Paul sighed at the scene in front of her as she walked into her shared lab. Old containers and chemicals were spread on her half of the lab, and it was finally that time of the month; time to clean. Reluctantly, she grabbed a trash bag and started dumping anything that couldn't be recovered. After that, she moved the dishes, tubes, and beakers to the sink so she could wipe down the lab. She glared at the sink once she had finished wiping, but Paul started to rinse anyway. With a start, she looked at her watch. 8:00 AM the watch proudly proclaim in a glowing green. It was almost as if the watch was mocking her because it knew how she felt about this moment. Her eyes flitted to the door in wait of the horror to come.

With an earsplitting, "I'M HERE!" Sam bounded in. She flipped her stylized blond hair over her shoulder with recently manicured hand, revealing shining earrings. She pulled off her designed sunglasses to reveal green eyes that were a dull brown without the strange contacts. "Gasp! Are you actually… cleaning?" Sam said, in real shock.

Paul rolled her eyes and continued without a word, finishing the last of her horrid job. She gave Sam an almost copyrighted look at this point due to the continual use of it. "Good morning to you, too. I'm doing well today, and thank you for asking me."

Sam smiled back enthusiastically. "You know what I mean!" she hugged Paul, who tensed in response. "Thank you for cleaning and not leaving the job to me!" Sam pulled away.

Paul waited a few more moments for Sam to stop staring and get to work, but she soon knew Sam wouldn't leave without a response. "You're welcome." Paul said in a deadpan.

Sam giggled and ran to her desk on the opposite side of the room. She checked off her puppy-filled calendar on the day of March 12, 2095 with a pink highlighter. Her eyes skimmed the pink notice that had been left on that day. "Oh, it says the boss is checking in today!" Sam cheerily announced. Paul groaned. "Good thing we finished the research yesterday!" Sam put her purse on top of the almost bejeweled desk as she turned on the matching laptop, which greatly contrasted Paul's practical white one.

On the other hand, as Sam relaxed, Paul was trying to get the wrinkles out of her shirt and run a brush through her black hair. She checked her reflection in a white mirror, given to her by Sam, looking to her brown eyes behind glasses then to the rest of herself to make sure she looked dignified.In the reflection, she caught sight of the door opening. She spun around to see the man who had practically invaded the laboratory.

He was around half a foot taller than Paul's 5' 11.5", with dark brown hair and sunglasses that Paul knew hid strange almost-gold eyes that had come from an accident during experimentation. He was young for a full business owner at 44, a fact that had made him famous. Many newspapers had told the story of the ScienCorp, the company he had built from the bottom up against the odds. Paul had worked with ScienCorp her entire scientific career.

"Nice to see you," she said with the least sarcasm she could muster, nodding to her boss. "If you come to the tester—" She mentally prepared to lead him through their lab, but he suddenly cut her off.

"There's a new plan girls. You will be studying the noble gases. I will send you the full details tomorrow." The girls were in shock, but from the weight of his invisible glare, they knew to stay silent. He turned on his hell and stalked out of the room, leaving a frazzled and confused atmosphere behind.

Slowly, the blonde turned to her counterpart and blinked a few times. "What?" Her only response was Paul's slow shrug of bewilderment.

The next day, Paul arrived as she usually did at 8:30 AM. Of course, she had been told to arrive at 8:00, along with her blonde coworker, but that didn't stop her. As she wandered in, she was greeted by the sight of a fidgety blonde organizing her notebooks and folders. The two of them had gone to high school and college together, so Paul knew this habit like it was hers. This meant she was either nervous, anxious, or both.

Paul took a deep breath, and with an air of reluctance announced, "I forgot to get my coffee this morning. Want to get some with me? You can get one of those frilly lattes, or whatever."

The look of pure excitement and relief turned on her almost knocked her back. "Of course!" Sam exclaimed, jumping up from her desk to run out the door in a flash. Paul smiled a bit before following the hyperactive girl. They walked together through the building, chatting together in a relaxed atmosphere for the first time in a while. When they passed the boss' room, however, a yell from inside shocked them both. The next comment struck into their cores.

