Nao has been having a bad day. First his alarm didn't go off so he was late for class. After an hour of staying after school as punishment, he saw the bike he rides everywhere was stolen. He got on a bus that ended up just getting him lost. Now he's walking home in the middle of the night, and had no idea were he was.

"I don't even want to think about all my homework" Nao muttered to himself. His cell phone started to ring. He saw that it received a text message that read:You have been selected to save the world from sorrow of the coming storms. Please standby for further instructions. –Apollo

Just some chain mail, Delete, Nao thought. He saw on his phone that it was already 1:45 AM. He started to run, fearing of what his parents would do when he gets home. He then tripped on his own feet after a few minutes of running.

He was there lying on the ground, swearing under his breath at all the unfortunate events that had happened all in one day. Then right in front of him, while flat on the ground, an image started to appear. It started out like a blur or like static on a television screen, but then started to take visible form. It looked like a large rodent, about the size of a golden retriever. It was a shade of purple that got darker near the center, and its front claws a quarter seize of its own body.

Nao did not believe what he was seeing, so after picking himself up, he shook his head thinking he was only seeing things. Not only did it not disappear, but it swung its giant claws at his left leg, causing him to bleed mildly.

Nao tried to kick the rat out of frustration, but it passed through it like it was made of mist. The rodent swung again but this time Nao was able to quickly jolt back a few steps. Unfortunately, he tripped and landed on his back.

Great, back down here again. I really should have slept in today, He thought. At about the same time two more rats appeared in the same way as the first, both digging there claws into Nao's arms. He screamed in pain. He managed to build the strength to through the two rats off him and into a near by wall. They seem to turned to dust on impact.

He got to his feet while trying to stop the bleeding from his arms. He started running leaving a trail of blood as he ran. As Nao was about to turn the street corner, he ended bumping into a girl with reddish-brown hair about his age.

"Hey! Watch it" she said. Then she saw the blood and her mood changed. The rats appeared again, even the ones that had turned to dust, and surrounded them.

"I'll keep them busy. You just run" Nao told the girl. He didn't think he would be capable of standing a chance. They can hurt him but he can't hurt them, plus he is nearly passing out of blood loss.

"Don't worry I got this" the girl said. She got her phone and started dialing it.

"I don't think help will be getting here in time" Nao said.

"Not calling for help"

From her phone came some sort of upbeat ring tone. It was so uplifting that it might make you more cheerful even in the face of death, like now. Then a blinding flash of light appeared and when it was gone, so were the giant rats. But there seemed to have a storm cloud appear in the sky that wasn't there before.

"What was that!" Nao asked.

"No questions yet, they are still not gone" she answered.

"I thought you just destroyed them" he looked around to see the rats were back, only that there were a few hundreds and not just three. They were wondering around everywhere, a few were digging through people's trash and others were just lounging on a street bench. Luckily, none of them noticed they were there.

"I demand an explanation of what's happening!" Nao shouted, alarming all of the rats.

"You need to calm down. They want you to get upset" she said.

"Why should I listen to you? I don't even know your name" Nao said. The rats started to surround them, ready to attack them. "For all I know, you could have got these things to…" before he could finish the girl stopped by quickly giving him a kiss on the lips.

"My name is Yui" she said

The rats were ready to attack. Nao charged at them, forgetting that he was greatly injured and that he passed right through them before. He kicked the first one he saw. It worked, the rat turned to dust on contact. One of the rats was in the air about to tackle him. Nao tried holding his arm out to block it, but instead a blast of lightning shot out of his hand and hit the rat.

"Wow, how did I do that?" he said confused.

"I'll explain later. First use it to take down the rest of these Grims" Yui responded

"Grims, is that what there called" Nao said. He continued using the lightning blast on the Grims. He shorted there numbers until there was no more lift. By then he felt drained, like he has been running in a marathon all day, although he no longer felt the pain from his wounds.

"Ok, now you can tell me" he told Yui

"Guess a promise is a promise"