Haley Dale

The Trip

"Man," Ryl moaned, packing his suit case, "where's my toothbrush!" He looked on his bed and saw a green toothbrush laying aside, "oh there it is!" With a little laugh, he placed it in a bag with a small tube of toothpaste and threw it in with the rest of his stuff.

"Have a fun time, Ryl!" His mother shouted from the living room.

Ryl went to pick up his two friends, Jon and Bobby. Jon sat in the passenger seat, constantly changing the volume of the radio or switching stations while he blew bubble gum bubbles. Bobby stretched out in the back seat of Ryl's green jeep. He laughed as he pulled out a book from his bag. They were excited about going on their trip to their same old camping place.

"Let's see," Jon mumbled, scratching his head while popping a big pink bubble, "this has got to be maybe the tenth time we came to spend part of the summer at this place."

"Yeah," Bobby agreed, "we started coming to this place since we were kids."

"Uh-oh," Ryl groaned, taking his foot off the gas.

"What is it, Ryl?" Bobby asked, leaning over from the backseat.

"My jeep," Ryl answered. He coasted the jeep to the side of the road and he ran over something sharp and he heard a "Pssssshhhh, da-dump, da-dump, da-dump, Errrrrch."

"Way to go, ace," Jon said smartly, popping a bubble and smoothing his black hair. Jon always had a smart-like attitude toward some things. But he always had a silly sense of humor.

"I don't get this…" Ryl said as he jumped out to open the hood. "It worked fine yesterday…Man!" He opened the hood and searched for anything that looked wrong.

"I'll get the spare," Bobby said, hopping out to get the spare and the jack. Bobby was always the kid who would help out for anything. He crouched to the blown out tire and shook his head. Ryl's jeep wasn't very reliable. He'd be driving fine one day without any problems and the next day his jeep would break out in the middle of now where, like today, of all days.

Jon remained in the passenger seat. He took out his sunglasses, paced them over his blue eyes and popped is feet upon the dashboard. Sighing heavily, he put his arms behind his head. Jon never volunteered for anything in his life.

"Jon," Bobby grunted, removing the screws from the tire and pulling it off the car, "get off your lazy butt and help us!"

"Yeah," Ryl chimed in, "you'll have plenty time to get some sun, gothic man!"

Jon forced a laugh. He could spend an hour in the sun and his skin would still be white. He looked like a vampire at times.

"Let's talk about tans later, okay?" Bobby chuckled, "I don't need one!" Bobby was half Indian and had a nice, copper tan. Both Ryl and Jon were jealous of Bobby's looks.

As they were working on the battery and the tire, the sun hid behind the clouds and thunder began to clap. Moments later, they were changing the tire and fixing the battery in the rain.

"Oh, man," Jon grumbled, "This sucks!" He put the new tire on and threw the old one in the back.

"It was just vapor lock," Ryl explained and hopped into the jeep.

"Oh sure," Bobby smirked, "vapor lock, that's what you always say!" Bobby's smirked changed to a laugh, "I swear, Ryl Jackson, you need a new car!"

"Let's get out here before anything else happens!" Jon cried.

They were back on their way to the campground, not too long from where they had stopped and they faced another problem. A truck fell over and they had to take a detour.

"Great," Ryl mumbled, "Just great!" He went in the direction of the detour.

A few more miles down the road, something else happened, a lightning bolt hit a tree and the tree fell out right in front of them.

"The breaks!" Jon shouted, covering his eyes, "hit the breaks!"

Ryl hit the breaks hard, forcing the tires to screech. They fishtailed to a stop, made a 360 degree turn and smashed into the fallen tree. Luckily, no one was hurt.

"Now what?" Jon demanded.

"I guess we find another way to get there," Ryl said, running his hands through his wavy red hair.

"Well, let's go!" Bobby urged.

They took yet another detour to the campground, and they also found other things in their path. A deer jumped out in front of them, almost causing them to hit it. They had to go up a steep, rocky road and they almost fell to their deaths.

"Hey, look," Bobby said, "I see something."

"It looks like some kind of sign." Jon squinted.

They saw some men with yellow hats walking with some lumber. Ryl drove up to one of the men. "Hey," Ryl shouted, "what's going on here?"

"We're making a new town," the worker said.

"This used to be a campground!" Bobby cried. "We came here all the time."

"Sorry kids," the man frowned, noticing the boy's hurt expressions. He knew this place was special to them. "This isn't going to be a campground anymore."

Ryl drove off and they looked at the sign: "WELCOME TO LAKE CITY."

"Come on guys," Ryl muttered, keeping his foot firm on the gas, "let's find another campground before someone changes it to a city."