The Villagold clan sat in the private room at the hospital, steeped in deadly silence. Jonathan was crumpled in a chair, his suit still bloody and dirty from what had happened. The authorities were already suppressing the incident, but it had still come too late.

The steady beep beep beep of Richard's heart from the heart monitor was loud in the room, and the sound of him breathing through the gas mask was slow and torturous. Agnes had fainted when she had saw him, and she was now lying on a cot next to Richard, white as a sheet, trying to calm her breathing. Tristan sat in a chair, and Arven stood behind him, clutching his shoulder with a white-knuckled grip. Isaac sat opposite, fixing his violin quietly. He took comfort in the fact that his father's life was no longer in any danger.

Lucas and Caramel arrived last, and they were now leaning against the wall. Lucas' head was bowed, but Caramel's head was tilted to the side to look out of the window.

Theodore arrived next. As Richard's legal assistant and attorney to the Villagold's, he had to be present in the event of Richard being incapacitated or the death of anyone in the family. He looked very somber as he clutched a file in his hand with the eagle of the Villagold clan in front.

The doctor entered the room soon enough, followed closely by Richford, who looked stern and impassive amidst the gloom, an unmovable oak in the winds of the storm.

"What are you doing here?" Agnes hissed.

"Be quiet, you whore." Richford said in a low voice to the only woman he had ever loved. All he held for her was contempt now—she had kept his child a secret from him for 16 years, and he would be furious with her for a very long time for it. Agnes opened her mouth to scream at her past lover, but Tristan's voice cut through the impending argument like a hot knife through butter.

"Agnes, shut up. Dad almost died, and you want to fight with Uncle Richie?" The eldest son's voice was a low growl. He had always been the closest to their father. Though Richard had doted on all his children equally, it could not be disputed Tristan was the closest to him, as the oldest son and as heir to the Villagold empire. They had spent countless evenings together discussing business and family.

"Richford is here because Richard included him in his instructions for the family should he be incapacitated or…." Theodore swallowed. "Dead."

Richford stared down at his best friend, who was white as a sheet. He had looked up to Richard. This man lying here, unconscious and only semi-alive, had been one of the few men he respected, and his usual strong aura was gone now, as he lay in that disgusting hospital bed and pajamas, not even able to breathe without the help of that oxygen mask.

It made him sad, more than angry. So even powerful men like Richard was a plaything for the whims of coincidence and fate.

"I'll wait for what the doctor says before I read out the will." Theodore said quietly. The doctor, who had been waiting, nodded his thanks and stepped forward. He picked up a chart and checked Richard's vitals before turning to everyone.

"Why isn't he waking up?" Tristan asked immediately.

"He was shot once—near to his heart. Due to blood loss, he went into shock, and his brain shut down to protect him. To put it simply, he is now in a coma. We've already replenished his blood levels, and his vitals are all steady—by all means and purposes, he should be awake. There was no brain damage, and he was not otherwise injured. He is stable, but he's in a coma."

"Can you wake him up?" Lucas asked, finally moving.

"I'm afraid for cases like this, it depends on the patient's will to live. If he does not wake up in the next three days, I'll scan him for any possible internal injuries or other conditions that might have caused this."

"So he's incapacitated?" Theodore frowned.

"Unfortunately, yes." The doctor said, putting down the clipboard. "If you have no other questions, I'll leave you to it."

"A coma?" Isaac said hollowly. No one made to move, so the doctor left, a grim expression on his face.

"What did he leave for me and the twins in his will?" Agnes asked Theodore, tears in her eyes. Theodore cast the pregnant woman a very dirty look before flipping open the folder.

"I do not have to disclose that, since your husband is still alive, lady. Sit down before you bring harm onto yourself." Theodore said coldly. Agnes sank back into a chair, biting her lip as she rested a hand on her swollen belly. She had not noticed Caramel and Arven's murderous glares. Tristan, Lucas, and Isaac remained where they were, unmoving. Their father, a constant in their lives, was suddenly gone, and it left a huge gaping hole inside them.

"Since he's only unconscious for an unknown period of time and could wake up anytime, I will only disclose the instructions he left for when he is incapacitated. If he still does not wake within the next two months, I will read out everything else." Theodore said curtly.

"To Agnes, my wife. I leave you 200 million and the Golden Sands, and should the twins be born before I regain my sanity or consciousness, or in the event I don't, name them Richmond and Adrian, after my father and my deceased mentor. I also left the twins a trust fund of 320 million each, for use when they are of age."

