Chapter 14

Let's Make lots of . . .

The smell of cologne had faded and all there was to smell in that nook between Max's neck and shoulder was the warm, sweet, musky scent of his skin. David latched onto one of the man's hips as he struggled to stay up. Sweat was starting to slowly drizzle itself down David's scalp. He kept wincing through the burn from his abs, sore from their workout earlier, as he thrust in and out of an equally sore and sweaty Max.

Moans from Max below him echoed through his ears while he tried to stay determined to hit that spot again. Max's body accomodated his own so perfectly. A hand trickled around his body. The heat rushed to his face. His heart drummed around in his ears. There was sweat, warmth, skin, blankets, heat, pleasure, sounds, air, Max's eyes . . .

That one moment, getting caught into the intricate brown web that spun inside his lover's eyes. It was funny, really. It seemed so cliché but there was no other way to describe it. It was like time stopped. It was only a split second before David closed his eyes again.

David cried out softly as he hit the peak of his own orgasm. Suddenly, white noise invaded his ear as if he'd been watching a faulty TV set. The bright light made him cringe in order to get used to it while he found his breath. The blonde took his hand away from his cock and sighed while the senseless beating of water against the shower curtain became all he could hear.

David had finally got the courage to climb on top of Max three days ago, and he was still fantasizing about it. Of course he was uneasy and nervous, but he wasn't shy about asking questions anymore. Being over the man was entirely sexy, and with Max as excited as he was about it that night, David made sure he savored the memories while they happened.

It was already Friday night, and he was nervous about this party. He'd spent time with Max, sure, but a room full of gay men seemed intimidating. The last time he subjected himself to that, he nearly got raped by a drunk man. He planned to stay by Max's side the whole time just so he could avoid that scenario.

A half an hour later and he was on his way, babbling some excuse about "going to hang out with Brent and the guys," who hated Rachel, so she didn't try to go. He started to feel like they would get suspicious if he was hanging out with Max too much. His heart raced while he walked, fast, under the darkening sky. Worries clouded his brain. What if they didn't like David? What if they liked him too much?

He texted Max to get his mind off of it.

I'm on my way.

He checked his Facebook while he was at it. Not much was new. His phone buzzed a new message.

See you soon!

The blonde finally stepped inside Max's house to see most of the furniture had been cleared. There was still the couches, and the TV, but other than that, it was barren. Music played. There wasn't a woman in sight, well, there were two women, but David could tell that they weren't really women. People stood around. Others played drinking games. A couple men were dancing. All in all, it was like a college house party with upgraded drinkware. There were no SOLO cups in sight.

When he finally found Max in the kitchen, the blonde beelined to him and received a warm welcome: a kiss and an arm wrapped around David's back. "Hey, you." Max said, a big smile gracing his lips while he presented David with a beer.

The blonde took the beer gratefully, and barely had time to say anything back before he was interrupted by a nasally voice from behind.

"Oh, so is this your new man, Max? Let me get a good look at him!" he said, placing an arm on David's shoulder and spinning him around.

David saw those weird coke bottle glasses that hipsters wore, olive skin and a hairy black mane on the man's head. "Hi Phil." David heard behind him. Max didn't sound too happy. There was another guy latched into this Phil character's arm. It didn't matter what he looked like with this Phil guy in his face.

"Well aren't you cute! I'm Phil, and this is Jon, and you are?"

"David." he solemnly announced.

It wasn't long before David figured out he was Max's ex. The guy didn't look like someone he could see Max dating, then again, he didn't want to think of Max dating anyone but him. The guy was obviously jealous by the way he made David feel like the third wheel by talking about memories from Phil and Max's relationship. The blonde could tell Max was trying to get out of the conversation, but that wasn't happening easily.

"So! You guys must have so much fun together! Does he have a dog? Do you two take your dogs for a walk together, oh, I could just see it now, two heinz 57s walking down the street together! How adorable!"

David was already rolling his eyes and clinging to Max. This Phil guy was barking at him and the noise was too much to bear. He hoped someone would save them from this guy, but their lucky break came when someone asked Max how to change the music.

"I'll be right back." he said, kissing David on the cheek. He wasn't used to being affectionate in public, especially not with another man, so he blushed and became bashful. He was painfully disappointed when Max didn't try to take him along.

"Oh gosh! So, how did you two meet?" Phil demanded, sipping at his drink. David found himself chugging his beer in order to buy time. "Oh come on! Spill it!"

"A bar." David finally muttered; staring at the now empty bottle.

"Typical. Which one?" the men prodded.

David reached for another beer. He was right next to the fridge, after all. "Don't know."

