A.N.: Hello, hello reader! This is just the short beginning to a story me and a few friends have begun to write. Most of this brief beginning was done by me, but the writer changes after the first chat seen. Please, please, PLEASE review! Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated! Okay I'll stop talking now and let you all read.

Keith sat alone in his nearly dark room; the only source of light being his desktop monitor. He straightened his hunched upper body, raising up his arms; smiling slightly at the crisp, satisfying pops that come from his shoulders and wrists. Keith's room was real nice. It had everything essential for a teenager's survival. A television, a desk with the newest model of computer and lightning fast connection, and a big stereo with a C.D. rack that was hardly ever used. He finds leaving them on the floor gives him quicker aces to them.
He then glances at the vague red glow of his alarm clock. "4 a.m. already...?" He mutters to himself. "..Best be gettin' to bed..." With a few clicks of his mouse he had all of the windows closed, so there was nothing left accept for his wallpaper, adorned with fat little fish skeletons swimming on the black of his screen. He put the computer to "sleep", knowing he would just get back on right when he woke up the next day. Keith trudged over to his bed in the dark, stumbling over dirty shirts and stepping on bags that once held various kinds of corn or potato chips. When he got to his bed, he flopped onto it pulling the covers over him and tried to rest his head on the pillow in a comfortable way. Sleep claimed the boy's mind almost immediately.

The computer dings with the message of a new IM. Keith glances at the clock.

"5:30? Who's up at 5:30?"
He pulls himself out of bed, once again making his way through the mine field of assorted teenager items, and taps his mouse a few times to "wake up" the black screen. An empty screen pops up, all but the one message is on the white screen.

PoStMaNnEvErCoMeS Hi there.

trololo7766 ...hiiiiii?
trololo7766 Do I know you?
PoStMaNnEvErCoMeSYou might. Maybe you have passed me at the supermarket... maybe you have seen me on the street.

trololo7766 Uh... okay then...

*PoStMaNnEvErCoMeS has gone off line*

'What the hell?' He thought to himself. 'Freak much.' He walked back through the mess on his floor, clears his thought and falls back into a deep sleep. His computer screen blinked again. This is becoming a routine he thought. 1) Wake up, 2) Walk through minefield, 3) Go back to bed.

PoStMaNnEvErCoMeS Are you awake?

trololo7766 no. no sane person is awake at this point.

PoStMaNnEvErCoMeS I am.

trololo7766 well, u r clearly not sane.

PoStMaNnEvErCoMeS Well for all we know I'm the only normal one. :)

*You have gone off line*

Okay, Keith thought to himself this guy is getting annoying. He walks carefully around a three week old ham sandwich and a discarded peanut butter jar from last week. He silently swears to himself that he will pick it up in the morning.
'...Well no I won't because I only wake up past 2 in the afternoon... meh.' Keith went back to bed.