Self PortraitJoshua Hughes

I am me,

Myself and I.

Just like you I laugh and cry.

I endure ordeals,

I think, I feel,

and as a result like you, I am real.

That is not to say I am unorigional,

because each of us is an individual.

What sets me apart,

is a love of the arts;

I happen to be partial,

to those written and martial.

Other than that, I am quite mundane,

though my friends tell me,

at times I'm a pain.

Reading brings me joy,

like a kid with a toy,

sitting down with a good book

is like getting to look

into a whole other world,

one so different from ours.

Where the rules are all diffrent,

though only during the hours

that I choose.

Videogames let mey realize,

different ways to earn a prize.

Be it beating a boss, or completing a puzzle,

or even putting a dragon in a muzle.

When in this alternate world,

I have a new persona,

one that is strong, and never is gonna

give up.

Such lessons I have learned, and taken to heart,

By reading a book or playing a part,

I've learned to be true, loyal, and brave.

To stand up to those who would take away

The choices of others,

Which is an unforgivable sin.

A steadfast friend,

I am true to the end.

Through neither trials or obstacles,

Will my loyalty bend.