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Chapter 1: Ghosts We Knew

"Did we have to bring the little ones with us?" Ceriz growls, jerking a thumb over his shoulder to point to the ivory and emerald dragons. They twirled through the air screeching as they fought happily in the increasing wind and rain, finding it great fun.

I roll my eyes at him. He must have a headache or something, because he certainly seems grumpier than usual, and that's saying something.

"It's not that far," I remind him with a snicker. "Maybe your mum'll have some sort of potion to help you with that headache you probably have."

"You know me too well." He murmurs.

After teleporting half way to Mrs. Toward's house, we decided it'd be a bit more fun to fly the rest of the way, giving us about an hour of the wind racing past us at whiplash speeds and the rain in our faces.

The rain itself wasn't really bothersome. I like water, and it doesn't bother Ceriz any more, so no big deal there.

At least, no big deal until you add in the flying at eighty miles per hour and wind.

Then you have a bit of a problem.

"You, know I don't mind water anymore, but whn it keeps freaking hitting me in the face at like, two million miles a minute, it starts to piss me off."

"We'll be there soon, then you can sit by the fire and dry your soggy, unhappy butt off." I laugh at him quietly, and I know he can still hear me, even over the roaring wind and the roaring dragons.

"Well, I'm taking one for the team right now, so I think you should just sit there and be happy I'm not a bad person."

He kind of is taking one for the team, when I think about it. Korra flies beside us steadily, but Ceriz didn't want to weigh her down. She was still hurting, and the wind was making it difficult for her. So instead he sits in front of me in the saddle, and I wrap my arms around him, burying my head in his shoulder as to avoid what little water does get to me. He blocks most of it.

"So why are we visiting my mother again?"

"We need her help." I say simply.

I hear him sigh and I know he doesn't like my answer very much. "What with?"

"Finding your father, and figuring out what exactly he wants with Randy and Maranda."

"Oh." He frowns, and turns back to face me. "Are you sure we can't just rescue Maranda? I mean, who'll carry us all."

"Ceriz, are you jealous?" I ask seriously.

"No, of course not, I just-." He snorts.

"You're jealous."

"…Yes Ma'am."


Randy knows he's dying.

Randy also knows that Maranda is facing a difficult choice. And one includes letting him die.

But she won't let him, and that's where things get complicated. Sure, he felt like hell, and he's basically just waiting for it to end now, but she won't let him go.

"Maranda…" He whispers hoarsely. "Don't…tell them anything…" He drags his arm up to touch her cheek. He notes with a dull ache that she's crying—crying over him.

"I won't let you die!" She hiccups, taking hold of his hand and holding it in both of hers. "I can't…let that happen. Never again…"

"I have more than enough of what you need to heal him." Randy hears someone say above them, but he can't see the person the gruff voice belongs to.

"Bring it to me. I'll tell you want you want to know."

"Oh really? And what might that be?" Randy hears the man chuckle and he tries to tell Maranda no, tries to tell her not to say a word, but he can't make a sound.

"How to find him…the last alchemist."


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