Burn In Hell

I feel the leather straps on my hands and legs as they get ready to give me the first of three shots in my execution. I just sit in the chair with a small smirk on my lips. I have no fear of death. I see the murder in my head like a fantastic movie. It is a movie that I would go pay to see a thousand times and still not be bored of it.

I remember the thrill of bashing the back door down. I remember the girl's scream. Her scream was a melody like no other. I remember the look of pure fear in her beautiful blue eyes when I pulled the knife out. The thrill I had when I chased her down as she tried to run. I especially remember the look in her eyes when I made my first stab. It was a look of acceptance. She now knew for sure that she was going to die. I imagined that the same look is present when a zebra see a lion charging at it. It know that it is going to die; that there is nothing that can be done but accept what is coming. I stabbed her another twenty times. Even after I knew she was dead. I just couldn't stop. It felt too good. The felling was like a drug, it makes you feel so powerful and amazing that you just can't stop it.

That was only my first victim. I managed to kill another five girls before the police finally caught me.

I made sure to kill each victim in a different way. The second victim was the lucky one. That night I was felling lazy so I just shot her twice in the head so wouldn't have to do much physical labor. The third I beat until he lost consciousness and then burned him alive. The fourth I beat with a baseball bat until his brains covered the walls. The fifth I simply tied up and drowned her in the bathtub. The sixth, now this one was fun, I beat her with a shovel until she was barely awake and then buried her alive. That one took some time; but was well worth it.

After that one the police finally caught me and took me to jail. During the trial I pled not guilty just so I could watch the prosecutors walk through my crimes again. The whole time I just sat there with a big smile on my face. I almost laughed out loud at the look on the jury's face as the prosecutor described the brutality of my crimes. I was found guilty in just two hours.

And now I am here, waiting, to embrace my death with open arms. Finally they come to inject the first shot into my veins. As they do I feel a slight prick in my arm but soon it numbs. I find it hard to keep my eyes open and soon I fall into a deep sleep.

When I open my eyes I see flames all around me and chains keeping me where I am.

The chains are hot from the flames and are burning the skin on my arms and legs. I cry out in pain. Soon I see demons with horns all around me, laughing. They laugh harder as I try to free my arm only to scream louder as the pain becomes unbearable. Never in my life have I felt such pain. But then again, my life ended a couple hours ago.

A bigger demon walks up to me with a giant smile that shows his giant yellow teeth. He just ties more chain around me. He puts chain all around my head leaving only my mouth uncovered. He also completely wraps my arms, legs, and torso. Soon, the new chains begin to heat up as well. I fell as if miniature suns where placed on every square inch of my body. The pain is causing me to move around, to try and escape this torture. That is only making things worse though as my movement is causing the chains to cut into my body.

This is my life in death. For the crimes I have committed while alive I am forced to burn in hell .I am forced to burn until my skin melts off my body. Then the chains come off and the demons heal me, only to make me suffer again and again. For all eternity I will now burn in hell.