The longing, the isolation, crushed down upon him. Without his love, he was lost, wandering through life without friends, laughter, comfort, wholeness... When Tiago had been there, Jace had never felt so bad. There had always been someone to smile for, and talk to, and cuddle with. But no more. Tiago was gone, and as quickly as Tiago had vanished from Jace's life, he sunk into a deep depression, with his worst fears materialising right in front of him, with no way to escape.

Jace squeezed himself even tighter into a ball beneath his bed covers, trying to inplode into nothingness and relax enough to float away at the same time. In the dark, Jace's feelings solidified, leaving him with no choice but to face them, crumbling apart slowly as his will to live faded away.