Chapter 31

Let's Make lots of...

The heels of his snakeskin boots hit the pavement with force with every strutting step he took, but the blonde couldn't hear that. His headphones were too delightfully jammed into his ears. Even then, he was walking to the beat and there was no way he was going to hear it anyways. This was totally his favorite song right now, and he just got out of work, and he had the next two days off. Eric made it through the crowd of people walking through the streets during rush hour. Normally he was irked by this, but the mixture of EDM and rock music reminiscent of the stuff he listened to when he was a skater boy was delectable, and the hook line was amazing. The second he got into the elevator of his apartment building, he started rocking out.

"I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE LIKE YOU, YEAH!" Filled his empty apartment in a falsetto that was so horrible he was glad nobody was there to hear. The dance moves were priceless too. Only Eric would dance like that. The first thing anyone saw was the kitchen when they entered the apartment, and past that was the living room, where he dropped his phone, splattered his hand across his chest in shock, and all but screamed for his life.

The messy head of blonde hair that Eric was so shocked to see raised itself to be seen from the back of the couch. It was a blue eyed man trying to catch his breath, eyes lust-stoned and hazy, and the guy wasn't wearing a shir-wait what?

"David?" Eric asked with an upward inflection. The headphones resting between Eric's feet blasted background music as best they could. "Oh my god, what are you doing here? You normally don't come back from work for days... Are you okay? You look-"

That was when an equally ruffled up head of brown hair raised itself to see what the commotion was about.

Of course, Eric's tiny jaw on his slender face flew into his collarbone and locked itself there for a few moments before he grinned in shock and excitement, just the way anyone would had they stumbled upon some juicy gossip. Soon he was able to form words. "Hi Max."

Never said they were complicated words.

"Hey." Max gulped awkwardly, suddenly thankful that the back of the couch was protecting this sight from Eric's view. Knowing that kid, he'd either say he was going to fling his eyeballs out, or even worse, ask to join, had he seen their compromising position.

Eric paused... Well, he gaped. He was shocked okay? That was the last thing he expected to be in his apartment right now, so it took some time for him to calculate his next move. "I'm going to go get some coffee." Eric announced, picking up his phone.

"You should do that." David merely agreed. His head wasn't in social mode either, but obviously for different reasons. There was kind of a sexy stud underneath him right now, and regardless of the fact that he really wasn't liking "cowgirl" or "cowboy" or whatever the fuck this position was called, he had a raging hard on and he needed to find release.

Eric slinked off without a word, but David stared in that direction until he heard the door open and shut, and there were no more footsteps lingering in the apartment. Then, and only then, did he look back down at the millionaire underneath him.

"Where were we?" David asked, rubbing his hands across that expansive chest.

Max grinned deviously while thoughts came to his head from earlier, except now that he was sitting up instead of laying down this made things easier to do. His brown eyes looked the blonde up and down while his fingers crawled up David's back and side. "Well, let's see... I think I was at the part where I did this..." He said back while his hands wrapped themselves around David. In one fatal swoop, he whisked the blonde onto his back, putting them in missionary. And yes, Max had been inside him this whole time. He thrusted forward with a grin and watched David's eyes roll to the back of his head with another moan.

"Fuck!" David cried out, clenching a bicep in his hand while he lost his mind. His other hand was a absently on his own cock, lazily pumping away along with Max's thrusts.

Max smiled down at the pilot while his rosy cheeks made the most delectable faces. The hand he'd wrapped around the back of the blonde's head had began moving through that soft hair while he pushed in an out of the moaning man below. "You like this better don't you?" He asked while that hand cruised over David's shoulder and up his neck, his thumb doodling on the blue eyed man's skin.

"Yeah." David said, gripping Max's arm harder when he surprised the pilot with a deeper thrust.

The pained grunt that escaped his throat brought a smile to the brunette's lips as he pumped out and hit that spot again on his way back in. The sounds David made were terribly addicting. He moved his hand up from the blonde's chin and up the side of his face where he grabbed a fistful of that hair and tugged it gently to get his attention. Crystal blue eyes looked straight at Max, full of shameless lust and passion, while pink lips slipped open. The sight was so hot that he pulled David's face closer to his by that blonde hair and kissed him. By the moans David let out into Max's mouth, he was enjoying the roughness.

Teeth scraped against David's tongue as their kiss was broken. That was different. Their foreheads crashed together and Max fucked him faster while looking toward David's eyes. That hand in his hair moved and caressed the pilot's chin to get his attention. The light in Max's eyes- it had come back, and it was beaming its warm light his way. He basked in the millionaire's observing eyes while he moaned more and stroked his cock more seriously. Max was close. He could see it in those eyes, and David wasn't far behind either.

