My home is like a living, breathing, moving, feeling thing. It's painted walls are covered in old, vivid, and warm memories. Dirty fingerprints, pictures, drawings from disobedient childhood. They tell who we are, what we've seen, where we've been just like a map. And it takes a special person to read the map too, someone with good eyes and a good heart. Whoever enters the threshold of our house can look around and see visions of who we are and used to be.

My neighborhood is like a kingdom. Nobody knows who's the king or queen of the kingdom but it's okay. We know that we are all safe because we are eyes, watching at all times and protecting our land and home. Whenever someone closes their eyes, someone else's are open. Even when there are no eyes, the eyes of the houses watch for us.

My kingdom's roads lead to castles, houses that are other living, breathing, moving, feeling things. These creatures are all different breeds but are all the same. Each has a different pelt. They must have come from the same mother because all of the creatures are kind and host the phantoms in the walls.

The roads are well worn by the travelers. Some live in the kingdom and are nearly a part of the scenery now. They belong here and their footsteps sound familiar as they walk up and down the roads and through the grass. They're nothing too new, and people are happy to see them. But there's also strangers traveling the roads. Sometimes it makes us nervous when they aren't kind, but I know it's going to be alright. I cling to the reality and innocence I've been taught and tell myself that everything is fine. We have the eyes anyways.

Sometimes I feel alone in the kingdom. I sit on the steps of my castle, at the feet of my creature, and think for a while. The birds entertain me with their antics like television would as I sit. There's always walking when you get tired of sitting. When you walk, each step is like a new discovery, like a dot on a line in a map reaching to a destination. It's amazing the magic in the kingdom if you sit for a while.

I am a subject under the rule of the creatures and the eyes. All of us are. There are knights, aristocrats, hunters, workers, and children. I'm nothing but a child now, but one day I'll have to become something else. And the only way I can do that is to leave the kingdom and the creatures, the eyes, the phantoms and the subjects.