Theodore turned a page.

"To Tristan, my eldest, I leave you control of my empire. Your godfather, Richford, will aid in that. He made me a promise. You will gain an official Level 1 clearance in the event that I'm incapacitated, and will have to work with your Uncle Richie until I fight my way back to reality or whatever.

To Richford, you bastard, you won the bet that I would hit the bucket or get fucked over so bad you were to be read this by Theo first from college, so I guess my hand-carved ivory and jade chess-set is now yours. Besides that, you get to help your godson head my companies and empire, or else you won't get that chess set."

"That was a fucking joke, you retard." Richford said to his best friend, who had a faint smile on his face even in unconsciousness.

"To Lucas, I leave you 500 million dollars. There's more in your trust fund, but you'll get that when you hit 18, and only if I'm still not lucid by then. I know you're capable of supporting yourself now, but I want you to stop going out with those dumb girls you keep finding in the modeling industry and find someone who you can actually love."

"To Isaac, I leave you 500 millions dollars as well. Same thing with Lukey, there's your trust fund, which you won't get till you hit 18. I fully support your interest in the music industry, but you really need to try and at least graduate high school. Don't think I haven't noticed yours grades have been slipping ever since Priscilla left us. I'm your father, not a businessman blinded by money. So you better graduate from high school proper, or I'll make Jonathan confiscate all your violins."

"To Arven. You might not be my son by blood, but you're Agnes', so that makes you as much of my son as anyone else's. I leave you 500 million too, and one of my production companies—Filigree Productions—for you to further pursue your interest in animation. It'll still be yours even when I'm lucid—Tristan told me you were worried about your future with us."

"To Caramel," Theodore paused to flip a page. "I grant you all the shares to the research and development company, Plutonium. Like Arven, it will belong to you even when I'm lucid again. I've seen you at work for Luminescence, and I'm proud of what you're doing now. In the spirit of equality, although you're currently the next wealthiest in this family ever since you bought that piece of land, I leave you 500 million as well."

"And To Jonathan, old friend, you've done enough for my family. You have been with us far too long—I know you will not be deterred, but since I'm out of it, take a break, a vacation. Whatever. I'll pay for it. And stop worrying so much—It isn't your fault that I landed in whatever state I'm in right now. I'm sure you did your best."

Theodore closed the folder. Everyone was silent, their heads bowed. Deciding to leave them to their thoughts, he left quietly, closing the door behind him with a soft snap.


"The only thing we can do is wait." Caramel said grimly as she pulled a tray of peanut butter cookies out of the oven. Law discreetly reached for one, but she slapped his hand away.

"Just one." He grumbled. "You won't even give me just one?"

"You're a singer. What if you get a sore throat? Melanie would shoot me with my own gun." Caramel snorted. She nudged the cookies into a bowl before bringing it over to the patio, where the Villagold brothers were sprawled out in various poses, looking up at the night sky. No one wanted to go back to the Veshkini estate to face Agnes' moods, so they had left the pregnant lady in the hands of the servants there. Jonathan would stay with Richard in the hospital, having rejected the 'offer' of going on paid-vacation.

"What the fuck was up with that shooting anyway?" Arven asked. "Terrorists?"

"Just a bunch of nutters." Lucas grumbled.

"Actually." Isaac said coolly, violin in hand. "Social activists."

"Well, shit." Caramel said, putting the bowl of cookies down. They were gone within moments, and Law quickly scarfed down two before she could stop him and downed it with a gulp of milk.

"….Your loss." She grumbled, and gratefully accepted the half of a cookie Arven offered her. She nibbled on it, curling up on the carpet they had rolled out to lounge on. Isaac began playing his violin, having fixed the string, and the six of them sat under the stars, praying silently for Richard to wake up.

Richford watched them from the office Caramel had lent him to communicate with Richard's business partners.

Would she miss having a family like that, when she left this place in two years to inherit his position?


One week later.

Caramel went to school on Monday, hoping to bring some normalcy back to her life. Tristan had to take a break from school now, because he was working round the clock since Richard was in a coma. Arven was staying to help him, since he had studied business back in Singapore for two years. Isaac was still working on the music video, and Law was busy as usual.

"Only the two of us today, bub." Lucas grinned weakly. All the students had the same one-hour lunches at the same time in Dalton's to facilitate communication between freshmen, juniors, and seniors.

"Do you think he'll wake up soon?" Caramel said. She didn't have much of an appetite, so she was nibbling on a somewhat stale peanut butter and jelly sandwich she had made that morning.

