Ugliness (Beautiful Things)

Beautiful things make ugliness think,

the appeal is so lustrous and yet we cannot drink.

Their eyes tempt with no foul,

but to even think it leads the admirer to be scowled.

Perversion can lead to many things,

mostly just pain and running yourself around rings.

They produce an essence irresistible to the nose of the ugly,

wait for the day that they beg me to hug thee.

They walk with a wander so full of wonder,

legs swaying forwards, stargazing in hundreds.

They block out your taste,

you can never ever hate.

They take you into a mine,

in which you search for a spine.

Features so cosmically advanced,

makes hellish reigns fall and heavenly castles prance.

Beautiful things make ugliness think,

killing your ego as all self esteem shrinks.