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Summary: Mitch Moretti, 17, suffers from years of bullying from the same guy. Aaron Stryker, 18, his best and only friend, protects him from being harmed when he can. They have been given the chance to stop the bullying by breaking into a, supposedly, haunted tomb of a deceased voodooist. Stuff happens, slight BoyxBoy reference, there will be blood(?)

Chapter 5

It was still dark out; more so now that clouds blocked the precious moonlight. Heart racing a mile a minute, Aaron sprinted through crowds of tombs and bushes, not giving two shits about destroying the property. His main objective was to get the flying fuck out.

Turning sharp corners, hurdling over chains, the teen tried everything to find the damn exit to this screwed up graveyard. Aaron was too afraid to yell for Mitch. Yelling for his friend could easily give himself away or worse…give Mitch away! The thought of Zombi devouring the brunette made him shake with not-so-blind-blind-fury.

Though anger usually causes more adrenaline for Aaron, this time it did not. The disturbing imagery he created caused him to pause right in the middle of running. Aaron ran dirty fingers through even dirtier hair trying to get a hold of himself, but he just couldn't. Images of a lifeless Mitch just staring wide-eyed at an absolute nothing, bleeding everywhere, shook the blonde to his core. Swallowing thickly, Aaron clumsily fell into a tomb that was only a foot taller than he; lost in gruesome thoughts. He didn't even bother to mind the taller bushes rustling or to hear the faint groans that were too odd to be made by any being come from said bushes.

All natural noises subsided; wind frozen in its tracks as Aaron's thought's were. A questioning noise came from the blondes throat sounding akin to a 'huh?' but with a hint of curiosity. It wasn't far after until Aaron's heart stopped; slate eyes growing wide with terror. Something had gripped onto the boys wrist, refusing the let go.

Scream. Something Aaron had wanted to do since first being trapped by Zombi. When opening his mouth to do so, nothing came out. Only the sound of a panicked breath escaped his throat. Why? Why did it seem like he couldn't scream? Speak? Eyes shut tight, but quickly snapped wide once the same object began tugging at his wrist. Shooting his head around, Aaron came faced to face with something so incredibly grotesque; unreal.

But it was. What grabbed a hold of the teen was neither alive or dead. The face of a dried up, decaying man gaped aimlessly through Aaron. No eyes were to be found along with various teeth and appendages. The prune-like-being groaned when Aaron caught a glimpse of him, resulting with their jaw stretching down beyond normal human lengths and soon falling off completely with a snap.

"Shit!" the word was said in a hasty whisper. The cold, rough hand that held onto Aaron's wrist kept its tugging motion none-too-kindly, all the while tearing at skin with dirty, damaged, discolored nails. Instinctively, the teen inhaled sharply, jerking his whole arm to his chest.

Aaron went to rub at his wrist only to feel-up the boney hand that was now detached from its owner. Staring wide-eyed at the body part, the blonde found himself frantically shaking it off with several petrified noises following. Aaron was internally thankful it wasn't his injured arm he had jerked around.

Unbeknownst to him, more arms of similar looks popped out of the bush Aaron was standing near. Each clawed around relentlessly, reaching for the human that seemed to stick out rather nicely compared to the soulless crowd. One managed to grab a hold of the boys injured shoulder, causing him to cry out in utter pain. With a husky growl, Aaron jerked away from the groping hands.

Heart beating like the wings of a hummingbird, Aaron took several rushed steps forward before turning to face what would be considered his worst nightmares.

Various moans and groans were admitted from what seemed like every direction. It echoed down a row of tombs, giving Aaron chills down his spine. A few sweat drops fell from his temple, breath heaving from a burst of adrenaline. Aaron swallowed thickly, anticipating…something to happen. It wasn't even a few seconds later that a horde of equally (if not more so) revolting undead humans dragged their decomposing bodies out of hiding in unison.

Aaron found that he was holding his breath while the horde revealed themselves. When he came to the realization of this, he had been faltering backwards, hands quivering at his sides. "T-the hell?" he shook his head, refusing to believe what was happening. Real zombies...? No way. Real zombies were coming after him! Aaron had played video games, arcade he worked at, where he had to shoot the undead to complete some sort of apocalyptic mission, but now…now he was living it. And let me tell you, seeing those half skinned corpses coming after him really freaked Aaron out. It took him up to present to realize this.

