She was walking home when it happened. It was late and the streets were dark as she walked through the empty streets, especially as the street lights had been out of order for the last few days. Everything was quiet until it happened. Just as she was passing a driveway on her left she was blinded by the headlights of a car. In that single moment she knew what was going to happen. Her heartbeat sped up so much that she thought she was going to pass out. The adrenaline was pumping through her body. She had to run, she had to run now. She moved as quickly as she could away from the driveway and down the road. Panic surged through her and the world stood still. This was it, she was done for, this was the end.

But then she turned to look over her shoulder, she had to know how quickly it was coming up behind her. But then it was over, the car turned to the right driving slowly away from her. She really had to stop watching horror movies.