Wicked Game

I could feel the cold bars of the cage on my bare back. I am wearing nothing but a pair of sweats. I can't see anything because of the bastard that took me here put a blindfold on. I just got off work at a local pizza shop and when I got to my car I felt a something hit me hard in the back of my head and the world just when black. When I awakened I felt around and realized I was in a cage.

I felt someone pull the blindfold off and I could see that I was in a small room with a bunch of guns on the wall. On the table I could see a large knife collection. And right in front of me I and face to face with the sick bastard that brought me here. He says nothing and just looks at me with a wicked smile on his face. After a few seconds he speaks.

"It's almost time to begin our game." His dull blue eyes stare straight into my green ones.

"What do you want from me?" I shout purposely spitting in his face.

"I want to play a game." Is all he says while walks over to the table and grabs a cloth to wash the spit off his face. He walks out of the room to do god knows what. After a short while he returns.

"OK, here is how this game goes. I am going take you outside and let you go. After five minutes I will hunt you down. If I find you I kill you. If you escape then you live. The rules are quite simple and I always play fair." Judging by the room I am in, I am almost positive he is a hunter.

"Why are you doing this to me? What have I ever done to you?" I scream trying to keep tears inside.

I don't want to give this maniac the pleasure of watching me cry.

"It's nothing personal. I am a big game hunter who has gotten bored with how easy it is to kill an animal. So recently I decided to try my luck with humans. I can't describe how much it has been! You are just another animal. An animal I have chosen to be my prey." He explains it like he is talking about a football game. But this is far from a fun game that you talk about to your friends. No, this man is even more sick and twisted than I thought.

He moves the cage outside and opens it. As I walk out he always has the gun aimed at me so I can't do much more than run away as fast as I can. So this wicked game begins.
I take off as fast as I can; I plan on putting as much distance between the freak and me. I wonder if he is actually going to give me the five minute head start. Leaves are crunching under my bare feet as I run up to a large tree to take a breather. I know I have been running for far longer than five minutes. Sweat is falling off my body and causing my long brown hair to stick to my forehead.

I hear the bullet whip by my head and shatter into the tree. I quickly get up and run from tree to tree. I am too scared to even begin to wonder how he caught up to me that fast. While running to another tree I can her him fire and fell the bullet slam into my arm. I don't stop running though. My adrenaline is going into overtime so I don't feel a thing in my arm.

After just a couple minutes I collapse from the pain in my arm. The adrenaline wore off. The great amount of pain in my arm is causing my vision to blur. Even with my vision I can see him easily, standing over me with the gun in my face.

"Just so you know you were so far my hardest hunt yet, though that isn't saying much. Most of the people I bring in only can run like that for about seven minutes so they don't take long to catch. You, on the other hand, managed to run for a good half-hour. Too bad I know this forest too well or you might have had a chance. But just so you know, you would have just hit a barbed wire fence. You were going to die one way or another. I have just noticed that if you think you might live then you try harder. And when you try harder it is that much more exciting for me." I don't even get a word out before a loud bang echoes through the woods.