"He'll wake up." Lucas said firmly. They fell silent, and Caramel's mind began to drift. Richard's absence was taking its toll on everyone—he had always been the one to be able to convert Agnes' negativity into something more positive with his mere presence. But now that he was gone, the four month-pregnant woman was taking it out on whomever she could find.

Tristan had gotten so angry last night he had ordered that Agnes was to be kept out of the study for the rest of her pregnancy, and Richford had doubly enforced that request on Jonathan.

Caramel sighed—she had gone back to stay the night at the Veshkini estate last night, but had not slept a wink at all. Richard's absence was taking its toll on everyone.

"I'm gonna get a coke." She muttered, standing. The two of them were hiding in a stairwell in the science building—no one would find them here. Lucas had a fanbase on campus, mostly due to the fact he was Law's best friend and was also a very good-looking model and budding actor. The teacher's presence in classes deterred any excessive fan-based activities, but outside of the classrooms….

Free for all!

"I'm thinking of being home-schooled." Lucas said suddenly. Caramel turned to stare at him. Tristan, Lucas, and Isaac had all attended public schools since young—the habit had not been broken even when Richard had become a billionaire.

Caramel smiled faintly. So public schooling, with all the attention and papparazzi—

It was taking its toll on him too.

"Tell Jonathan then—he'll arrange it for us." Caramel shrugged. She had been thinking about it too—she could actually study at night when she couldn't sleep, rather than just wait for the next morning to go to school, where her progress would be impeded by the fact that she had to follow a goddamn schedule.

"Us?" Lucas raised his eyebrows at her.

"I'm sick of the paparazzi." Caramel stretched her legs out on the stairwell and sat back down. "And someone managed to find my e-mail from the school system. I've been receiving hate-mail about Law everyday."

The two siblings sighed.

"Home school, then?" Lucas asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Yeah." Caramel said, smiling weakly.

"We'll discuss it with everyone at dinner. The board's gonna be pissed though—Dad donates ten million every year one of us are here, and a lot of families send their daughters here to come after us." Lucas chuckled.

"Fuck them." Caramel said easily. She curled up on the stairwell, tired. She had been receiving dozens of hate mail every single day, and it was becoming annoying trying to block them all. She had Heather as her personal assistant now, and there were two new secretaries working on her behalf at Luminescence, but she was still being stretched far too thin.

Especially since the project would be complete soon. The photo shoot had gone well, but not smoothly, since Caramel had become easily distracted.

The one problem Caramel had was Aliana—she couldn't possibly allow the Russian bombshell to fend for herself here at Dalton's. She wasn't in school today because she was shooting the commercial today. Perhaps the reputation she gained as a model and for the TV commercial would protect her?

Caramel paused as her phone rang—both of them. She picked up the pink one for Law and held it up as she reached for the other one with her other hand.

"Hey, I just saw the Forbes magazine—you look really….." Law let out a breath on the other end. "….beautiful."

Caramel froze, the words from Aliana's text message on her other phone blurring in her vision. Law had just called her beautiful.

"Are you sure?" She asked, flabbergasted. No one had ever called her beautiful—she wasn't slim enough, she wasn't elegant enough. She just wasn't beautiful.

"Yeah. Are you in class?"

"Nope." Caramel turned to look at Lucas, who was napping with his head leaning against the wall, mouth open. The light from the window from the door to the roof was shining on his face. Caramel grinned and took a picture as she spoke to Law.

"I'm in the science building stairwell with Luke. We were talking about being home-schooled."

"Huh. Home school, huh? I thought Dalton's was gonna expel me, cause I haven't gone in ages. Hate school." Law muttered.

"I'll call you in a while. Bell's gonna ring. We're gonna get out of here."

"Yeah, ok." Law said. Caramel put down the phone and sent the picture to Aliana as she typed out her message to her friend's 'What are you doing?'

"Lunch with Lucas. We're thinking about being home-schooled. How's the commercial?"

Several miles away, at the studio, Aliana blushed at the picture of Lucas sleeping Caramel had sent over with her reply. The male model was tall and lean and suave, and he had a great smile. Even his sleeping face was handsome.

He should be illegal, really. She hurriedly slipped the phone back when the director of the commercial hailed her to return to set so they could do a joint shot.


Law put down the sleek black phone and slid it into his pocket. He had bought this set of phones because it was small and compact, and having it with him wherever he went made him smile.

