Rating: R -for later chapters-

Warnings: Language, gore

Disclaimer: I own these two lovely characters of mine xD I don't, however, have custody over the St. Louis Cemetery in Louisiana...nor do I really own the apparitions named in this story...these are just my renditions of them, so don't get mad if you already know about them and realize they're not supposed to act that that or something... :(

Summary: Mitch Moretti, 17, suffers from years of bullying from the same guy. Aaron Stryker, 18, his best and only friend, protects him from being harmed when he can. They have been given the chance to stop the bullying by breaking into a, supposedly, haunted tomb of a deceased voodooist. Stuff happens, slight BoyxBoy reference, there will be blood(?)

Chapter One

They say the old St. Louis Cemetery is haunted. No one knows exactly why, but when someone goes adventuring in alone, they're never seen again. But, of course, that's just a rumor that spread all-to-quickly around the St. Bernard private high school…

A dark red Camaro sat idle at the main gate of the cemetery. The driver let out a weak sigh, almost worn down. "Aaron…" he lightly gripped the steering wheel as his vision dropped down to his lap, find it more comforting to look at than his friends face.

The passenger made an aggravated noise and gripped the others wrist, taking the whole submissive arm with him to his chest. "Mitch," his name came out more like a plea. "Don't you understand? This is it! We can really prove ourselves this time." Aaron's other hand made it's way to the captive one, encircling it. He let out a deep breath, bringing up their hands to his cheek.

Mitch slowly turned to the blonde-headed boy and shook his hand loose from Aaron's. "Stop it." He placed both hands on his lap, fidgeting with the lip of his shirt. "Why is this so important to you? It-It doesn't bother me-"

"Doesn't bother you? Really?" The taller tucked his left leg under the rest of his bottom half so he could face his friend better. His arm stretched out to Mitch's face and cupping the others jaw with long fingers, turning his head so he could look directly at the other. "Then tell me how you got that nice little shiner, hm?" With his other hand, Aaron gently swept aside Mitch's auburn bangs. "They did it to you again...behind my back. Those jocks," Aaron scoffed, "they think they're so cool; like they run the fucking school or something. They can't seem to leave you alone." The blonde released hefty sigh, giving him time to gather his thoughts. "Well, here's our chance. After we collect somethin' of Marie Laveau, they have to do as they promised and leave us- well you, alone." With that, Aaron dropped his hands from the boy's face and seated himself down properly in the car.

"No! It's fine! I'm fine…trust me." Mitch shook his head, slightly messing up his brunette hair. "I don't want you to leave me." He thudded his head on the wheel, turning away from his friend to look out the window. It was dark and none of the cemeteries lights were on. Out of all day's the town didn't have a tour, it had to be today. Mitch wanted to cursed the town with their inconvenient timing but decided against it and, instead, made a somber noise in his throat.

Aaron clicked his tongue in thought. When Mitch's words hit him, he flinched defensively, staring wide-eyed at the other male. "Leave you? Why would I do such a thing?" His head leaned back on the head rest and his body shivered as he looked directly into the graveyard. All of the tombs were above ground due to the fact that New Orleans was below sea level. It didn't creep Aaron out in the slightest. Nooo, he was a man of little fears. He swallowed a lump that was forming in his throat and looked back at his friend. "Is it 'cause those asinine rumors? I swear our class keeps getting dumber and dumb-"

"It's true though! They're true!" Mitch's head shot up from it's lax position on the wheel to face his friend. "People have died here Aaron, died! No one knows what happened to them! You know this, we've all seen the news articles. 'Specially when people try n' break into Marie's tomb." Mitch pinched the bridge of his nose to calm himself down. His mind was running a mile a minute but he couldn't get a word out. He was caught on his own breath, suffocating on words that clogged his throat. Where was a mental plunger when you needed one most?

"That's justa myth; a folklore!" He leaned his head in towards Mitch. "You don't actually believe what those morons say back at school, do you?" His brows furrowed, worried with his friends morals.

"Come on, do you think I'd be doing this if I knew I would get hurt?" Aaron pressed his lips to a thin line and moved back. "Ya know what, don't answer that." He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "M'only doing this for you." Why else would a he waltz into a, supposedly, haunted graveyard for? As his one and only friend, Mitch was special to him, like a prized possession and he wasn't just going to sit around while someone damages what belongs to him. What those jocks do to Mitch on a weekly to daily bases was wrong in every sense of the word. Aaron gnashed his teeth together, frustrated that he's still not doing anything.

