" Flame Bolt !" Yuna shouted as soon as she finished saying the incantations.

A pentagram appeared on top of the Minotaur. It started to turn in clockwise motion then realeased a huge pillar of flame from its center.

"Uwaargh!" The Minotaur, engulfed by the flame, screamed in agony.

"Good work Yuna!" Hikari said while charging at the last Minotaur. He gripped his sword firmly with his right hand and jumped. He raised his sword in mid-air then released a loud growl that echoed throughout the valley. "Gyaaaaahhhhh!" Upon landing, he slashed his opponent slicing the Minotaur in half.

Hikari signalled Yuna to follow him and they continued their search. Soon, the wind blew the defeated Minotaurs away as they turned into sand.

It's been three years since I arrived in this world. And during those years, I faced many challenges and obstacles. Before, I thought I would only be able to see this on the RPG games that I play. But the fact that I am here, in this world where magic exists, only proves that it is reality.