So you want to hear a story, right? I bet you picked this story searching for a tale of swashbuckling adventure, comedic romance, and the ever-important Steven Spielberg ending. Not to mention lovable characters that will, how you say, sweep you off into the adventure. Well, you have come to the wrong place. This isn't any of those things. I'm warning you now. But by putting this book in your hands and yourself in this danger is probably the best thing that you have ever done. The fate of our world rests on you and the others that have chosen to fight.

This is no story, because there is no need to be 'swept into the adventure'. There is only one way for this to end. And the only person, or thing, that can end it is you. Yes you, you skimming the pages of this book thinking that this is all a bunch of fiction to pass your time. But it's not. And trust me, if you do this right, you will either send Mr. Spielberg writing you fan mail, or you will just blow him up altogether.

But, enough about you. Let's hear about me. I'm Dar. Well, my real name is Caleb, but that's a long story. So let's just stick to Dar. And I am really important. So important that it could be the difference between life and death as far as you are concerned. I know that probably sounds very arrogant, and hey, I have been accused of being a bit egotistical when facing certain situations. But what you have to understand is that I'm probably you're only hope. My words here might save you from what is happening now all around you. And it is happening as I write this.

It's difficult to tell you your fate. I don't want to scare you. Really, I don't. But there probably is no other way to save you. Well, here goes nothing. The world is ending. And the clock is ticking. No, I'm not the loony on the city streets screaming about doomsday. But I'm the loony in your book, so take it like a big kid and at least try to believe me. And if you don't listen to what is written in it then you might as well label yourself for your doom. But if you decide to join me, join the rebellion against what we are up against, then you will be spared.

Everyone you know, your friends, family, and even you are in the most unimaginable danger you could fathom. Sorry. I didn't even know until too long ago. But time is running out. So all you gung-ho kiddos out there will probably be ready to fight along with me. And that's great. But I think you'll change your mind once you find out that what I have in store for you is a lot harder, and not to mention more real, than you ever expected.