The frown on Mitch's face tightened as his friend kept talking. "You no nothing of this woman. Marie was a great voodooist who will harm anyone who dare disrespect her. S-she even had this snake who watches over her tomb! T-there have also been ghost sightings and even demons-" A shiver ran down his spine. Mitch suddenly couldn't stop shaking. "Who knows what else c-could be lurking out there!" What a distressing ordeal. The St. Louis Graveyard was eerie and Mitch just wanted to go home. "Look, I don't care what happens to me at school. Just-lets go home." His eyes softened with a little hope that Aaron would just give in this time.

A growl escaped the mouth of the older teen. "No, just no." Aaron reached his hand to unlock the door and open it. "That's a buncha bull shit and we both know that." He slung his feet over so they touched the ground. "Look, I can't explain why whom ever comes into this graveyard alone never comes back out, but I can't let that stop me." He hoisted himself up from the seat. "And I'm not letting you stop me either, as tempting as going home with you sounds." A smirk could be heard coming from Aaron as he shut the door with little force. Another gust of wind blew by and he shuddered so Aaron just zipped up his black and teal striped jacket.

Mitch just sat there watching the other make his way out of the car. "Aaron…" he whined and shut off the car. He fiddled with his seat belt before actually finding the nerve to unbuckle himself and step out. "W-wait," Mitch put his hand on the hood of his car and took a shaky step forward. One step after the other, head down, until he made it to his friend. A hand reached up and gripped onto the boys jacket, dragging it down slightly. He didn't have a clue what was going on anymore, his mind was in a blur. Something's not right about this place and Mitch was going to try one last time to prevent his friend from stepping beyond that rusty gate.

A small sound came forth from the boy. He wanted to ignore Mitch and just get this ridiculous quest over with, but the new weight on his jacket had him immobilized. He stood still momentarily before clearing his throat. "What?" Aaron didn't mean for it to sound so cold. He watched the other from the corner of his eyes, not wanting to turn his head. He couldn't face the boy. Aaron knew he was upsetting him, but he needed to do this for him. He's sick and tired of people picking on Mitch, it's not even funny. The thought of his friend hurt made his stomach churn. Hell...he had freaking promised the boy when they first met that he'd let no one harm him as long as they were friends.

"Just…before you go in," He looked up at the older boy. "I wanna let you know that I didn't mind taking all those hits 'cos over all… you were there for me and that's all that mattered." Mitch's grip the jacket loosened and eventually fell. This was their last year of high school, why was Aaron so determined now out of all years?

As soon as Mitch's hand left his jacket he took this time to walk through the gates, not bothering to look back. "Idiot. Do you know how many asses I had tuh kick? A lot! And I'm done, I just want this to end so we can live normal lives. The 'King of The School' agreed to this and it's the only way." Aaron looked ahead but just as quickly dropped his vision down to his feet. He noticed small patches of grass that peeked through the cement haphazardly. It looked kinda absurd but he shook off the thought. The boy scoffed at what he just said and shook his head. "Chet, that bastard."

"Fine, whatever. See if I care, huh?" Mitch chewed on his lower lip. "Chet's a big jerk and we only have a few more months of school. I can handle it- we can handle it! I would know...I've dealt with this my whole live…even before you moved here." He scuffed the ground, causing dirt to float up. The brunette coughed for a bit on the back of his hand and silently cursed himself for doing such a thing. Mitch then decided to walked back to the car, head hung low in defeat. "I'll be in the car." His heart felt heavy but the boy knew he couldn't do anything about it. He tried and that's what counts. But something still stirred in his stomach leaving him feeling tense.

Aaron let out a heavy sigh and jammed his hands into his jacket pockets. Dull, steel-colored eyes rose from the ground and forced him self to look ahead at the labyrinth of a graveyard. He nodded and finally turned around to look at the other. "I'll be out, safe n' soun', before ya know it. I promise." With that, Aaron winked and turned back around to began walking the trail to find Mitch's key to happiness.


So, um...first chapter...hooray(?)

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