Summury: Jesse Micheals had his whole life planned out with the girl he loved. Until the girl he hated came along and ruined everything.

"I hate you" Jesse Micheals yelled.

"I hate you too" Scarlett Jones yelled back.

Fifteen year old Melody Hopz shook her head at her two best friends. She was always getting in the middle of their fights.

"Can't you two get along?"

Scarlett smirked. Looking at Jesse with her cold blue eyes.

"Get along with him?" Scarlett laughed in disbelief. "We have been hating each other since the second grade"

Jesse nodded bitterly. "Yeah when you took my love away"

Melody looked around knowing Jesse was talking about her. Jesse planned their wedding out when they were in kindergarten.

"I'm right here"

Jesse turned around to Melody kissing her hand. Looking into her eyes that reminded him of the chocolate his mother never let him have.

"Does that mean you accept my proposal to love?"

Jesse loved Melody. She was nice, sweet and burnette. Unlike Scarlett who was mean, agressive and blonde.

Melody blushed. "Not today" She muttered.

Scarlett took out a salt shaker from her pocket. Stuck out her tounge and started shaking. Salt bagan to fall. Melody and Jesse watched dumbfoundly.

"Isn't that bitter?" Melody asked.

Scarlett stuck out her tounge and swallowed.

"Not as bitter as you two talking lovey dovey to each other"

Jesse smiled. He liked getting Scarlett mad. For all the times she got him mad over the years. It was worth it to see that pale dimpled face go a little red.

Jesse leaned over to hold Melody by the waist.

"What's wrong? Realised your going to die alone?"

Scarlett narrowed her eyes. Locking into the emerald jewles. Jesse tried not to look scared. Scarlett sniffed.

"I smell fear"

Jesse melted down while Melody sighed stepping in between them.

"Yeah, Your smelling me now why don't you two go to class or something?"

Scarlett looked distracted. Eyes looking anywhere but Melody.

"I'll take the or something"

"But if you don't go to class your mom will freak"

Scarlett looked at Jesse for a moment. Why did he care? Scarlett shrugged. Pinched him in the cheeks playfully.

"Aww, I knew you cared"

Jesse muttered a ha-ha while Melody smiled at him. He kind of looked cute with red chubby cheeks.

"Look just go to class or I'll carry you"

Scarlett raised a bushy eyebrow in disbelief. "Carry me? Ha"

"Hey just because I'm short and chubby doesn't mean anything"

Scarlett laughed. Giving Melody a eye roll that mad them both smile.

"Whatever I'll be there"

Scarlett walked away. Jesse smiled then frowned.

"I really can"

Melody squeezed his cheeks. Jesse felt like flying.

"I know you can you cute little caboose"

Jesse screamed on the inside. Without thinking he kissed her on the cheek. She blushed looking at him curiously.

"Jesse, You know were just friends right?"

Jesse laughed nervously. His heart shattered in a million pieces.

"Ya" Jesse paused. "Of course" Paused again.

""Friends, Going to class"

Jesse left quickly. Melody watched him go holding the place where he kissed her.

Scarlett didn't show up. Melody held her breath as she walked towards Scarlett's locker. She stopped when she heard a curvy figure yelling.

"Leave me alone"

Melody appoched the sence as Scarlett punched the guy to the ground. Melody looked at "the guy" who happened to be Jesse. Then back Scarlett in shock.

"What happened?"

Scarlett bit her lip. Scratched her oily hair. Twisted it. Sighed.

"He asked me why I wasn't in class"

Melody eyes blinked. Jesse yelled.

"So you punch me to the ground?"

Melody took out her box of tissues and handed them to Jesse. He places them to his heart.

"I will never give these back"

Melody shuddered. The thought of Jesse's blood made her ill.

"I have a once you bleed no return policy"

Melody chuckled and Jesse grinned. They looked at each other for a moment then looked away.

"Anyways, Be perpared to make me bleed cause I'm going to ask you the same question"

Scarlett laughed. Walking up to Melody. Melody's lip quivered. Mentally her will come to her mind. She flinced and closed her eyes when Scarlett placed her hands on Melody's shoulders.

"Melody" In a parent like voice.

Melody opened her eyes. "Yes?"

"I can't hurt you"


"Your delicate"

"No I'm not"

"You got hurt by chopsticks"

"They were sharp"

Scarlett sighed. Taking a strand of Melody's hair and started to play with it.

"Your hair is too beautitful to be real"

Jesse groaned. "Hey! Bleeding dude on the ground"

Melody was quick to his side. But Scarlett kicked him in the leg.

"How dare you ruin our moment?"

Melody tilted her head. "You mean our akward moment?"

Scarlett smirked only coming up with a plan.


All she needed was gum and money