Sometimes I wonder how life would be different if you were still here.

If loved ones of others hadn't died?

When I look at those I've lost,

And those they've lost too,

It makes me think of how much I miss you.

You weren't just a grandpa,

You were my friend.

We were like twins.

We teased Brother so well.

Now it's hard just to tell.

What did you sound like?

I don't remember

What did your eyes look like?

I don't remember.

I hardly knew you;

I was only nine.

I could have learned so much more,

If you hadn't died.

I could have heard your stories.

I wish I could tell you my worries.

I need to hear your advice,

Didn't Adam know the price?

It's the price we all pay now,

And sadly it brings oh such sorrow.

Look we'll see it even tomorrow.

Sometimes I wonder,

If you were here,

How would things be different?

Would I live near you?

Would you care or ignore me?

Would you fulfill your promises?

Would my family not be so sad?

Would you make me mad?

Would I laugh with you?

Would you help me now?

Would you… would you love me?

How would things be I wonder

If only they were how they were supposed to be?

I know friends,

They've lost people closer then you and me.

I know they miss them but yet they stay strong.

I wonder, do they stay up at night,

Do they think of what time would be like

If they're loved ones were still here?

I know I do.

My heart goes out to those,

Those who have lost moms and dads.

Brothers and sisters

Or like me, grandma and grandpa.

Aunt and uncle.

Cousin, mentor, and friend.

All those who have come to their end.

Everyone who thinks,

What would time be like?

What would I be like?

If only you were here.