After talking with the thirty foot tall god Apollo, Nao was back in his own world. It was still the middle of the night so Nao headed home.

The next day, a man came to his house to talk about the relocation Apollo talked about. The man told Nao's parents that he had been selected to attend a high school in a town called Kutsuu. He went on to explain that the town had fifteen elementary schools, nineteen middle schools, eighteen high schools and five colleges; so therefore most of the residents were students or teachers.

Nao saw why he was assigned this town as his district. He was told that Grims feed on negative emotions, basically meaning a bunch of teenagers with hormones taking control of their bodies and thoughts.

Two days later, he was on a plane heading to his new home. Nao's parents couldn't come because of there jobs. So he had to stay in one of the school dorms by himself. He spent most of the plane ride worrying about his new job fighting the Grims, and how he can do well in his new school.

At the moment Nao got out of the plane and into the Kutsuu city airport; he got a text from Apollo saying: Head to Yorokobi High School. Your new team and awaits your arrival. –Apollo.

A team, Apollo never said anything about a team, Nao thought. I shouldn't complain about having help fighting Grim, I'm going to need it.

Yorokobi High was in the center of town, so Nao took a cab there. He still didn't trust the public buss since he was first attacked by the Grims. The city was big and its streets were as confusing as a maze; so it took some time to get there. It looked like an ordinary high school, four stories high and a large courtyard in the front so the students could hang out and talk when they have the chance.

It was after school hours, so the front Gates were locked. Nao looked around to see that there was no one around. After thirty minutes of waiting, he saw three people on the other side of the gate walking towards him. One was a middle aged man, his suit and tie outfit and his salt and pepper hair color made him look like a teacher at the school. Another was a guy who looked like he was in his collage years; he had light brown hair that almost looked pure white. The third was a girl whom Nao had already met.

"I see you accepted Apollo's offer after all" Yui said. Nao blushed at the sight of her, but shook it off after a moment.

"Yui, you're her too?" Nao said.

"I see you've met the boy already" said the collage guy before Yui could answer. "So I'll introduce myself first. My name is Hikaru, second year in college over in Tetsujin University. I started fighting the Grims back in my second year of High School."

"I'm Isamu Yamada" said the salt and pepper man. "I've been teaching kids here in Yorokobi for about ten years now. I don't fight Grims, at least not any more. I retired that back when I got married fifteen years ago."

"Nice to meet you all. I'm Nao, I'm fifteen years old, and I just started a few days ago" explained Nao.

They then gave Nao a tour of the school. They said they fixed his classes so that Nao had Yamada as a homeroom teacher and Yui in all his classes. They finally showed Nao what they called their base of operations.

"We come here after school to discuss anything about the Grims" Yui said. It was a classroom on the fourth floor of the school. It didn't have any desk for students, but instead it had a large table in the center. Nao assumed they don't use it for classes anymore.

"As a cover up, we tell people that this is the clubroom for the Festival Club" Yamada said.

"Being in charge of festivals and others events is a great way to keep the students mood up" Hikaru added.

"So that it takes away the source of power for the Grims right?" Nao asked.

'Right" they all said.

"You're a fast learner. Better moods make your job much easier on everyone" Yamada said.

They all left the school and locked up the front gates. They told Nao that he has to start school the next day. They will also begin training after school.

As Yui and Yamada headed towards their homes, Hikaru showed Nao to the boy's school dorms and his room. When Hikaru left, Nao unpacked his things and put them away. Then he jumped on his new bed and laid there wondering what his training will be like.