Chapter 1

I've Had Enough Of Scheming

His Facebook page didn't reveal much. It was quite private, in fact, they learned much more from the newspaper articles than they ever could by trying to stalk Max on the internet. Facebook only gave a name and the picture of a very handsome 27-year-old. His grin seemed infectious, the kind a real estate agent would want on their billboards. David knew the guy was attractive. Not because of any opinion he might have had, but he saw the smile creep up on Rachel's pouty little lips, and soon, she had a total grin on her face.

"Well, at least he's hot." she said, stepping away from the screen before looking over to the bald man contently watching the TV from the couch while he trimmed his nails using his switchblade. Victor was from the KGB. He never knew what the man did in that country, but judging from the scar running from nose to ear, it was something David never wanted to find out.

"So what is the plan?" the old man lazily asked. Victor wasn't interested in what the other two did; he wanted something involving more action and less talking.

"Oh Victor." Rachel called as she plopped down beside him and grabbed his knife. "We're going to make lots of money." she smiled. "I'm going to get Maxy boy's trust, and then David moves in with the con, and you embezzle the funds." she said, flipping her long hair over her shoulder.

"Come on babe, let's go to bed." he smiled with an outstretched hand. Rachel looked in his crystal blue eyes and let him lead the way to their bed, where she rode him like a wild cowgirl before they both passed out for the night.

The plan was simple: Rachel always seduced the men and made them fall for her, and she'd figure out what kind of charity to go for. Once they trusted her, David acted as a door to door salesman taking donations for a fake charity. All they needed was a signed check and a picture ID. It was Victor who figured out how to empty the bank accounts. That was what they had done up to this point, anyways.

They had already made millions this way so far, but Max was worth 15 Large, and she thought he was hot. She wasn't going to pass this one up.

It took a week for Victor to track him down to the bar of a swanky hotel lobby on some idle Thursday, but that was simple enough.

David and Victor waited in the lobby while pretending to read a newspaper while their target sat alone at the bar. Most hotels had their lounges in different rooms altogether, but this one made being a spectator very simple. The bar was housed in room of window panes. Enticing if someone had just came in here from a long flight. Rachel made her entrance and they watched with anticipation. There's no way anyone could resist her; that swanky little black dress made her look like one of those hot chicks in a television beer ad. Every time he saw her in it, David knew she was a perfect 10.

He smiled while he watched her approach that Max guy. Things seemed to be going okay. She ordered a drink, and even the bartender admired her while pouring her martini. David watched them chat, and he watched her smile. She leaned over while trying to say something witty, then she did the classic "index finger down the bicep" move. And then things started to go wrong . . . very, very wrong. Soon she was strutting back their way with pure anger emanating from her face.

"Fucking ridiculous!" she shouted, loud enough to get everyone's attention in the lobby.

"Shhh!" Victor demanded, trying to keep a low profile.

"What happened!?" David asked, concerned. Rachel looked like a damn model, this sort of thing just didn't happen.

"He's fucking gay!" she huffed, crossing her arms in front of her as her clutch dangled from its chain around her wrist. David paused and looked at the guy in the bar. He was contently staring at his phone while a blonde man approached him. The Max guy instantly smiled, and you could see his eyes brighten almost instantly, even from as far away as they were.

"Well, let's just go home and wait for the next big fish." David suggested, rolling his eyes.

"No." she pouted. "15 Million Dollars."

"But he's a fag, there's nothing we can do."

The woman dropped into the lounge chair she'd been standing in front of and patiently observed the target she couldn't get.

"Look David, he likes blondes, you're just his type." she suggested.

As if that was even an option.

"No." David answered in horror. "Are you kidding me!? That's disgusting . . . No!" he refused.

Rachel only stared at David without an ounce of sympathy. Victor smiled and walked away. He already knew who was winning this battle.

David's anger melted into fear after seeing her stone-cold and unforgiving eyes. "No. I'm not gay, it just won't work, I can't..."

"You will." she said coldly.

"No!" he hissed. He despised gay men. Hated them even. He was homophobic to the core. He even ditched his best friend in high school when that guy came out of the closet. He and his friends ruined his shoes in gym class . . . Threatened him until he dropped out of basketball tryouts. They all scared him into not going into prom. They made sure the fucker ate all his lunches in the bathroom where they couldn't find him.

"15 million dollars says you WILL do it." Rachel demanded. "Or else I'm leaving you for a REAL man."

David was good looking, but he was quite aware that Rachel was out of his league. She dragged him home quickly while he protested this new plan of hers, and they both knew he was going to end up seducing this Max character whether he liked it or not.