"You're not very friendly." Phil said.

"Yes, and Max is friendly." Jon added.

"Yeah, Max needs to find a friendlier guy."

'Really!?' David drank more, praying either muzzles to magically appear on their faces, or for Max to come back. If there was a God, he could take his pick. David didn't care which one he could get at this rate. "Um, okay."

"Yeah, and Max isn't really into blonds either."

"Yeah, Max is always with the darker haired men."

"You're just really not the kind of guy he usually goes for"

" Yeah, Max Blah blah blah jabber jabber jabber."

"Blah blah blah blah."

David tuned them out and drank that second beer down as fast as he could. He reached for another beer and drank himself into a blur. Where the hell was Max? These guys were unbearable. He almost left them a few times to hunt down his.. Boyfriend. It was weird thinking that, that Max was his boyfriend. There was so much stigma around that word. It made David feel like a middle school girl blushing to herself and pretending her pillow was her boyfriend. They were both men, could there be something more manly to call each other?! "Significant Other" just didn't cut it. He decided to drop the thought. David's attention was won back over when he realized that the pair of men in front of him weren't talking to him anymore.

There was another blonde in their circle now, a shorter one, but not by much. His frame was slimmer than David's by far, and he was scantily dressed in skinny jeans and a T-Shirt that was two sizes too small. David was certain it was a woman's shirt, but the military inspired jacket sewn from urban fabrics made it so he couldn't really investigate that. Those green eyes flickered between David and Phil.

Weird. David didn't really know anyone like him, but he couldn't help but think the man looked oddly familiar.

"ERIC! How are you?" Phil burst, crashing towards the new stranger as the blonde calmly stepped out of the way.

"Phil." the green-eyed man spat, almost condescendlingly. David already had hope. This guy seemed to share the same amount of disdain for Max's ex. He even looked Phil down like he had something to say about every article of clothing he owned. David wondered what thoughts were circling that guy's head. He was quite sure they were amusing. Then his green eyes met David's and that uncertain fire burned through him. There was something unpredictable there that sent a shockwave into David's buzzed mind. It left him gaping.

"Oh hello!" He finally said with an emerald gleam. "You just look like an angel that fell onto my planet. Phil, honey, who might this heavenly creature be?"

Was that a flirt? What the fuck was that? Why was it so mischievous? Why did he feel like the room was too small all of the sudden? Something was weird and he couldn't figure it out.

"Oh excuse me for being so rude, Eric, this is David, Max's new fling.." Phil trailed, digging David out of his inner turmoil for a moment while he glared towards Max's ex. He caught that Eric guy glaring too. Suddenly, he like this Eric guy.

"David? You can call me Eric." he said, extending a hand. David shook it of course, politely, and that green twinkle invaded the space between them again. "Wait . . .. Are you a pilot by any chance?"

"Ooo, he's a pilot? I just love a man in uniform!" Phil interrupted while his date chimed in about the profession.

"Um, yeah . . .." David admitted.

"Oh my god! David . . . Cunningham?"


"There's no way you don't remember me, then. It's me, Eric-"

"Prom's coming up, I think I'm going to ask Jessica M . . ."

" . . . David?"


"We're best friends right?"

"Dude, of course."

"No matter what?"

"Yeah, dude, what's your deal? You're acting so weird today."

" . . ."

" . . ."

"Man, I think . . .. I don't think I'm into chicks . . ."



" . . ."

" . . ."

"Dude, don't worry about it, I bet it's just a phase . . ."



"Don't tell anybody."

" . . ."

" . . ."

"I won't."

The flashback tugged at his insides and nausea began to sit in. David's guilt was piling up by the second as he stared into the eyes of his old friend. He looked much different without the skater clothes, the baseball caps, and the longish wispy blonde hair that Eric's mother always yelled at him to cut.

"Ferguson." David finished with a weary smile. "How you been, man?"

Eric pulled him into a hug. "Oh my God! I knew it was you in that picture on Max's wall!"

David stood there, shocked while he watched the ghost of his past open the fridge and invite himself to a beer. "So David is finally out of the closet . . ."

"What?" the blue eyed man asked, not sure of what he heard.

"Just kidding! I thought you were straighter than the coke lines on Lindsay Lohan's coffee table so this is obviously news to me."

The music was blaring as the meduim-sized kitchen started to become a sweatbox of people packed in like the subway at rush hour. David missed Max. Whatever happened to him?

"Why so quiet? Huh? The old David I know is quite the partier." Eric said before Phil could get a word in.

