I wasn't very surprised to see my dead brother in front of me with a HUNGRY grin and with a huge hole where his heart should be. While lying on the ground, where what looked to be my parents dripping with blood. Every tiny organ, skin, limbs and whatever else is on a body all over the room and painted the wall. In the corner sat a little girl horrified by what she was looking at, well that little girl was me. This is the only memory I can recall from before I was 10. Now I know it may not be the best memory but don't get me wrong, at lest I remember something to know I existed. See I don't remember anything of my past and I don't know if that a good or bad thing. Everyone always say they want to start over and forget everything. Sadly I know what it like and to be honest it fucking sucks, because you really never know if you're a really human, how got

Here, who raised you, where they go, who that guy and why won't he stop following me, why do I crave to suck out my friend's blood and to kill every person in sigh. Now wouldn't it be nice to now these answers. Well now then so you see my problem and I thought I only had to worry about some pervert pulling my shirt up, touching my boobs,slapping my ass, trying to score(with they all failed at) and getting rejected by everyone. Fuck I just realized this all has happened to me. It high school wonderful? FUCK THAT SHIT! Its hell, no it worse. Oh wait I forgot to tell you about my self damnit! I always forget that well my name is rosazailla le sang tueur. I bet your think how in god name do I say that, well I doesn't matter how you say, but what it means. My name means Rose blood killer, Beautiful isn't it? Well let move on now….ummmm im 17 years old and I go to espérons l'école secondaire(it means Hope High School in Latin)