I groaned as I sat up. Mornings are the worst. "Great, the Alarm Clock hasn't even went off. God help us all." I shook off the blankets, and got up. I streched, changed into my school uniform, which wasa dark blue shirt, and a long plaid skirt that happened to be red and black. Talk about miss match..

I hear a noise downstairs, and sigh. Maybe my parents are awake.

Right then, The alarm sung it's annoying "BEEP. BEEP. BEEP." I slammed my hand down on it. "Shut.. Up.." I rubbed my head. Gosh, head aches, again.. But it's oddly worse today. I ignored it, and walked down stairs, and took a turn into the bathroom. I grabbed the hairbrush, and swept it through my thick, dirty blonde, shoulder length, hair.

The door opened behind me.

"Same routine, Eh? Never anything more.. Entertaining?" I jumped up at the sound at the light voice. "Mo-Mom.. Stop doing that. I'm surprised you haven't give Dad or me a heart attack yet!" My Mom smiled, her elegent black hair framed her beautifully. "Well, I'm not sure about that, Honey." She snickered, and walked away.

I shook my head again, the surprise made my head hurt even worse. "I'm going to need Tyenol or Advil. Geez." I mutter to myself. I yawn, and walked to get my toothbrush, grabbed it, and continued with my routine.

After all of the normal stuff, I walked to the kitchen, and grabbed bread. I made me some toast! Yeah!.. Whatever. I put some strawberry jelly ontop, and left for school.

As I was walking, I kept on hearing noises, and my headache kept getting worse and worse every step I took. Eventually, I had to stop. "Oh, man, oh man!" I sat down on my bag, and cradled my head. The uninhabited part of the forest like this made it perfect for an animal to come at me.

Fortunatly, Though, I still have time to spare.

I stood up, and rubbed my head. I got to keep going! I picked my bag up, and strolled on.

Upon arriving at school, I heard the first bell. "Damn hgihschool, Starting so early!" I took of running.

Little did I know, I was being watched..

"What a boorish girl.. I'll have to create some drama." A dark chuckle from the trees sounded like a whisper in the wind.