Chapter 8: Prophecies

The three, now four of them walked out of the double doors of the Holiday Inn, nobody daring to say a word until Dar spoke.

"Dave, what just happened?" he questioned, frustration fringing his voice.

"Yes, thank you Dar. I've been wondering the same thing," Chass said, sounding a bit frazzled. Dave just sighed, trying not to let their doubt get to him.

"Well, guys, I'm sorry about the dilemma, but Mr. Let's-Commit-Felonies here got in the way. And kid, you owe me big time," Dave said, nearly pulling the boy along with him.

"Yeah, thanks for saving my butt…even though I would've been fine by myself,'" the kid admitted to an annoyed Dave. Dave sighed at his disability of making apologies.

"Sure you could. You need to remember to keep yourself away from stuff like this. You remember the block party incident," Dave muttered to the boy.

"Oh, yeah you were there weren't you…" the boy said back to Dave a bit nervously as he scratched his messy light brown hair.

"You know this kid?" Chass said, staring in disbelief at the new character in front of her.

"I've run into him and his mischief a few times. And I've heard about him on the news a time or two. But I don't really know him as a friend or anything. He's made a bad reputation for himself, but he's not a cold-blooded killer. He's just a kid," Dave said, hopping into the car quickly.

"Where did you get that gun?" Dar asked the boy. The teen paused for a moment, and sighed.

"Out of all the questions with great answers you could ask me, you choose that one," he replied in a pathetic tone. Dar just shook his head in disbelief and kept walking to the car.

"Look, kid, if you want to get out of here alive then come with us. Those cops are gonna change their minds about you in only a few minutes," Dave said. The boy's eyes widened for a second.

"Good idea," he blurted quickly, "do you guys have room for me? I'm so fat I might take up all the room," he replied jokingly, the fact that he was on the thinner side a bit obvious. Nobody laughed and the boy sighed at his failedattempt to lighten the mood.

"Yeah there's room I guess. Hop on in. We might actually be able to use you. You're smart with your gadgets, I'll give you that," Dave said. The boy beamed, a proud smirk lighting up his face. Soon the four of them approached Chass' white car. The kid's smirk widened.

"WHOA, super nice ride," he said , his voice dripping with sarcasm as he saw the old white Honda.

"Thanks," Dar said back in the same tone of voice. Chass looked offended. Once everyone was in the car, Dave driving with Dar next to him, Chass fell asleep. The teen in the backseat looked pretty pooped too, so he leaned up against the window. Dar was tired too, but he was too afraid to go to sleep in fear of what might happen next. There was an awkward silence in the car as they drove quietly down the interstate. Finally their new hitchhiker in the back spoke.

"Um, hi. I'm Chip. Well, if you want to be technical, my name's Jonathan. But don't call me that. Just Chip," he rambled quickly and uneasily, not too sure if he wanted to reveal this piece of information about himself. Dar almost laughed at him.

"I'm Dar," he said.

"Sup. I'm Dave," Dave responded.

"Well…nice to meet you. Despite the, um…circumstances…" Chip said awkwardly, and looked out the window once it was clear the small conversation was over.

He pulled something out of his pocket that Dar identified as an iPod, put it in his ears, and started nod his head to the music. Dar could hear screeching guitar solos and screaming vocals from some metal song all the way in the front seat. Dave was staring at him as well, trying to figure out how a kid's ears could take music that loud. Dar just ignored it.

The car got very quiet, almost frightening, until Dar decided to break the silence.

"Um, hey Dave, can I talk to you about something?" Dar said. Dave got a surprised look on his face suddenly, and nodded.

"Sure. What's up?" he said.

"I just want to know what happened to me back in the car a while back. When I passed out or whatever. I mean you gave a nice explanation to other things, but you never really told me what happened," Dar sighed, the words reluctantly leaving his mouth. Dave smiled a little bit as if he had been waiting for Dar to ask that exact thing.

"It's something that I never got to tell you. I was about to go into it before the power cut off," he said ominously, "see, remember what I said about the Fallen Seven having powers?"

"Um, sure but I still really don't believe in that stuff." Dar said.

"I hate to tell you this, but you've got to believe me," Dave said, softening his voice. He beat his wrist on the steering wheel in frustration. Dave looked back at Chass and Chip to see if they were eavesdropping. Chass was asleep, leaning against the car window on one side. She was so tired she had not bothered buckling up her seatbelt when she had gotten in. Chip was gazing out his rolled-down window with his music blasting into his ears.

