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SE: My real initials.

RW: Rylee Wyatt, my official alter egos.

AH: My BFF's real initials.

AJ: Aly Jackson, AH's alter ego.


Random Hobo: *bursts into kitchen*



AH: The hobo is going to murder us!




AH: Probably…

*all 3 run out the back door*

*Random Hobo goes back into basement with cheez*

*SE, AH, and AJ stop at the park*

SE: That was close.

AH: Yeah.

SE: What? You are the one who got it started in the first place!

AH: Well sorr-y.

SE: Yeah, well now we are trapped outside.

AJ: Figured that out for yourself now did you?

SE: Yeah, I did, thanks.

AH: Well, how are we going to get back into the house?

SE: *in mysterious voice* We don't.

AJ: Uh…

AH: Creepy.

AJ: Yeah…

SE: *rolls eyes*

We can't go back in there!

AH: But we will freeze out here.

SE: Oh don't worry. I have those cheap camping blankets in a plastic wrapping!

AJ: Uh…those ones that look like aluminum foil.

SE: Yeah!

AH: Came prepared now did you?

SE: Yeah…now one for you and you and me.

*hands out the blankets*

*a few minutes later*

SE: I hate these blankets.

AJ: I see. Well this sucks.

AH: Yes, it does.

SE: Well at least we have some blankets-

AJ: These are NOT blankets. They are glorified sheets of aluminum foil!

SE: Getting all technical with me now are you?

AJ: Mmm…yes.

SE: I see.

AH: How are we going to get back into the house?

SE: Well we need a distraction.

*AH and SE look at eachother*

AH: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

AJ: I hope you aren't. That would be creepy.

SE: I might be. Depends on what you are thinking.

AH: We need…


AJ: Wtf?

SE: They are the ultimate distractions!

AH: Especially if it is cheese colored.

AJ: I don't get it.

SE: Don't try. Trust me.

AH: Many have gone insane trying to comprehend our messed up logic.

AJ: Um…

SE: So…how do we get a cheese colored unicorn?

AJ: You could order one online.

SE: You can order unicorns online?

AJ: Yeah.

AH: Wait, how do you know that?

AJ: Um…no reason…

SE: Riiight.

AJ: Shut up.

SE: Well, anyone have internet?

AJ: No.

AH: Negative.

SE: Well neither do I.

AH: Well how are we going to order a unicorn now?

SE: *deep in thought* We could…

AH: Could what?

SE: We could ask the internet fairy.

AJ: Internet fairy? What is that-?

SE: I told you not to try and understand.

AJ: Yeah…

AH: Oh yeah! The internet fairy! But I thought Jacob ate it.

SE: He did.

AJ: How did he do that?

SE: You don't want to know.

AJ: Probably not.

AH: Well how does Jacob eating it help us?

SE: I think he still has the fairy's powers. If we can just get him out here…

AH: Just poof him like you did me.

SE: Oh yeah!

AJ: So you can poof her here but you can't poof the hobo away?

SE: Well I could poof the hobo away, but then what fun would that be?

AJ: Well we wouldn't be in this situation.

SE: Whatever.

*magically poofs Jacob to the park*


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