Chapter 3

I had to figure out why this ghost was still attached to my house. So right after school I went to the library and looked up the history of my house. There was so much information that it took me two hours until I found what I was looking for. Apparently my house was one of the only original houses from when the town was first built, back in 1912. The original owners were the Black's. Tom Black with his wife Marcie and their son Alexander. Tom was a lumberjack and his wife was a seamstress. Alexander went to school for a couple years, but then he dropped out to help his family. Sadly he died in 1935; he was found dead in the basement. His parents were the ones who found him, but no one knows how he died.

I felt more sorry for him than scared, I mean he seemed like a normal person from what I've read. I read over the article a couple more times. I tried to gather all my thoughts together, so I grabbed a piece of paper and started to write down what I knew.

- the Black's built the house and moved into it in 1912.

- Tom and Marcie had Alexander in 1917.

- he died in 1935 unknown death.

- that means he was 18 when he died.

I kept looking for information on how he died, or who could be associated with his death but I didn't find anything. There had to be more to this story. Someone just doesn't end up dead. Hannah told me that he was murdered, but there is nothing online to prove that to be true. All it said was that his death was unknown.

I sighed and pushed my chair away from the computer desk. This couldn't me happening, not to me, not in my house. Of all people me, I hate this paranormal crap, I want nothing to do with any of it. Looking at my note book I read over the facts again and again, nothing made sense. All I knew was that Alexander Black was, in fact, haunting my house and ruining my life.