Dave cleared his throat and began talking again.

"There is no other way that any of this stuff could have happened today if I wasn't telling the truth. Listen, um, you have them too. Powers."

"What, powers?" Dar said, chuckling. "I didn't think that God was cool like that. What are they? Extreme Bible reading or something?"

"Nope. I'm guessing that what you experienced a while ago was your power. I don't really know what it is yet. But you've got one special thing there, kid. I've never seen anything like you. Did anything happen when you were out cold there for a while?" Dave asked him, his eyes focused on the road. Dar laughed.

"I don't know, you tell me! I passed out. How should I know?" he said. Dave rolled his bronze-like eyes and let out a short laugh.

"No, like did you see anything? Dream anything?"

Dar thought for a moment. He couldn't remember much of anything except for waking up facing Chass and Dave. Suddenly, that thought triggered others, and the memory of it all came back.

"Well, um I think I did actually," Dar said quietly, almost as if he didn't want to admit that Dave was right. Dave nodded knowingly.

"What was it? What did you see?" Dave asked him, seeming to be on track to something. Dar took an unnecessarily shaky breath, disbelieving that he actually was telling this stranger what had happened to him.

"Well, there was some sort of pattern like black and white tile. Then it was followed by a really big orange light. Then there was a long stretch of road, and a billboard kind of thing that said different numbers and there were a lot of people," Dave looked deep in thought while driving, and then turned to Dar. He was about to say something when he stopped himself.

"What?" Dar asked him.

"Well, I have a feeling that you have a very special gift, Dar. I think I know what it is. But there's only one way to tell it's true or not. I'll drive us there," Dave said, triumphantly. Dar looked like he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Look, dude. I really think that this isn't right. You're driving us when we don't even know you, and I don't even know where I'm going. I really hardly know any of you, so it'd be great if we could leave, and you could stop preaching to me about God," Dar said. Dave grabbed him by the arm.

"Dar, you have to listen to me. There are so many things you don't know yet. You need me to be able to live out there with your new powers. And there is a God. A huge, wonderful being that has powers that not even the most creative and imaginative movie producers could only dream of. And he still does. If you put the Bible in recent times, you would have the biggest action drama in the world. It's not boring, it's awesome. All of the amazing things that are in the Bible can still happen today. That's the great thing. It's so cool and wonderful, and we are all a part of it," Dave said, excitement in his voice.

Dar didn't quite react with the same enthusiasm.

"OK, whatever you say. I'll give it some thought. I'm thinking on it, but oly because there really is no explanation to what happened to me," Dar said, "But if I don't go to heaven then what?"

"You can go to heaven easily," Dave shrugged, "all you have to do is accept the fact that you have messed up big time, my friend. You are a sinner. And Jesus died for you. All you do is accept him as your savior, and you're good to go. Because he loves you no matter what."

"I'll think on it, I already told you," Dar said, a little less firm than before, "but I still want to know that you told me the truth."

"It is, trust me. But I'm telling you now that we already have a mission, and without completing it, then we're as good as dead," Dave said.

"What could be so important that I need to stay with you?" Dar sighed.

"Her. Chass. If you leave, what is she going to do? And Chip. He's just a kid." Dave said. Dar turned to Dave.

"You have to watch over them. I can't do it all on my own. Plus, we have all of humanity to save. But we can only get to that stuff once you've found the other Chosen Seven. There's only two of you so far. We need the other five. That's our very first mission. To find them, and then get to the saving," Dave said.

"And that's fair, how? I just found out about this junk, and now I'm responsible for all of these kids," Dar complained. He felt like nobody cared what he was feeling, when all they cared about was themselves. But then he remembered that Dave and the others might feel the same way sometimes.

"Well, guess who else wasn't a volunteer in this thing?" Dave said, like he was telling a secret reluctantly. "You're looking at him. I got bombarded with this whole Chosen Seven thing back when the original Seven were still here. Very confidential stuff. Anyways, I think that you have the key that will help us out,"

"And what might that be?" Dar said, trying to sound as bored as he could. But in truth, he was actually very interested. He would never admit it to Dave, though. Dar promised that he would win this battle himself.

"Well," said Dave, "you, I think, can see prophecies, Dar."