Revenge? That's not exactly what I would call it. Justice? Please, don't make me laugh. World, im on the outside, looking in. Don't tell me that im different, Im not. Im not any better or any worse than the person sitting next to you. Im me. And by the way, im gonna stay that way.

"And here comes the freak! As dorky as ever," They stood proud, rulers of the school," Hey Ellie, when are you going to get a life!"

Walk past them. Keep your head down.

This world? Peace doesn't exist, so why do they keep fighting for it? This world, it should be in pieces.

"Wow, could she get in weirder?"

"Whats with her hair?"

"Hey, watch where you walk freak."

"Bet she was a mistake."

"Heard she was arrested for drugs."

"Hey, isn't that the girl who never talks?"

"I don't think she can even talk.."

"Ick, somebody get me some hand sanitizer, shes near me."

That, my friends, was the final straw. It only took me mere seconds to look at the boy who was way past my height. Jock, popular, all Mr. Perfect with the awesome hair. Hah, he wouldn't be so perfect for long. In one snap of my wrist, his nose was going crooked.

"Gah! What the hell!"

Left kick to shin.

"Hey! Hel-"

Right kick to groin.

"Hey! Get off of him!"

"Ow..somebody get the nurseā€¦"

Turn sideways. Blow to the ear.


Block fist from third boy.


Knee to the stomach.


Drop guard.

Notice the blood trickling from nose.

"You are so suspended young ma'am! Im calling your parents right now!"

Following her was the easy part. Talking to my parents, also easy. Coming back to school the next day, the best part of it all. You ever feel terror? Well, if you had, try to remember the look on your face when you did. Now plaster that face on everyone that walked by me. It was perfect.

First boy: Broken nose.

Second boy: His dang ear was still ringing.

Third boy: Black eye.

Revenge? Okay, I admit, maybe it was that.