He wasn't smiling now, though. Melanie had managed to get hold of the Forbes' special edition 'The Wealthiest Families of America' for him to read on the road. It wasn't a limited edition issue, but it was a special edition, and she had managed to get it a day early before it came out into the stands. He had read through it, but focused on the Villagold's.

Every single family member who earned more than 2 million a month had been featured, and unfortunately for him, Caramel was one of those people according to Forbes, along with Tristan, Richard, and Isaac. Lucas came close, but not close enough.

"I was shocked when I saw that picture." Melanie said. He was being driven around to go on a few radio stations today, and a signing that afternoon at a mall. Right now, they were in a company car, and Melanie was driving. "I didn't know she could be so photogenic."

Law couldn't stop staring at Caramel's picture. The editor had given her a full page, and the picture they had of her was decadent, luxurious, and arrogant—it was everything Caramel represented and everything the Villagolds had a right to be.

She was sitting in a hand-carved gothic chair with red velvet, legs crossed at the knee. Her black dress stood out against it and her pale ivory skin. The line of her calves were smooth and elegant, tapering down to slim ankles strapped to a pair of chunky heels. But what had caught his eye wasn't the gold-leafed book she was reading, or even the glossy lip she was sporting, or even the prideful tilt of her chin. Not even the curls of her hair, tumbling down her pale neck in those curls he knew to be natural.

It was that sickeningly elegant and expensive looking diamond and tourmaline necklace and earring set she had been wearing. She had told him she hated jewelry when he had asked her about what kind of gifts she liked, and there was no way she would borrow any from Agnes.

So where the hell had that come from?


The Villagold children were poking moodily at their dinner that evening when the call came from the hospital—

Richard had flat-lined.

Everyone had gone very white then, but the doctor said they had managed to bring him back and he was now awake and very very lucid, and shouting for Agnes and the siblings, wondering where they were.

Goddamn doctors and their chronological reports.

And they couldn't even go out to find him, because there was now paparazzo at their gate, ever since the Forbes magazine had come out. The phone wouldn't stop ringing, and there was no one to control the situation because Jonathan was doing his job and protecting Richard at the hospital.

"Can't I even go see my own fucking father when he's awake from his coma?" Tristan growled, looking out the window. Caramel glanced out the window as well.

"Home-school was a good idea." She muttered.

"Does the hospital have a Helipad?" Isaac asked suddenly.

"Why?" Arven asked, raising his eyebrows.

"We could split up, and then get back home. Law said it before—we're a high profile family now."

Everyone fell silent. Then, Lucas sighed.

"What's the plan?"


"Get me a cigar."

That was the first thing Richard said when he walked into the home, still dressed in the hospital's pajamas and looking slightly pale, but no worse for wear. Caramel, Arven, and Lucas had driven their cars out of the estate to lead all of the paparazzi on a merry chase in downtown L.A., and then drove back when Isaac called to tell them that the Helicopter had safely fetched Richard back from the hospital. The paparazzi that had been at their gate were gone now, and no one knew where they had went.

They were safe.

For now.

The children didn't even have time to worry about Richard, because when Agnes had flung herself at him, the billionaire had started kissing her like it was his last day on earth. At that point, they understood everything would be back to normal soon enough.

It had been a tough two weeks—but they had survived it. And since Richard was in such a good mood, Tristan asked then—

"Dad, can we be home-schooled?"

"Mmf—sure." Richard managed to say before he locked himself in the bedroom with his very pregnant wife.

"I wish they could be less obvious about it." Caramel said, wrinkling her nose slightly.

"Disgusting much." Arven muttered, running a hand through his hair.

"I heard sex when the woman is pregnant is supposed to feel better or something." Isaac said flatly.


"Dude, gross."


And all was well again in the Villagold home. Or at least, everyone hoped so.


Things progressed very quickly from there. The Villagold siblings—all five of them—dropped out of high-school, and then signed up for home-school. They were all sequestered up at home most of the time, and things were peaceful—

Until the official Law GoldenHawk Documentary came out. It was almost like Law's biography, but glammed up. It began speaking about Law's birth, about his journey from 'neglected' single childhood-ery to his superstardom. They even showed and talked about the countless scandals he had been involved him. All was fine and dandy until—

"On New Year's Eve," The narrator said as a video of Law playing his acoustic guitar on stage began playing. "Law sang his hit single, Bittersweet Caramel, for his fans. It came out on his fifth single in February. No one managed to find out anything of Law's ladylove until 14th February, where it was revealed to be Caramel Hall—" At this point, the picture of Law and Caramel glaring at each other taken by Fiona took over the screen, followed by the picture of them hugging that had been featured in Celeb! "—the only stepsister of Lucas Villagold, Law's best friend."

