I sighed, rolling over on my bed and snapping the book closed.

Why did the school have to give us boring books? I'd been sitting here for an hour and had probably only read a chapter. I checked my wrist-watch for the time. Five more minutes until my sister got back and I could leave her with my Grandma. I fell back on my bed, groaning. I missed my boyfriend, Logan. I heard an engine in the driveway and frowned. My sister and I had to park on the road. I walked down the stairs curiously, wondering who it could be.

"Mum!" I exclaimed happily. My mother was away a lot, and so I always appreciated her when she was home.

"Hey baby, how've you been?" She said, pulling me into her arms. I hugged her for a second then pulled away.

"You're home early," I commented "What happened?"

"I just missed you Ari, and your sister. How're you and Logan doing?" She mentioned slyly.

"Mum!" I said, blushing. But answered the question anyway. "We're doing great. I was waiting for Jay to get home from the mall so I could leave. Grandma hasn't been doing well; she hardly remembers who I am." I sighed at the turn in conversation.

"What? You're eighteen… and I know honey, but it's going to get worse. We just have to do all we can to keep her going, and keep her happy until it's time for her to go." My mother said sadly, rubbing my arm. I sighed again at her words. "Anyway, why don't you go out, I can look after mum for a bit. I can tell you want to see him Arianne." I smiled at her, hugged her goodbye and walked out to my car.

I absolutely loved my car. I had saved up for it, and then my parents went halfies with me last year for my birthday, and I had never loved them as much. My car was a Classic Convertible Mustang, and I loved it, especially after my grandparents paid for it to get a new engine. The blue paint on the outside had been well preserved, and still shone brightly in the sunlight. I admired my car, clutching her keys tightly in my hand. After a moment, I snapped out of my trance, pressing the button on my keys to unlock the car. Without another thought, I got in and sped away.

The drive over was a typical Californian experience – Clear skies, warmth and an almost peculiar way of making everyone outside happier. I pulled up to Logan's house, parking in the driveway next to his own car, a silver Volvo – Just like Edward Cullen. I'd teased him about that much more than necessary, yet I couldn't joke about it enough. Thinking about Logan made my heart race, and I realised with a start that I was in love with him. I could hear my mother's voice in my mind, telling me that it was about time I realised. Suddenly a pair of warms hands snuck around my eyes, and warm lips against my cheek.

"Guess who!" Logan exclaimed, chuckling.

"Logan Alexander Peirce! You big oaf!" I spun in his arms to face him and gave him a quick kiss. "I missed you." I whispered, kissing him again.

"Of course you did" He exclaimed mock-cockily. I slapped him playfully on his arm and his fake demeanour changed instantly. "I missed you too Ari, a month without you is way too long…" He trailed off, then grinned mischievously, before grabbing my hand tightly and pulling me to his car.

"What are you doing! Logan!" I laughed. Logan opened the glove compartment, hiding something in his hands and pulling away.
"Listen Aria, we've been together for a long time now, and I… I'm not happy with that anymore…" He paused, struggling. I looked at him in horror. Was he breaking up with me?

"Loge, if you're going to break up with me, I don't want that. I… I love you, and I don't know how I'd cope without you in my life anymore. Just please… Don't." I looked away, a stray tear falling down my cheek. I wiped it away quickly.

"NO! No, no. I'm sorry Ari, this is coming out wrong…" He paused, running a hand through his hair in frustration. "I had this all planned out, and then I looked at you, and I completely forgot what I was supposed to say, but the bottom line is I want you to be mine, and I want me to be yours... it's this whole big possession thing. Point is, I love you too – though I'm a little shocked that you think I would ever break up with you because," He continued speaking in haste, and I pulled my lips to his in an attempt to shut him up.

"Come on you idiot," I said after I pulled away, "Stop talking, your ruining the moment."

I kissed him again. "Let's go watch a movie." Logan suggested, and I followed him inside the house.

I was in the car after an amazing evening with my boyfriend, talking to my boss. "So the meeting is at ten?" I asked

"No, for the last time Arianne, it's at half past nine" Henry said exasperatedly. "Have you got it?"
"Half past nine p.m." I confirmed.
"Yes, okay, see you then, then. Good bye Ms Skylar." He said, hanging up. Yeah, bye Mr Anderson, I thought sarcastically.

