that meandered through the park directly in front of her, and a couple with one of those rat things they claim a dog walked by in some sort of power walk, arms pumping and everything. When they neared, the small dog looked towards Harper and growled before the owner gave the lead a yank and it scrambled to keep up. When it looked back she snapped her teeth at it with a click, watching as its tail tucked between its puny legs.

Ahh, still got it. What 'it' is? She had no idea... but it worked well against small animals, though she'd rather it work against people but they didn't seem to understand the gesture. They just thought she was weird, or had a strange tick.

She shivered... ticks, uhg. She had gotten a few a couple years ago when she and her grandmother were living further south in some insect infested town. There was a time were she had to stay Formed for a couple of days while her grandmother had been dealing with a break in that had occurred literally three weeks after they moved in. It had been nearing the full moon and her grandmother didn't want to risk Harper pushing herself any further than a month without Forming. So they both agreed that it would be best if she had shifted and stayed that way for a few days. It was much easier staying Formed than it was staying Human, staying human felt forced, staying Formed felt right.

Harper had lingered in the back forest bordering the house, which, like the rest of the town, was filled with ticks. They didn't bother her much in wolf form, but once she shifted back after those couple of days it was not pretty... Ever since, she always took caution around areas that seemed... ticky.

She stopped her musing when something hit her nostrils, her nose instinctively tilted into the air and sniffed. The smell was warm, but bitter, with a tinge of sweetness, and roast. It was coffee and her mouth salivated at the realization. Her steel colored eyes watched intently as a woman in a business outfit walked the curvy sidewalk in high heels, clicking her way through the park while she spoke to herself - no, while she spoke on those ear things that allowed you to speak to other people.

Harper had no desire to ever get one of those, she could only imagine the amount of damage it would do to her poor sensitive ears. To have that so close, she didn't need one. Heck, she could hear what the other person on the ear thing was saying when she passed by her. Something about setting up another appointment for the gyno. She sniffed a giggle and shook her head, turning her attention back to the woman, watching longingly at the bobbing cup in her hands where the smell was wafting from, the steam billowing from it in soft, white, swirling clouds.

Got to get some.

She was a Were with few food preferences. She typically only drank water, and occasionally lemonade. She didn't care for sweets of any sort, she just didn't. she liked meat, and liked it a lot. It had a starring role in all of her meals, otherwise she'd deem it inedible. Her food was, for the most part, bland. Meat, potatoes, eggs, sometimes milk if she felt like it. Salads were alright, but they almost always had to have chicken in it. She wasn't about to eat just plain leaves by themselves. That's just disgusting.

Coffee was the only thing she indulge herself in when it came to sweets. If you even want to call it sweet, she called it a sweet since it's really the sweetest thing she would ingest. She didn't eat chocolate, candies, cakes, cookies, ice cream, or anything like that. So she did count coffee as an indulgence, and as her sweet. Strange?

And at the moment, she figured she wasn't about to go home without grabbing a cup.

Spitting the shells on the ground as she stood, Harper pulled on her glove that she had taken off and made her way out of the park exit to her left and to the small Coffee house across the street.

She figured it would be kind of busy when she had walked up to it, but now inside, she saw that busy was off, it was packed. Apparently on a Saturday the coffee house - creatively called The Bean, was the place to be. As happening as it was, she just wanted to be out as fast as possible. There was a long line at the order bar, and every seat available was occupied. A small trio band played off on a corner stage, playing the appropriate calming music for such a setting. Which was ironic since the current setting was loud and just... loud.

She took her place at the back of the line of around seven people. A few others lingered near the 'Pick up' area on the bar while the baristas scrambled behind it to create the drinks. With her hands tucked in the pockets of her grey coat, she stared studiously at the menu hanging above the bar so not to come off as approachable, she didn't want to talk. She had begun to feel her mood greatly drop as a headache came about. The place was loud to normal ears, it was insanely booming to her own. She concentrated her hearing on the band, sifting through the various instruments and choosing the low vibration of the cello as her source of focus.

