Staring into oblivion

As she left the lift she juggled her bags about in her arms. Never enough hands, she never had enough hands. Just as she crossed the doorway she happened to look down, and for one single instant she could see, through the tiny gap, all the way down the shaft. Just one moment, one single moment she could see just how far it went down beneath her. And suddenly she felt as if she was falling.

Sometimes life is like that. Sometimes we have a brief realisation of how far we can fall. How precariously we are suspended over the abyss. One wrong move, just one and we would fall tumbling down. It's as if suddenly your safety line has been cut. Time slows dramatically so that for a fraction of a second you can see everything before you go plummeting towards the ground. In that second the panic rises until suddenly everything goes calm. One blissful moment of calm before the fall. Where everything seems so clear and there is no emotion. Then you fall, time speeds up again and you are brought crashing down into the pain and the darkness.

All of these thoughts passed through her head in the space of a single breath and then it passed. As she walked away from the closing doors the moment was forgotten. Maybe one day the cable would snap and she would go plummeting down into the darkness. But not today.