"I just . . . Wow . . . You look great . . ." David mustered, trying not to think about it. The fact that he was being so . . .. Not angry . . . It threw him off.

Eric kissed at him in a flirtatious grin and started to joke around about something "fabulous" until they were both painfully reminded that other people were there.

"Gosh, what a coinkidink! How do you know each other?" Phil busted in, causing a chain reaction of glares coming from each blonde.

"We went to high school together!" Eric mocked, looking to the ceiling with a shit-eating grin on his face. Those eyes trapped David again, burning a fire into David's being.

"Dude, it's 2am . . ."

"David you gotta help me!"

"What? What's going on dude?"

"I'm fucked, everyone knows now!"

"Knows what?"

"Ugh. You know Chris S, right?"

"Yeah, the fag?"

"I kissed him David. I kissed him at Tony's party. Everyone knows now."

" . . ."

" . . ."


"What the hell do I do now, David?"

" . . ."

" . . ."

"I don't know, Eric."

David felt like his head was going to cave in and he was certain that the guilt was showing itself all over his face, but Eric kept smiling like nothing was ever wrong.

David wondered why the fuck this guy was standing in front of him smiling. He fucked is old friend over terribly, and he pictured the guy coming at him with swinging arms whenever he thought of their reunion. For the first time that night, he was thankful for Phil's presence because it gave David a chance to feel dumbfounded without interruption for a few minutes. Not one ounce of anger, not even a drop, was in those green eyes. There was annoyance, though, and plenty of it, but Phil seemed to have that affect on people.

"Ugh." the blonde vented, reaching in his pocket. David saw the small cardboard box and nearly chuckled. Camel lights. The same brand they smoked back in the day. "I need a fucking cigarette. You still smoke right?" Eric offered, perching one behind his ear.

David was transfixed in the blonde's unreadable eyes. Everything about him was different from the Eric he once knew. It scared him, but then he realized that Eric was offering a way to get away from Phil. He gladly took the opportunity. "Tonight I do."

The grin slithered across Eric's face and David started wondering what he just signed up for as those slender fingers latched on to David's wrist. "Well then, sweetheart, let's go!" he said, and suddenly David was being drug through a dizzying crowd of people. The bumping and weaving of the bodies he was being maneuvered through had him clinging to his beer for dear life. His buzz had him smiling though. He had finally escaped Phil.

He saw Max's front door as soon as he realized they weren't stuck in an ocean of people anymore. He missed Max. Where did he go?

The fresh air reminded him of other things as he was led outside.

"So I heard you and that fag Eric have a thing for each other."

"What!? What the fuck, man! Fuck no!"

"Then prove it before I mash your fag face in."

David shook himself out of it. He didn't want to think about the past anymore. It was just simply amazing that he was with his old friend, who was astonishingly so forgiving. He turned around to close the door and looked back towards Eric. "Wow, small world-"

"You fucking asshole!" Eric burst as he came swinging for the side of David's face. The blow plummeted straight into his cheekbone.

He dropped his beer and held his head in surprise. Eric could punch a lot harder than he remembered.

"I can't believe you have the fucking balls to be gay after all the shit you did to me! You're a fucking prick! You ruined my teenage life, you know that right?"

David was still seeing stars, so much that he'd fallen to his knees in the middle of Eric's scolding. On top of that, he was buzzed, and on top of that, well,he deserved it. David was a coward in high school. He should have stood up for his best friend. He should have helped him no matter what, but he didn't, and he ruined his friend's life just to prevent his own from being ruined. Even in college, he thought about Eric. Hoped he was okay. Once, after a terrible night filled with alcohol and cigarettes, he even cried. He ruined his friend's life, and forced himself to laugh while doing it.

"I came out to you because I thought you would be there for me no matter what, and you fucked me over! What the fuck were you thinking? Huh? Come on, Captain Douche Rocket! I think I deserve to know."

"Dude . . ." was all David could muster. The pain on his face and his regrets were sobering and he really just wanted to get wasted and forget this.

"Fucking what!?" Eric demanded, now towering over the kneeling blonde.

"I'm sorry." he said, looking up at his old friend.

"For what?" Those green eyes glared, tapping his toe like he was waiting for a magic word.

"Come on, Eric." David sighed, hoping for some sort of mercy. "You know what I'm sorry for, man, doing that to you is my biggest regret in life, don't you think that having that haunt me is worse than anything you could ever say or do to me right now?"

He expected to get kicked or something. David looked over to the spilled beer all over the patio of Max's home. It made a stream down the stairs and was trying to make its way for the street. The smaller blonde twirled on his heel and plopped on the stoop. He didn't say a word. Instead, he held out a cigarette. "So are we going to catch up or what?"