Harper took an idle step forward when the lined moved, glancing quickly to her right when someone bumped into her arm. A large hand held her shoulder and she drew her eyes along the arm to its owner, a frown marring her features.

The male whom the arm belonged to gave an apologetic smile.

"Excuse me," he murmured deeply as he took his place behind her, his hand sliding off her shoulder as he did so.

The frown did not leave Harper's face as her eyes dropped to the ground, staring at the feet of the person in front of her.

While she had no interest in the human kind, she wasn't blind. The male was definitely deserving of a second glance, though she refused to actually do it as that would mean she'd have to turn around and look up since he was taller than her, and she wasn't about to do such a thing. She did hold herself to some standards you know, and ogling a human was most certainly below them, not matter how... um... ogle worthy he was...

So instead she pulled up the collar of her coat so that it covered half her ears and buried her gloved hands deeper into her pockets, twisting from side to side minutely at the waist idly.

She didn't see when a woman at the Pickup bar came pushing through with two trays of drinks, expecting the line to part for her holy self like the Red Sea. She only got a glimpse of the person in front of her take a quick step back to make room, causing Harper to stumble back surprise as well so she wouldn't have to make physical contact with him. Unfortunately, she made physical contact with the male behind her when his hands came to clasp around her shoulders to keep her steady.

Needless to say, she went stiff as a board.

"Careful," he spoke quietly near her ear, the sound prickling her eardrums, leading her to believe he leaned down to do so.

She swallowed and tilted her head just a little, taking a step forward so his hands would leave her person, and again he let them slid off instead of actually removing them himself, something that threw her off actually.

"Sorry..." she replied over her shoulder, daring a glance at him.

His lips curved into a smile when she met his eyes, which she noticed were green, the color stuck out from his dark hair. Wavy black hair, so black it was almost blue, like a really bad bruise.

He was um, very handsome... you know... for a human.

"No problem. She should have watched where she was going," he said in response, tilting his chin to the lady who was passing out the ordered drinks to her companions at a large table against the wall. Her mannerisms made Harper assume she was rude naturally.

She gave a nod in agreement before slowly turning to face the line once again, so very aware of the male standing behind her.

When the line dwindled down so that it was finally her turn to order she stepped forward and spared another quick glance at the menu. The barista looked up, impatience written on her face. Harper didn't even bother to smile; the cashier's automatic attitude didn't sit well with her. People these days.

Instead she relayed her order, desperate to get out of that place.

"I'll have a medium Hazelnut latte - no whip."

The lady pressed a few buttons on the cash machine. "$3.75," she responded and looked to her expectantly.

Harper pulled out a small wallet and grabbed the amount, placing it on the counter. After the lady entered it in the machine, she ripped the receipt loudly from the register, handed it to Harper, and relayed the order to the other workers.

Harper rolled her eyes and walked over to the Pickup bar, tucking her hands back into her pockets again as she waited. She discreetly watched as the shoulder groping male walk up to give his order. When the barista looked up to take it, her previous 'Annoyed, impatient, I don't want to deal with you' face disappeared and she gave him a sweet smile, her spine straightening and everything.

Harper's brows pinched together as she grounded her teeth. How rude! You know, it was times like these where she actually wouldn't mind Shifting right then and there just to see the pure look of horror and disgust on those people's faces. But, the risk was too high so...

The male leaned his forearm on the counter as he delivered his order, from his profile she could see his jowls crease as he gave the lady what Harper assume was a charming smile by the way the other girl's face became red and splotchy afterwards. Her giggle was obnoxious, and even more so to Harper's ears. She shivered and pressed her tongue to the roof of her mouth to push the sound out.

After he pulled his money out of his back pocket and handed it to her, the lady gripped the receipt between her index and thumb at the corner and delicately tore it off, instead of grabbing it with her whole hand and RIPPING it like she did with her!

Harper stood there, biting her lip in frustrated thought as she contemplated just how much of a risk it would be to Change right there. Surely if she ran away really fast after words she could escape, a quick glance to the door made her rethink that, since you had to pull it inwards instead of out. She could grip it with her teeth... no, no, wouldn't work.

She let out a sigh.