"What the fuck. Didn't I tell them to edit that out?" Law shouted, jumping out of his seat, the bowl of popcorn he had been cradling upsetting its contents all over the floor. Everyone frowned. The Villagold siblings and one superstar were gathered in Astor Faith to view the documentary in HD in Caramel's home-theatre.

"At the beginning of March, further information was finally uncovered about Caramel by Forbes magazine." The third picture of the one of Caramel posing for Forbes' magazine. "She was featured in the special edition titled 'The Wealthiest Families of America" and was revealed to be the head of Luminescence, the cosmetics company.

"What's your opinion on your best friend and stepsister dating?" The scene suddenly changed to Lucas, who had been featured in the documentary as one of Law's best friends.

"Law and Caramel?" Lucas laughed. "They're not dating. But if they do, it'll be hilarious. I mean, Law's as tall as me, and Caramel's like—" The scene changed to one of Lucas standing, and he gestured to an inch or two below his shoulder. "Here." Then Lucas laughed.

In the theatre, Lucas promptly felt a pillow land on him, followed by a heavyweight.

"I am not that short!" Caramel whined.

"Actually, since I'm taller than Luke," Law said as he dragged her off his best friend. "You're shorter."

Everyone turned back to stare at the screen when there was another video. They all stared, and Law made a choking sound when he realized it was the clip of him talking with Caramel when he had first arrived at Astor Faith with the film crew in tow.

"I told them to cut that out." He snarled when the picture of Caramel in a camisole and boy shorts was broadcasted all over America.

Then Caramel and Law's phone started ringing.

"Ah, shit."


Instead of the situation improving after they decided to be home-schooled, it had worsened. The paparazzi seemed to feel like it was a personal challenge to their ability to manage to film the reclusive Villagold's, and were now camping outside of their gate in vans in hope to get a glimpse of them.

"How are we going to go out like this?" Lucas growled. While Richard worked from home and rarely went out—and had not gone out of the estate since waking from his coma—all the teens had to leave the house often, either for business or pleasure.

"You just have to get used to it." Law wasn't even coming over anymore, because there were even more paparazzi camped outside his home.

"Can't even fucking buy ice cream without being mobbed." Caramel growled, where she was playing a game with Arven. She had went to buy ice cream the other day, and the day after, an article about her binge-eating had come out.

The last straw for the Villagold's was when Isaac had found a maid leading a man with a camera into his room to take a video of his violin collection. The maid had been bribed with a hefty sum so that they could get a glimpse into the Villagold's personal life. At that point, Richard had called for a lockdown—after firing the maid. The police could not interfere with the paparazzi outside the Veshkini estate since the road didn't belong to their estate, and the paparazzi were technically allowed to be wherever they wanted to be. .

Agnes was being stressed out, so Richard ordered for all of the kids to lie low for the next month.

"What?" Lucas growled.

"All of you lie low. Don't go out unless it's for work. Agnes and I will take the chopper to the Golden Sands and stay there for a month. Don't do anything for the next month, and they'll stop pestering us cause we won't be interesting anymore." Richard ordered.

"He makes it sound so easy." Lucas grumbled the second day of the lockdown, where the siblings had gathered in Caramel's room out of sheer boredom. She was the only one out of all five of them who seemed to be always working. She didn't want them disturbing her, so she gave them her work to do, which consequently made her bored since she didn't have work to do.

"This is stupid." Tristan said for the nth time on the fourth day, when they had congregated in the kitchen to start baking. They were just that bored.

"Agreed." Isaac said drolly. It was all for the sake of shaking off the paparazzi, but….

"It's boring like this. I mean, it's not like I hate you guys, but….." Arven glanced out of the window and grimaced at the sight of the vans at their gate.

"We should do something. Like, a sibling bonding thing." Caramel said. "Like, monopoly or something."

"Monopoly is lame." Tristan snorted. He wasn't saying that four hours later, when he was bankrupted because he had landed on Isaac's property and had to pay a thousand and eight hundred monopoly dollars to pay rent.

Monopoly became monotone on the sixth day, and poker became dull on the eighth. The siblings had studied, done their work, worked out, watched TV, gambled, and they were still bored.

And they were congregating in Caramel's room again, because there was always something to do there. Lucas was giving Caramel advice on the fashion line she would be opening for Luminescence, which had done very well since the commercial and ads had been put out.