David was taken by surprise. "I thought you were pissed at me."

"Well, yeah, but that was like 10 years ago, and we play for the same team now, and you're dating my friend, so there's no point in carrying on high-school bullshit." He stated, lighting his own and taking a drag. "There's no use crying over old shit like that anyways."

David sat there, dumbfounded. Eric was going to just let it go right now? David guessed he never really held grudges. That was something he was always good at, and David admired him back in the day for it.

"You gunna leave me hanging or what?"

David looked at the cigarette and took it, hesitantly, of course, and held it to his lips while the other blonde twisted around and extended his lit lighter to David's mouth. A long inhale and exhale later, and David plopped down right beside the blonde, and snagged his beer while he was at it.

"Man." David said, drinking from the long-neck bottle before holding the cold suds to his quickly bruising cheek. "You've been working on your left hook haven't you? Fuck. You hit me good." he chuckled.

"I'm glad you noticed, I started going to the gym again!" Eric said excitedly.

"Man, it shows, I think this one's gunna bruise." he said, taking another drink from Eric's beer.

"Give me that!" The green eyed man demanded, taking the bottle and a swig.

"Well, I'd have my own if someone didn't punch me." David reminded.

"Ummmm, last I checked, you deserved it." Eric said back, slamming the beer back into David's chest.

"Yeah, I know." he coughed, returning the bottle to his aching face. "I'm sorry, man."

Both of the men got quiet. The silence was solemn and akward now. All David could think about is the painful looks Eric shot at him in high school after his own buddies taunted him. He wished it never happened.

"Well, enough of that, when the hell did you finally figure it out?" Eric asked, returning the cigarette to his lips.

"Huh?" David asked, not catching what he said.

"You're gay, honey, you weren't when I last saw you, I mean, I think you were in the grocery store for Thanksgiving and you were totally eye-fucking this slutty looking brunette who was glued to your hip a couple years ago."

"Ugh, fucking Rachel." David cursed, holding his head. She was doing this "vegan" thing and made him go with her to buy a tofurkey, which ruined Sarah's thanksgiving. Those two girls hated each other ever since.

"Ooooo, bad break up?" Eric teased.

"No." he said. David took a long drag and flicked the mile of ash off the end of his neglected cigarette. He chased it down with a chug from the beer. "We're still together, unfortunately."


"Man, I bought her a ring and all that crap. I still need to figure out how the hell I'm going to dump her." David sighed, wishing there was an easy answer to that problem.

"But you and Maxy boy are in a relationship on Facebook, shouldn't that get it through her head. 'Like hellooo! Girlfriend! I'm fucking this sexpot over here, getchoself a new man!'"

David laughed and chucked his cigarette. "I wish it was that easy." he said as he finished off the bottle and picked up the spilt one. "We gotta go on a beer mission."

"And we need to get you some peas for that shiner, what the hell are you going to tell Max when he sees that?"

"Maybe you can explain?" David suggested.

"Uhhh, no. Maxy's a protective guy, he'd tackle me immediately, not that I would mind.. Which reminds me, how the hell did you hook that hottie?" Eric asked, getting up as well. "He's so delicious, if I could, I would just smother him all over my toast every morning. I'm fucking jealous."

David was laughing and bashfully speechless. He wanted to spread Max on his morning toast? Fuck. Eric was overwhelming. The last time he really talked to the guy, he was still saying things like "dude," "man," and "bro." At one time, he was on the shy side. He was soft spoken and bashful. This Eric was over the top, loud, and a little eccentric. Somehow, that fit him better.

David told Eric about his desire to avoid Phil at all costs before they went inside for their beer mission. They both ran, hand in hand, into the kitchen and to the fridge. David grabbed a 12-pack and Eric grabbed the first freezer item he saw: a frozen steak in a ziplock bag. The blonds did a quick scan of the room. Max was nowhere to be seen, but a drunk Phil was weaving his way through the crowd and calling David's name.

"Shit! Shit shit!" Eric cursed, turning the other way as he started to run. David was practically dragged as he struggled to keep up. Holding a case of beer and running was never easy, especially when he was dodging strangers. "He's coming for us!"

David cracked up halfway through their escape. When they finally made it to the porch, they kept looking through the windows to make sure the creep wasn't following them. After they both caught their breath, they decided the coast was clear.

They spent their time in the chairs on Max's porch with half of David's face covered with frozen meat. The two drank. They both smoked. They talked for hours. It was as if the two were still best friends. They laughed. They kept talking about all the trouble they kept getting Sarah into back in the day.