Tomorrow. I'm Forming tomorrow.

The male walked over to the Pickup bar, taking a spot next to her. She didn't look over at him, but out of her peripherals she could see he was glancing down at her.

She tried to speak to him with her nonexistent telepathic powers.

Don't strike up a conversation, don't strike up a conversation, DON'T STRIKE UP A CONVERSATION!

"Looks like it's going to rain today, huh?" he asked conversationally.

Damn. Well, her powers were nonexistent.

"Yea... probably later I assume," she responded quietly. It would rain later today; she could smell the ozone heavy in the air.

He shifted to lean his hip against the bar in order to face her, something she didn't want, but well...

"You come here often?"

She glanced up at him, he gave a friendly smile in return. Why would he care? She figured it was a harmless question though, so she answered.

"Sometimes, when I'm in the neighborhood."

"It's nice day for hot coffee, but it's unfortunate everyone else within a five mile radius seems to think so as well." He gestured to the overcrowded and still filling room with a crooked smile.

For the second time that day she found herself salivating at the mouth. She blamed it on the seeds really, all that salt and stuff... yea... definitely the seeds. She really needed to stop eating those... perhaps they were damaging some sort of salivation gland in her mouth and she wouldn't have control over it. That would be bad, especially in a situation like the one she was currently in. What if she couldn't control it? What if that slobber started seeping from the sides of her mouth? Next she'd be foaming! And then someone would claim a deadly virus or something and she'd be dragged off to some lab for testing and they'd say 'OMG a Werewolf! Kill it!' and she would be revealed, all because of this slobber worthy human!

"Are you alright?"

"Huh?" She glanced up quickly. The male had tilted his head, his brows knitted together as he stared at her curiously.

"You looked like you were in pain."

She shook her head to clear her crazy thoughts and swallowed her spit for good measure, holding in her gag at the amount that slid down her throat.

"Oh, no I'm f-fine... headache," she explained hastily. Wasn't a lie, she did have a headache.

He nodded in understanding as he looked around the room with a strange expression. "I have one as well," he murmured.

Her brows furrowed, but then the Barista called out an order.

"Caffe latte!"

Harper crossed her legs at the ankle as she stood.

"Caffe latte!" the lady repeated. Harper looked over at her when she felt her gaze, the lady was staring at her with that expectant look.

She frowned. "I didn't order that."

The lady placed a hand on her hip. "Yes you did, ma'am."

Walking up to the bar, Harper spoke again, "I ordered a Hazelnut latte."

"The order says Caffe latte."

She grounded her teeth together as she fished out the receipt. Sure enough it said Caffe latte. She shook her head in frustration.

"I ordered a Hazelnut Latte, you mistakenly put something else."

The barista's nose scrunched. "I put down what I heard."

Harper felt a glare covering her was about to bite out a remark about the lady's incompetence but decided against it. She really was sick of being in that room.

So instead she grabbed the cup.

"Whatever..." she gritted as she turned and walked for the door. The male stepped aside, but she didn't give him a parting glance.

Once outside, Harper paused and took a deep calming breath. Best not get too worked up. She walked over to a stone table with matching benches, placing the cup down and looking at it with a frown. She tentatively brought the cup to her lips, taking a sip, and scrunching her face up in distaste. It was beyond bitter.

What a waste of my time.

She pushed the cup away and folded her arms on the table, burying her face in them. While she wasn't in the loud building any longer, the headache was still prominent. Her spine curved in an arch, begging her to go lay down somewhere. She thought about the pain she'd be experiencing tomorrow while she Formed. It was enough to make her want to prolong it further, but that would only make it much worse. Best to just get it over with.

A slap startled her from her thoughts and brought her head from her arms. A second cup sat in the center of the table and Harper's eyes snapped up to see the male standing there with a smile, another cup in his hand.

He gestured to the cup in front of her. "It's a Hazelnut latte, what you ordered right?"


"Um... right..." she said slowly.

He must have noticed the utter look of confusion on her face since he went on to elaborate. "I saw how upset you became, and watched you through the window so I figured why not? She was pretty rude."

