Daughter Mother

You say you've always loved me
But now I'm not so sure
All I did was have a drink!
And maybe have two more

I can't believe you did that
I really trusted you
You're going to your room young lady
Until you're twenty two

You say I'm irresponsible
But I've heard your stories two
Grandma's told me all about
The things you used to do

There's people out in Africa
Starving in the streets
And you spend my money
On alcohol and sweets

Why can't I wear my make-up
I'm fine with how I look
I don't want to look like you
I don't want to read a book.

You say you've never done it
But he's always in your room
I don't want to be a grandma
Not this soon

Mummy that's disgusting
Honey it's true
And anyway I haven't
And I should hope so to


I know you do.