They were both wasted. They finished off Eric's pack of cigarettes while he talked about his love life and David let him in on how he didn't pay attention to men until Max came around. This was the best thing that could have happened. David didn't feel like spending all that time in that crowded room with Max's ex breathing down his neck.

The front door blasted open. The blonde men gaped and froze, afraid it was Phil.

David drunkenly relaxed when he saw those tufts of brown hair with a pair of worried brown eyes staring right his way. "There you are!" Max said, worried as hell as he darted their way.

"Dude! Max!" David grinned as he stumbled Max's way and greeted him with a kiss reeking of stale cigarettes and booze. The meat was long gone from his face; the stuff was hard and too cold.

"What the- David, what happened to your face!?" Max worriedly asked,

"Don't worry about it . . ." David slurred, not really caring about that at the moment. "Oh my God! Dude!"

David stumbled away from Max to flail his arm in Eric's direction. It took a couple times to find its way around the shorter blonde's shoulder, but finally he did it. "Fucking! This is Eric, Max, fucking Eric!"

Eric just grinned Max's way while the brunett shook his head.

"This is my best friend, ohmygod dude, you don't even know!" The blue eyed man raved.

"David, what happened to your face?" Max asked, finding all of this drunken rambling irrelevant when his date has a huge bruise on his face.

"Dude, who cares? This guy man, me and this guy, we were the shit in high school!" David said, struggling to stand up right.

Max grinned and flexed his eyebrows. "Wait you really know each other?" he asked, amused.

"I think I still have pictures of us in diapers.." Eric said.

"Nah, dude, Sarah has those to blackmail us." David remembered.

"Sarah?" Max asked, feeling confused.

"My sister!" David explained.

"The one that says I'm hot?" Max verified.

"Psh! She WOULD!" Eric yelled, coaxing a laugh from David.

"I know right! That bitch!" He burst, pulling away from Eric.

"What the fuck is she up to these days anyway?" Eric asked.

"Dude, she wants me to be her personal stylist since I'm gay now." David vented, rolling his eyes.

"OH! She knows!" Eric said, realizing that David already came out to her.

"Yeah dude, how else would she have a crush on him?" he joked, lazily pointing Max's way.

Max was standing there as he awkwardly watched the two chatter.

"You tell the fam yet?" Eric inquired, searching the empty cigarette box for another cigarette.

"Yeah." David sighed. "My mom's trying to arrange for me to be abducted for some like gay people anonymous shit.."

"Oh, I miss your mom! She tries to be so 'hip' even though she lost touch with reality YEARS ago." Eric laughed.

David ignored it. Remembering his parents probably hated his guts now was starting to get him depressed. "And you remember what my dad said." David said to Max.

Max realized that David's silly drunkness was fading into something ugly and quickly pulled the blonde towards him. All it took was that little amount of affection to perk David back up, and Max smiled as he felt lips on his own.

"What took you so long? I don't like that phil guy . . . He's a douche." David rambled.

"THANK YOU!" Eric interrupted, making sure Max knew his opinion on the man.

"Seriously, Max, what the fuck!" David drunkenly blurted. Standing up made the alcohol strengthen its hold on him. He started leaning on his lover just to stay up.

"Wow." Max commented, grabbing the blonde's shoulders. "You are dru-."

"Shhh! I gotta tell you something!" he interrupted.

Max smiled, amused. "What?"

The drunk leaned into Max's ear. "I thought about you in the shower tonight." he whispered. The grin quickly turned into a giggle as he leaned back to see Max's reaction.

Those raised eyebrows said it all. "Oh, really?" Max chuckled.

"Um! Hello! Can we say third wheel here?!" Eric spouted, waving his hand.

"Eric, you spending the night?" Max asked.

"Um, yeah! I'm passing out on your couch as soon as we clear all these mother fuckers out of here." Eric said.

"They've pretty much all left . . . And the couch is taken. Phil passed out on it." Max unfortunately let him know.

"Are you fucking kidding me!?" Eric ranted.

"Ewww!" David blurted, deciding he wanted to be part of the conversation again. "Hey max! Max Max Max!" he pestered.

Max looked his way, trying not to be annoyed.

"I wanna get naked in your bed." David scandalously whispered again, finding himself amusing.

"Okay, okay, calm down." Max said, trying to get him quiet. "I think the spare bedroom is still empty. I think we need to get him inside."

"Fer sher." Eric replied, helping Max get the drunk blonde to the door.

"How much did he drink anyway?" Max wondered.

"Well he had like 6 beers on top of whatever he had before I got my hands on him . . ."

"Jesus . . ."