"Not to you..." Harper mumbled under her breath.

He chuckled. "No, but you don't have my winning smile."

Her brows pinched, how did he hear that? It was barely a whisper.

"Are you waiting for someone?"

She looked at him again in confusion. Why would she be waiting for someone? Forward much?

She shook her head, and her eyes widened when he plopped down across from her and set his cup on the table in front of him.

"W-what are you doing?" she asked suspiciously.

He looked at her with a sly expression. "Sitting."


"Because this spot is clearly not taken, as you said you're not waiting for someone."

Harper drew her bottom lip between her teeth and nibbled nervously as she stared at the male. Who the hell did he think he was? That was extremely underhanded. And she was out of her element, perhaps she should have said she was waiting for someone? Then he would have left? But what if he waited to see if she indeed was waiting, she could have been sitting there all day!

What was she to do?

He watched the girl as she started making that pained, faraway expression again. She had said it was a headache while they where in line, but it looked to be more than that.

She was an interesting little thing, nervous too, and damn suspicious. She was pretty enough, not really his type though. She didn't look too friendly either, he couldn't quite place it, but she gave off this air that she really didn't want to be bothered, which was precisely why he was sitting right here. He liked getting reactions from people.

It amused him when she stared at the cup of coffee he had brought her, suspicious and confused.

"I didn't slip anything in it, if that's what's running through your mind," he said with a smirk.

Her slate grey eyes glanced up at him. "I-It's not," she sputtered in a tone that told him that's exactly what she was thinking. She grabbed the cup with a hand clothed in a black knitted glove and slid it closer to her, curling her other around it. "Thanks..." she murmured quietly, shifting her eyes to him quickly again, she didn't hold contact with his though. Normally he'd call that skittish behavior, but, he didn't know, something about her seemed a bit off, she seemed a bit off. He couldn't get a good read on her.

He noticed her posture was stiff and tensed, her movements were tight and cautious. He could only imagine what was running through her head, she wouldn't look at him long enough for him to try and guess her mood.

"You're welcome," he replied, watching as she brought the cup closer to her, lifting it up tentatively, even trying to sniff it discretely. He held in his laugh. Did she think she would be able to smell it if he slipped something in her drink?

Interesting little thing indeed.

After she took a cautious sip and threw some more suspicious glances his way, he spoke again.

"I'm Blaise by the way."

Her grey eyes moved to his for a brief second before snapping them to something off to his left. She bit her bottom lip, and he resisted the urge to pull it out. "I... I-I'm Harper" she said in a very soft voice.

The girl had a stutter, a small one, but it was there. Maybe it was one of those nervous stutters and would go away when she was relaxed. He thought to give it a try.

"Harpy?" he asked, he schooled his features to remain composed when he saw her look up harshly, her arched brown eyebrows furrowing in a pinch.

"Harper," she stressed before looking away again.

Blaise smiled. "Oh, I was about to say... Why would your parents name you Harpy, I bet a lot of your friends have fun with that, huh?"

The bottom lids of her eyes flinched slightly at the word parents, but she relaxed them quickly after. "Yea..."

His brows furrowed, she really wasn't easy to talk to. Usually he had no problem when it came to women, and usually those problems were because the girl was already involved with someone - something easily overlooked in his opinion, but this girl... It was like talking to a stone. Perhaps if he kept chipping away...

"So, what do you do?"

Harper narrowed her brows at his question.

"You know, for work?"

She didn't respond, actually she looked to be analyzing every word that left his mouth if her expression was anything to go by. Damn this girl.

She swallowed and her hands curled tighter around the coffee cup, drawing her bottom lip between her teeth again. Ahh... so that's what it was, she was uncomfortable. Her posture spoke of it. It explained her closed off attitude a bit. Perhaps she didn't get out much?

"Here," Blaise said. "I'll start, I work in an Auto body shop."

Her head tilted a little, a curious glint flashing across her eyes. "... A w-what?"

He smiled at her, good, conversation rolling. Pat yourself on the back, Blaise.

"It's a car shop, to get them fixed, or altered, or painted. Stuff like that. I specialized in paints and body customizations though."