Aliana was now a model in high-demand just like her fellow models, and was considering being home-schooled as well. There were also a lot of requests and questions about the outfits Caramel had designed for the photo-shoot, so she was now working on the fashion line.

Because of the lockdown, Aliana could not visit, but she communicated with Caramel often using a videoconference. Because it was a rare form of contact with the outside world, the brothers often liked to sit in and chat with her as well. Eventually, they roped Law into it, and they began having a video chat every evening to entertain each other.

"So what's going on?"

"I'm being called to do a commercial for Hugo Boss, not sure if I should accept or not." Law said from his end.

"Why not?" Aliana asked. As a model newbie, she thought the idea of turning down a job appalling, much less a commercial.

"They want me to be shot in my underwear, and I'm not sure if I want my fans to find out about my package like that." Law chortled, strumming his guitar as he spoke.

"Don't be conceited—it's the same size as mine. Nothing impressive." Lucas laughed. Since sexual jokes went right over Aliana's head and Caramel didn't bother reacting anymore, the guys had zero qualms about talking about such things in front of the two girls.

"No, the problem should be what type of underwear you're gonna wear in the CM." Isaac said very seriously. "Since only briefs show the size of your package, you have to consider carefully which one cradles it best, and frames it nicely as well." He said with a completely straight face.

"That is disgusting." Caramel said. The siblings were all in their own room with their video conference active, and they were sitting in their chairs, working as they talked.

"What is?" Arven asked, looking up from where he had been playing solitaire.

"How underwear cradles your genitals." Caramel said flatly. Aliana giggled with amusement.

"Papa would kill me if he saw this—but he would not want to deny me any friendship. He has been saying I have been neglecting my studies because of my modeling jobs."

"Modeling isn't easy. Especially modeling underwear." Lucas said sagely.

"Oh please, you have a calendar of yourself in the Calvin Klein underwear ad in your bathroom—you make it look effortless." Tristan scoffed.

"Dude, didn't you give me one of those? I could so model it better." Law laughed, making a face.

"Bitch please, my package is the biggest here." Tristan chortled. "I've got countless girls telling me that mine was the biggest they ever saw outside of porn."

"Tristan, you don't even sleep around." Isaac said drolly. "All you do is get turned on by your factsheet. No, I look the best, especially in a suit. Look at this—" The youngest Villagold male held up a picture of himself playing the violin in a custom-made suit. "Don't you want a piece of this?"

"That is one ugly tie—what were you thinking when you wore that?" Arven asked, gaping.

"I think that's a nice tie." Law said, raising an eyebrow.

"I have to agree with Arven on this one—is that a banana print?" Lucas laughed.

"Stop quarreling—all you guys have crap fashion sense." Caramel snorted.

"You're one to talk!" Lucas laughed. "You wore jeans for an entire week in December!"

"It was cold! And they were Levi's!" Caramel defended.

"Why don't you guys have like a design/modeling contest?" Law chortled. "Since you can't get out for another two weeks or whatever."

"There is no contest—I am without a doubt the most fashionable among us." Tristan scoffed.

"We'll see about that." Lucas snorted.

"Fine then." Isaac said, narrowing his eyes, clearly offended about how they didn't like his tie. "Brothers and sister, tomorrow, arrive at breakfast in formal wear. We'll have Natalie take pictures for us. Aliana will judge."

"Fine." Tristan said, sure he would win.

"Fine." Arven said next, crossing his arms.

"Fine." Lucas smirked. He was a professional model—there was no way he could lose.

"I'm gonna win—I have so much more choices as a girl." Caramel laughed.

"You should just let the public decide." Law snorted. "You guys are high-profile, right? And the public loves fashion—so design something and let them decide."

"Fine." The siblings said, crossing their arms at each other.

"Uh." Aliana said.

"You're on." The siblings said, and switched off their cameras to prepare.

"Should we have done that?" Aliana asked Law hesitantly.

"Don't worry about it," Law snorted, putting down his guitar. "It wouldn't have actually worked if Lucas didn't want to show off in front of you. He's one lazy son of a bitch unless he wants to glam himself up for the girl he likes."

"W-What?" Aliana blushed.

"He's my best friend, Aliana I know this crap. Oh, and send me a picture of Caramel in that formal wear when you get it, thanks." Law turned off his video camera, leaving Aliana blinking at her screen, now devoid of people to have a video conference with.

What the hell had they just done?


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