One bold, slimy looking creature let out an ear-piercing howl. Even covering ears with the palms of his hands wouldn't work. Aaron could have sworn he felt blood leak from his ear due to the highness of its pitch. This assumption made the blonde queasy and light-headed. Aaron swayed for a bit, but immediately jumped back when the soulless corpse that yelled, leaped for him. A sharp gasp followed by a painful cough came from Aaron. The same stench that was in the tomb he was in before was back, but hit ten times harder. A spoiled sweet kind of scent filled the air that Aaron breathed in. Hand flying up to mouth to prevent any contents of his stomach from reaching the outside world.

Still backing up on unsteady legs, Aaron kept a constant coughing fit. He had to squint one eye to create a better picture of the beasts that were slowly making their way closer to him. He shook his head trying to break the cough, but this appeared to be a threat to the creatures. Another jumped at the teen, latching onto his leg with a grunt. Aaron held his coughs in as he began shaking his leg with uncontrollable terror. Tiny whimpering screams escaped his throat, nothing louder. "G-git! GIT OFF!" Aaron's yelled with growing panic, the slightest hint of tears pricking his eyes.

This distraction, however, created a perfect opportunity for the others to attack at once.

One after another the soulless corpses jumped onto the frightened blonde. In a piled heap, Aaron toppled over from the weight of the decaying beings. They all hit the ground with an unkind 'thud.' Aaron cried out again, hitting his injured shoulder on the cold, cracked stone ground, followed by his skull. He felt something damp run down the back of his head. Light streams of tears fell from the corners of his eyes. Each tear held a mix between pain, fear and anger. Groaning, Aaron lifted his now wounded head to view the bodies urgently crawling up his own aching form; clawing at his dirtied clothes. One managed to find flesh on the boy's hand. It bit down with a hard crunch and casually ripped a piece of skin off in a single hurried motion. Eyes snapped open even wider, if possible; mouth agape as if to scream, but it was choked and replaced with an agonizing cough.

As if the undead man hadn't eaten in eons, (which he probably hasn't) he bit down with his rotting, black teeth onto the side of Aaron's right index finger and cruelly ripped that off as well, bone and all. Blood began spilling out of the hole the dead man made; it masked his teeth and dripped down his chin, covering his lower features. Aaron let out a heart stopping wail that would pierce fear through anyone's soul. Alas, these creatures have not a heart (or soul) to care, so they kept on jumping onto the boy one by one, slowly smothering him with their bodies and stench of spoiled rotten meat.

This was definitely the end for Aaron, he was sure of it. He felt his very life start to fade. Memories of his home life came into mind; his Ma, sis…. Aaron truly felt bad for leaving them both. How will things get paid for? Who will do the shopping and take care of the cooking late at night when Ma was at the diner? I guess Kiki could do it, she's a big kid now. "Hehh…" and Mitch….if only he listened to his best friend. They had so much more to do together. Aaron planned it all. But now…what? Is it's all gone to waste because of his inanity and selfishness?


The soulless creature nearest his head was knocked off his body, bones breaking apart from pruned skin, flying everywhere. This had the other living dead looking towards where their buddy got hit away mercilessly; Aaron's dispirited gaze followed.

"Grandpa?" The blonde gasped, life immediately returning to his features. "Yew...yew came back!" Aaron hissed sharply as he moved his arms to little avail.

The elder man was holding a steel pole that must have been a part of a fallen chained fence. Henry swung the pole at the other decomposing bodies that were on Aaron, hitting them so that they broke apart just like the first one. "Hurry and get up, sonny." the tone of Henry's voice changed. Instead of

it's usual kind and soft tone, it was cold, more youthful sounding. "Come on!"

Taking no further time or thought towards the others change of voice, Aaron hastily scrambled to his feet, forgetting about the animated corpses who never had their chance to attack the boy. One lunged for his feet and Henry stomped his foot on it's head, crushing it and its brains beneath it. Aaron winced, but turned to the man in surprise. "Since w-when could old men do tha—whoa."

Right before Aaron's eyes the elder male he once knew began to grow taller, leaner and younger. His white, balding hair started to darken and sprout from his scalp, and his eyes shown a more brilliant blue than before. Aaron would have commented on how he was still wearing that same dull night gown that now was too short to cover most his thighs if Henry's icy eyes hadn't been glowering at him, "Run, sonny! I'll be right behind you." Turning his head away from Aaron, his face looked like it toned considerably.

This sudden transformation had Aaron temporarily forgetting about his critical wounds. He was in complete shock, dumbfounded. Henry didn't always look like this, did he? Aaron shook his head and nodded at the younger-looking Henry. It must be because of the damages…that's it. Far too much blood-lost. He had to be going delusional.

