Max opened his eyes. He felt a pounding pain in his skull, and groaned as the pain moved on to the rest of his body.

He slowly eased up his head and looked around. He was sitting on a grassy field. Several cloths covered his wounds and his sword lay by his side.

Calene sat a few inches away, munching on a piece of cooked fish. Thayra was laying on the ground, his eyes closed and loud snores emitting from his mouth.

"Calene?" Max said weakly. The icy hunter started and looked over at him.

"Max?" She yelled. "Oh, thank god! We thought you'd never wake up."

"How…long have I been out?" Max said, rubbing his aching side.

"About three days," The female hunter answered. "We had to carry you out of the Tomb. We barely got you patched up so you wouldn't bleed to death, and even worse, all your blood attracted more nosferatu. You slept through the whole battle with them."

"Sorry," Max groaned. "What happened to Charon?"

"He stayed behind in the Tomb," Calene said, gazing out across the grass. "I told him he could come live with us, but he says that place is his only home now. I think he's going to set up camp in the Old One's prison and watch over it, making sure that vile beast never escapes again."

"Well…I hope he survives," Max said. "But now…The Goatman has two of the Shards. One more and he'll be able to resurrect Tiamat."

"Don't worry, Max," Calene said, sighing. "We'll find it. I know we will. Hunters always win."

"Yeah…" Max said, laying back down in the grass. He closed his eyes. "Always…"

A few meters away, a pair of eyes watched the hunters from behind some bushes. The white eyes narrowed. They were the eyes of Baphoment himself.

Behind him was Thanatos, writhing in the air.

"Why can't we kill them now?" Thanatos hissed. "It would be so easy!"

"Silence," Baphoment ordered. "I told you already, Tiamat has a special fate planned for the Ten Rings. Killing them now would be too crude, not allowing her time to savor her revenge. Patience. Soon, we shall find the last of the Shards and then, we shall rule Onaria forever."

Baphoment looked down at his clawed hand. The two Shards lay there, side by side. The Goatman smiled, showing his fangs.