"Oh... right." She nodded after a moment.

"And you?" he prodded, come on Harpy keep it going.

"I-I... um... I work in an antique shop."

He raised a curious brow. "Antique shop?" She nodded. "You're into ancient furniture and all that crap?"

When she frowned, he chuckled.

"It's not all furniture... some of the things in there are quite interesting," she said in defense with a little more force in her tone.

He leaned his forearms on the table. "Like what?"

She looked off towards the park to their right in thought, after a hesitant look his way she explained. "There are a lot of books, clocks, silverware, tons of weird little knickknacks, and wooden carvings, figurines I mean." She glanced down to her cup, and he saw a small smile tugging at her lips, a sheepish smile. "I... I always get a little nervous when customers come in, I don't want them to buy those. The carvings are my favorite pieces."

Blaise found himself smiling as he listened. "What are they of?"

Again her lip found its way between her teeth, what a bad habit. She glanced at him, cautiously.

"Wolves," she responded quietly as she shifted in discomfort.


She gave a tight nod. What was so bad about that?

She made to explain further, "It's a set, they're about this big." She drew her hand about a foot off the table. "There's seven of them, all carved out of this strange white wood. The owner of the store had found them on one of her travels with her husband to Russia. I've never seen carvings like them. And each wolf is in a different pose, and they're so accurate in the positions. The Alpha and the submissives, it's perfect."

Blaise smirked. "I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you're into wolves."

She stiffened and swallowed. "Yea... well, n-not really. I just know... u-um.. a bit about them."

She seemed ashamed about her interest, and that got him frowning. "It's alright if you do, I'm not going to say it's nerdy or anything. Maybe I would if they were of unicorns or something pansy like that."

Her lips tugged just barely at the corners of her mouth in what he would have to assume was a smile. Her fingers tapped against the cup, nervously, distractedly. He saw her wrinkle her nose, and glance skyward. A drop of water hit the back of his hand, and he looked at the floor to see dark spots begin to dot the ground. Rain.

"I gotta go," she said suddenly, and his eyes snapped to hers as she stood and pulled her coat tighter around her, brushing off her leggings after she stepped over the bench.

"Wait!" he said hastily, his eyes darting between her and the table. He wasn't ready for this to be over, he still wanted to talk to her! She was finally talking, and in full sentences! He thought quickly.

She halted and stood, watching warily.

"Um, can I see you again?" Blaise asked.

The girl visibly flinched, clearly not expecting that question. Damn, she really doesn't get out much does she? Her expression was of one who was clearly taken aback.

"Wh-What?" she blurted out before snapping her mouth shut.

He would have laughed at her if I didn't think she'd take offense, this line he was walking was thin, he had to tread carefully.

He knew what to say.

"Well, I wonder if I can see you again. You do owe me."

Harper narrowed her eyes, owe him? Owe him what?

"A cup of coffee." Harper saw a look of triumph pass over his features as he seemed to nod to himself. "Since I bought you a cup, you get to buy me one."

She reached into her coat pocket to take her wallet out. She pulled out the proper amount and stepped forward to give him it, only to have him step back with a shake of his head, a smirk curving at his lips.

"Oh, no, no. Money won't do. I have an idea, meet me here on Wednesday at six."

Woah, what?

"That way we'll be even. A date." He nodded to himself again as a sly grin curved at his lips. "Yeah, that'll do. A date."

A what?!

"I'll meet you on Wednesday by the fountain over there at six." He pointed off to the center of the Plaza before giving me a wink, turning around, and walking off.

She sputtered, frozen on the spot. Three more drops of rain hit her face, bringing her out of her stupor.

This was not good! Not good at all.

Harper spun on her heel and started making her way for the long walk home. That was as unexpected as ever. it wasn't as if she had never been asked out on a date before. Her neighbor Kenny made it a point to ask ever other week if she had the misfortune of bumping into him. The was just the first time she hadn't said no. But she meant to! How dare he strut away in confidence before she could properly turn him down!

Well, sucks for him because I'm not going to be there. I'm not going on a date, Hmph!

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