While Henry distracted the soulless corpses with his pole, Aaron took off in an awkward half limp, half sprint run. His whole right arm killed from the gaping hole in his shoulder to the misses pieces of his hand. Clinging helplessly to his hand, the blonde began taking those countless rights and lefts, occasionally repeating his tracks.

"Which way?! Which way, goddammit!" Aaron came up to a corner but before he could continue any further, a hoard of similar corpses blocked his way. Aaron swallowed hard and ungracefully turned around, heading back from where he came only to find another group trailing a few yards behind. Holding tightly onto his injured arm, Aaron, for the first time in ages...prayed. The teen prayed to be saved. Prayed to make it out alive. Prayed to see Mitch again.

Surrounded on all sides, he seemed helpless…trapped. Aaron backed up against the thick bushes. "Doesn't anyone git that m'just tryin' tuh git back tuh-" A foreign hand grabbed a hold of his hood and yanked back causing Aaron to fall into the bushes and leave the soulless to wonder what the hell just happened.

Being pulled back left the boy startled and defenseless. What ever pulled him back could probably kill him right where he stands…well sits. Aaron brought his good arm up to his face to instinctively protect himself from further harm. An airy scream was all the blonde could muster up.

"Aaron, stop being so damn lazy and stand up. We need to get you back to Mitch and fast!" the words were said hurriedly and in a panic. Henry offered Aaron a pale hand.

This didn't look anything like the old man anymore. The man before Aaron was tall, dark and ageless. This Henry had now shoulder-length black hair, paler skin and a new wardrobe. His lengthy, black trench flapped against his legs as he pulled Aaron up to height. Once up, a strange look was sent to this new guy.

"What th'hell did yew do tuh Grandpa?" Aaron's brows knitted together in confusion, trying to push away. Henry was always here, right? And not this new, rather sexy, mysterious guy..? No Aaron! Bad! Don't think of strangers that way!

The dark man leaned over, now staring at Aaron eye to eye. "You really are stupid, aren't you?" He pursed his lips in dull amusement.

Stupid? Aaron? How dare he! That word doesn't even describe the blonde in anyway. "What did yew sa-haaaah-!" A rather sharp hiss escaped the teen as he felt a pulsing pain shoot throughout his shoulder. Instinctively, Aaron's other hand gripped tightly at his right arm. His breath became shallow from withholding the pain for as long as he had and he bent down to one knee.

A gasp left the dark man, "Aaron!" He growled deeply, following the teen down to his kneeling position. Henry removed Aaron's left hand from his bleeding shoulder and blinked hard. "That's one nasty injury, sonny...I-"

Rustling accompanied by very unfriendly groans and bellows came from the same bush Henry pulled Aaron through. They must have figured it out...and a lot sooner than Henry foreseen. He growled once more before force-hauling Aaron to his feet.

"We have to move; there isn't a second to waste." He ran, dragging a pained, wincing blonde behind him by his hand. "Those creatures aren't going to cease there rampage until you're dead or the sun comes into peak." His trench coat flapped behind him smoothly, gently hitting the other every now and then.

It took Aaron a few steps to get the hang of being basically dragged along, but he soon caught up to this new Henry, chomping down on his lip to hold back whimpers of pain. "All fer the sake of someone I care about..."

Henry glanced over to Aaron, noting his glazing over eyes. Was he about to cry? "Hm..." The raven-headed man grunted. "I'll get you out of here." His boots stamped on the ground hard as they turned a sharp left. "Just don't start crying."

They both kept running at a more than moderate pace. All the while, Henry's words rang in the teens head.

I'll get you out of here.

Not wanting to waste anymore breath, he inwardly thanked the man. As strange as he was. This is the second time where he had helped him. Aaron can't thank him enough. Perhaps when this was all over, he'd thank him properly. Just now...it didn't seem like an appropriate time.

I'll get you out of here.

Despite the nagging hurt and fear, Aaron smiled. He trusted the young-looking Henry; found no reason not to as described before.

As the two ran, turning numerous corners, occasionally breaking through bushes and hurdling over chains, the blonde wondered how Henry changed his appearance. I mean, he'd seen Zombi transform back into his original form from previously posing as Mitch...but the python is just a spirit. Wasn't Henry human? Aaron glanced up to his savior just for a quick second. He just couldn't believe it. Even with everything going on.

He's going to have a lot of questions to ask Henry the time this is all over.



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