A face of careless interest. A sparkle of amusement at me. A rigid countenance with strong arms crossed over a flat and firm-looking chest. Raven curls adored the top of his head, seemingly neat, but as you looked towards the ends, you could see the true volume the locks longed to be. His lips curled into a devious smirk as he laughed at my attempts and taunted me with that sharp wit and sarcastic tongue.

As I soaked up the attention and stored away every detail and reaction, a black guilt crept up my spine as I turned back to the holy companion that was mine. This guilt up took me and I looked back at my other and saw his calm and caring way, it was near-impossible to keep my eyes off the shining forbidden and on the calm, sweet suitor.

I knew it was wrong to think such atrocious thoughts and entertain these passions. For they were warring against the duty of my sole other and also at my steel shackles. These instruments be our respective god. They bound me with my burning faith and the knowledge of what happens when false gods enter your sanctum.

Against all standard for duty, I turned back to novelty, watching him glance after his friend. 'Follow me or not?' danced across her eyes, but he must have decided not to, due to the conviction that harden those dark orbs.

New music surrounded us and against all previous knowledge, he started to move, synced with the notes.

I stared at him with shock and a thought flickered across my mind.

'He lied'

I then promptly told him so.

A smirk possessed his lips and a little light danced in his eyes as he contradicted my thought. He told me he had never said anything, that I had merely assumed a fact about him. I brought up a pianists' finger and pointed it at him. I parted my lips, but no smart or witty remark graced my mouth as I realized that he was right.

Who was this stranger who matched my mind so flawlessly?

Upon noticing that my finger was still pointing at him, he opened his mouth and, without moving his head, bit down into the air. I looked at him curiously and wonder what he was doing.

"I bit your finger"

I merely laughed and almost wished that all would disappear, save for me and him. Though I had to turn from him. The guilt filled me, though- if I was being honest- it was noticeably less then what duty would have it, I looked back at my romantic other and prayed to my God, that I would have the grace to not fall.

But I think I already have.