Dear Department of Schools,

While watching 'Freedom Writters' with my Mom, it has come to my attention, that we need more teahers who will never give up on students and will always have patience with them, just like the teacher in the movie. It saddens me that alot of children are in these situations, gangs, being homeles, poor. So their behavior isn''t good, and that's where most teachers lose hope. They believe that "Why teach someone who doesn't want to be taught?". Well they may not want to be taught and thats where the teachers have to realize that they can't just leave it at that. They have to understand them instead of just assume that since they don't want to learn, why teach?

I am told countless times that you are to go to school and learn and the teacher isn't there to be your friend, they are there to teach, not to understand. And if you don't want to go to school, why are you there? My math teacher says "Then why are you here wasting my time?" when someone says they don't want to be there. Thats just showing that the teacher doesn't care about us. It shows that instead of changing the students mind, they allow them to keep believing they're wasting the teachers time. It's because of the teachers time that we're there.

Like in the movie, the other teachers expected the children to be un teachable due to behavior. Well, I'm black, and almost every single white person expects us to fail, just because of how others behave and how they grew up. I still see some white people telling their children to lock the car doors whenever they are in a black neighborhood or they always expect a black person to shoot them, and steal when we are actually trying to be nice. I can see it in some of my teachers faces, the look of pure failure. They see us as failures. My school is full of mostly black, jamaican, or puerto rican children, who all have problems, who don't listen, who don't pay attention, who don't want to be there. We need more teachers to push us and help us believe we can do it.

You may be thinking 'What does race have to do with this?' it has to do with alot, like I have explained above. Not to long ago, we were living through segragation. Black students who made it into a white school were always told they were going to fail by white peopl, and we still are told that, just not that much. More black students drop out than white students and it's mostly because, they have no one to tell them they can do it. They don't have some one to help them with lifes problem when they need it. They can't always listen to publc speakers. I want to become a doctor, a vet, and an Author. Not many black people are in those fields, and you know why? Because the students who do make it to college, most of them drop out because they are struggling in life or there is no one who believs they can. I've had only 5 teachers tell me I can do it. 5. I've been to 6 schools and I've had about 23+ teachers and only 5 believed in me. I will never give up but maybe I'll end up dropping out because I don't have enough people or the right people believing in me.

Teachers should be there to be out friends so that way we will respect them. We go to school and are expected to respect someone we don't even know. You wouldn't do that of course. You want us to follow rules we don't want to follow. Yet you get mad about it. Yeah we should know better since we're getting older but kids will be kids and yet you expect us to grow up and be adults so fast but when we do, you break us down saying to stay in a childs place. No, you want someone who won't do that, you want someone to encourage you.

We need more docotrs, Lawyers, Vets, Authors, Cops, any carrer that matters, especially teachers. We really need more teachers. Teachers who are there for the kids not just the money. Mind as well just give us good grades and not caring if the person understands or not. We need teachers who won't tell a kid "How are you suppose to succeed in life like this?' or teachers who say 'You'll never make it.'. tThat destroys a person. No matter what. It destroys someone to hear another person they are suppose to respect tell them they'll never make it in life or will never be anything or will be able to survive in life.

You say children make the descicion of how they progress in life. That isn't entirely trith. With the adults imprints on us, we shall pregress to become that needed Doctor, that needed Teacher, that needed person who shows kids that there is a life beyond the streets and drugs, that there is a life beyond gangs and being poor or homeless. Who will show them that? Surely not a teacher who believes we can't do it.