sing in the rain.

Because even if life's as harsh as the rain, it can't keep you from singing.

You're at a point in life where you don't know what you want to do.

At all.

You're clueless, soul-searching, and frantically trying to find answers.

After all, everyone needs to have some sort of a goal, some sort of an ambition, and you're stuck.

Oh, you, pitiful you.

You try stopping yourself from lamenting the fact you're helplessly single, and you've never been in love.

Oh, you, pitiful you.

You walk. And walk. And walk.

You don't exactly know where you're heading.

You're just being an epitome of your life – you don't know where you're heading.

At all.

And oh, did you just mention a raindrop landed on your head?

For goodness's sake, you're in the middle of nowhere, how can you find shelter?

That little raindrop turns into a full on thunderstorm, while you're not caught with an umbrella.

Oh, you curse your past self for not knowing.

You're getting drenched.

And you look like a ghost.

Yes, yes, thank me.

You take off your shoes (you are not walking in those cheapass things anyway,) and throw them to one side, where it hits a theoretical guy square in the face.

Since well, you're alone in the middle of nowhere and it's your fault you got stuck here in the first place.

The rain, to you, is oddly refreshing.

It reminds you of your younger self – that self that wasn't so uptight, that was carefree and happy.

You wish you could be that again.

And I have good news, for I tell you, yes, yes, you can be that.

Step one, flail your arms.

You ask me what that has got to do with the current matter I hand.

I say you do it, so you do it.

Step two, skip.

You heard me right, you bewildered you.


Step three, smile.

Smile until your facial muscles hurt.

Go on, grin your ass off.

Step four, sing.

You look at me like I'm mad.

No, I'm not being stupid, sing.

Sing your heart out, like there's no tomorrow~!

Feeling better, you?

It doesn't matter if the rains pouring down, or if lightning strikes, or if thunder threatens to burst your eardrums.

None of that matters at all.

All you need to remember is that you can sing, and even if you're scared of the lightning, or angry at the thunder, you can sing.

Nothing can take singing from you.

Not even life.