I paused at the traffic lights, eyeing them, annoyed. My head started to spin suddenly, and the last thing I saw before I passed out was a truck heading straight for me.

When I awoke, I saw a rainforest around me, and a man, quite tall with brown hair and brown eyes just staring at me. I looked away until he spoke.

"You're a lot pre'ier than I thought you'd be ya know" he said, giving me a yellow smile. I tried to stifle a grimace, but to no avail. "What do ya know about Henry Anderson?" He demanded, suddenly angrily, causing me to attempt to shuffle back, before realizing that I was tied to a tree. I struggled suddenly against my boundaries, unable to breathe.

"How do you know about Henry?" I asked, "And what do you want with him?" The man just laughed in response, calling out a name, Joe. A muscular man stepped out of the woods.

"Yes, brother?" He asked menacingly, and I shivered. He seemed spot me out of the corner of his eye, and he walked towards me "well, well, well, what do we have here?"

"I'm asking her about Henry Anderson," he said "but she isn't telling me anything. I was hoping you could fix that." He said wryly.

"That can be done brother," Joe replied in a cockney accent. British, I thought, wow. "That can most certainly be done."

"Okay then pretty lady, are we gonna to do this the easy way, or the hard way?" The first brother asked me. I refrained from snorting. Could he have been anymore cliché?

"Is 'tell me why I'm here or I'll bloody kill you' an option?" I asked, feigning sweetness.

"I'll take that as 'the hard way'." Joe said, before he punched me. I heard his hand collide with my face before pain erupted on my head. I groaned in agony. They thought this would encourage me to tell them? If anything, they were making it worse.

"You idiot!" I screeched through the pain "I won't tell you anything until you tell me why you want to know about Henry, and why the hell you took me."

"You won't get anythin' out of us, but we will certainly force it out of you Mrs Anderson." The first brother snarled. Mrs Anderson? I thought. Mrs Anderson was Jamie, Henry's wife. Oh my god! I realised! They thought I was Jamie…

"Yeah!" Joe chimed. "We ain't tellin' you anythin'!"

"Then you aren't getting anything out of me, not even my name." I replied snarkily.

"We know your name darlin'" Joe drawled. "It's Jamie Anderson."

I mock-gasped. "Is it! I don't remember marrying anyone. You two realise I'm only eighteen right?"

"She's playing us Joe, she's lying to save herself." The first brother told Joe. "Don't believe her."

"I dunno Jonathon… She does seem kinda young dun' she?" Joe retorted.

"Don't be stupid Joe! That's inaccurate, and you know it. She's 23 years old, married to Henry Anderson, and her name's Jamie Anderson, maiden name Marcel." Jonathon shouted. Now that was creepy.

"Man, are you sure you got the right girl?" Joe asked

"Yes!" He said, before turning on me. "Tell us! NOW!" I shook my head roughly, earning myself a beating. He kicked my ribs a few times, and punched me again on my face. By now tears were streaming from my eyes, but he kept going. I cried out after an especially brutal punch to my stomach, before Jonathon was ripped off of me. I saw Logan, and I passed out, knowing I was finally safe.

Logan slapped my cheeks lightly, tears in his eyes.

"Come on baby, wake up. Please." He croaked as my eyelids fluttered open.

"Hi." I whispered to him, looking into his gorgeous blue eyes.

"Hey Aria." He managed through his tears. "I thought I'd lost you. I was about a minute away from driving you to the hospital, even though I know you hate them."

"Thankyou Loge," I said, smiling as I slowly stood up, wobbling a little. Logan steadied me carefully, holding me tight. "But… How the heck did you find me?" I finished.

"Well, I forgot to give you this," He explained, holding up a chain with a small sapphire pendent hanging off it. "And so I chased after you, and I noticed your car, and it's all beat up, and then I found a little set of footprints, and I followed them to find you here, and I overused and didn't I? And I'm rambling aren't I?" He chuckled

"Oh Logan," I breathed, looking at the small heart-shaped object he held in his hand, "It… It's beautiful. Thank you."

"It better be Arianne. That cost quite a lot you know." He joked.

"On second thought, maybe I would have preferred something else, something much more precious." I whispered.

"And what would that be?" Logan questioned. I knew that he already knew what I was going to say, but I replied anyways.

"Your heart."

"It's yours."

By Caitlin Jarmain - Inspired by the love between my sister and her boyfriend.