Looking up to black skies,

The fear in our hearts now mirrored in our eyes,

The sirens all around us fill ears with deafening cries...

Clouds roll in,

This is where the misery will begin,

Trees sway,

People drop to begging knees and pray.

Some wonder; "Do we run or do we stay?"

The wind picks up and releases a shrill whistle,

I can hear glass from windows start to break,

With each new impact the ground beneath our feet shakes,

The thunder angrily roars,

Raging rain continues to pour,

The tormented twister rages forward,

Glass sprays,

Blood from the hit streams down our very faces,

People take cover as the storm races,


As we walk thru our devastated city,

Trapped bodies cry out in a desperate plea for help...

I look back to the wreckage,

Cries and screams echoing in my ears,

I walk away and fight back tears.

Misery in Missouri,

That's where our story ends.