The brunette watched David's eyes flicker open and closed while pleasure took control of his face. When he saw the blonde stroke himself harder, Max changed up his thrusts. He knew if he worked his hips a certain way, he'd hit David's prostate better, and when the blue eyed man's blue eyes slammed shut and his mouth flew open, Max knew he was doing it right.

Kisses, little wet soft ones, fluttered around his face and brought his bliss to a whole other level. Then warm breath tickled the side of his face and ear, which caused the butterflies in his chest to whirr about. A gasp escaped his throat while the man above him hit that spot again.

"You gunna cum for me?"

The words drifted into his ear and turned in to liquid, golden and sweet, like honey, the second they hit his brain. As if the moan that ensued after Max uttered those words didn't answer the question, the "Yeah." David breathed after that did. He was pulled closer to Max-if that were possible, so close he had to stop jerking off and simply lay his hands on the brunette's body. Max's thrusts became more shallow, and fuck, he was definitely hitting that spot, over and over and over again. The blonde's lungs all but collapsed while he struggled for air as his loins demanded all the attention they could get.

Then Max groaned, delightfully, into David's ear, and suddenly David's brain reminded him to try that thing he heard somewhere. The soft grunts made David aware, again, that Max was close. He contracted his muscles around Max's cock, over and over again, with each thrust. The amount of concentration it took totally ruined his fast track to orgasm, but the shocked face Max made along with those sexy noises while he came made it all worth it.

Max panted his way while he felt his cock shoot warm stickiness into the condom while he was buried balls deep into the blonde below. He couldn't quite think straight after that. That thing David did... He'd never felt that... It was like the cum was being milked out of him. He gaped at the smiling hazy eyed blonde and slipped out of him before his cock shrunk and the condom slipped off. In a hurry, his mouth was on David's cock and a hand rested on the blonde's abs.

David looked down at those eyes and held the hand on his stomach while he watched that mouth pleasure his cock. He let out a huge groan while a finger plunged into the depths of his ass, bringing that amazing sensation back. He closed his eyes and held that hand tightly while the brunette made him feel like this was heaven. He found himself raising his hips to go deeper in the millionaire's mouth until his body completely tensed up and he shot a load onto his lover's tongue.

Max wiped his mouth with his wrist while he climbed back up to a panting blonde, who wasted no time grabbing the man's head and pulling him down into a kiss. Right after, Max collapsed his head onto the pilot's chest, resting for a moment while David held him.

They gathered the mess that their brains had become and slowly pieced reality back together through exhaling lungs and gentle touches. Fuck, that was exhilarating. David raised his head to look at the pile of skin and brown hair on top of him and smiled at those brown eyes. His chest bounced up and down with laughter as he recollected the fact that Eric had walked in on them. "We should get cleaned up before he gets back." David said, combing his fingers through Max's mane in an effort to take the disheveled hair.

"Hey you." An effeminate voice cooed, bringing the pilot's mind back to consciousness. Max and David had been tangled in the couch, clothed this time, with the TV on. He didn't even realize he'd passed out.

David grinned and hid his face into his lover's chest while Eric smiled at the sight below.

"Have fun?" Eric asked quietly.

"What do you think?" David joked back, face turning pink at the embarrassment of being caught.

"I think we should go have a cigarette and talk about how this happened." The green eyed man said, grinning madly.

After much convincing and coaxing, David was outside puffing on a cigarette with his roommate while Max snored quietly on the couch. The blonde definitely tired him out over the past 24 hours.

"I'm so fucking happy right now." David admitted with a grin.

Eric only looked at him with a smile. "You got your Prince Charming back." He observed.

David divulged what he could without telling Eric about the con. Of course Eric could barely believe it. The chances that Max and David would end up in the same hotel half way around the world were immeasurable.

They chatted for a bit until their cigarettes were spent and the pilot sent himself into the living room to wake a sleeping brunette.

"Hey." He said as brown eyes peeped open. "Let's go get some sleep."

And they walked, hand in hand, to David's bedroom. The blonde was still in disbelief it had all turned out like this. He still was unsure if Max was okay with all this, but while the brunette was in his arms and seemingly happy, he wasn't going to question it. So for now, he drifted off in the arms of the millionaire who yanked him out of the closet. The one that he'd fallen for in a most peculiar way. The one he was sure he could never live without, and definitely the one he loved.

A/n: yeah... This chapter is 1/4 what it was before I decided less is more. I wanted to say so much more but it didn't come out right. This is the end of Opportunities. The next chapter will be an epilogue. I hope you all enjoyed.