"Once they get the noble gases study finished, the plan with Xenio will be complete." This definitely caught their attention. Xenio was a rivaling company that Sciencorp had been fighting with since its beginning. For Sciencorp and Xenio to cooperate with one another would be a momentous occasion. The Boss had always hated Xenio… or so they thought, but they were questioning this belief. "The girls won't suspect anything. After all, the connection between their research and our plan is so thin they won't even question it." Sam pressed her ear to the door as quietly as she could as if she would set off a bomb if she was heard. Paul held her breath, but that caused the rest of the world to filter through the pounding of her heart. As she calmed her racing heart, she also rested her ear against the door.

From inside the office, a rumbling voice of another man asked, "So, what is the plan? You keep telling me about it, but you haven't explained the plan itself." Paul tried to place the name, but the mental search only came up blank. She glanced at Sam, but Sam seemed to be receiving the same blank.

A chuckled came through the door from their Boss. Paul couldn't help but worry more. "Of course, I should have seen this coming. Alright then, I'll explain." Paul saw Sam send her a nervous look. "As you know, Sciencorp has a hand in almost every scientific field. I plan to spread this to other fields. Before long, the company will be able to control almost all of this country. Unfortunately, if only one company attempted this, people would be suspicious. Therefore, when I made Sciencorp, I made a deal with Xenio. We would act as rivals and fight for power. Once we had taken over the entire country, we would share power over the country."

Sam made a small choking sound in the back of her throat, and her hand flew to her mouth. She couldn't tell if the pause was from her being heard or if the thought had just been finished. Either way, her heart skipped a beat. Luckily, it was only due to a pause in the Boss' story. He continued. "Once my employees finished their reassigned research, I will assign them all the same thing. Because I gave them something strange before, they won't really expect much. After I get that back, I will have gotten to the end of my plan—I will be controlling the entire country with Xenio." Sam grabbed Paul's hand and they ran as if their lives depended on it.

The next day, both girls stood in front of the Boss' office, the door looming before them. They had spent yesterday afternoon planning and planning for what they would do today and knew what they must do. Paul reached forward, grabbed the handle with steady hands, and pushed the door open. The Boss turned to see two girls, one calmed and one fidgety.

He opened his mouth to speak, but Paul held a silencing hand up. "We're here to resign, Boss." She spoke in an empowered tone. The Boss was shocked and it showed plainly on his face. He quickly composed himself. Paul answered his silent question without any preamble. "We are quitting because we don't agree with this company. We signed up to research biology, and you shouldn't be able to force us into studying noble gases or anything of that sort." Sam stepped forward and gave him their letters of resignation. When the Boss' eyes met hers, she met them fully, as if showing her agreement with Paul's words.

After a moment's pause, the Boss nodded. "Of course." He was at a loss for what to do and knew that if he got angry it would be his downfall. Paul nodded back and turned to leave. Sam wasn't as sure as her coworker, so she hesitated a bit before leaving the room. She could feel the Boss' gaze burning into her back and she quickened her step.

As Sam got out of the building, she heaved a sigh of relief. "I thought he was going to kill me or something!" The tension in her body seemed to be entirely replaced by a strong sense of relief. "So, our next step is to reveal his plan to the public, right?" Paul froze as Sam kept walking then turned back to her motionless friend. "What's wrong?" A frown caused the space between her eyebrows to crease.

A small smile came over Paul's face. At first it was just a quirk of her lips, which caused Sam to doubt her sight. Over a few moments, her grin widened and widened until it almost covered her entire face. Sam blinked in astonishment and the impressive feat. Paul never smiled like that, or at least not in Sam's memory.

Paul turned to Sam, and took a deep breath. "I think I just got an amazing idea." At the sight of Paul's joy, Sam began to grin as well. The happiness was almost infectious, and Paul grabbed Sam's hand to pull her to her car. "Just wait until we get back to the apartment. I'll explain it then." Sam jumped in the car in excitement. They shared an apartment due to convenience, and Paul always seemed to have a better way of explaining herself in her home environment. The car tore out of the parking lot as Paul nearly screamed for Sam to slow down. "The apartment's not going to run away if we don't get there soon enough! Calm down!"

Sam was in complete and utter shock as she slumped back into her pink desk chair. Paul was utterly right. The plan was amazing. "How did you get that so quickly?" She asked incredulously to the black haired girl who was still in high spirits.

Paul gave a happy shrug. She hadn't felt this cheerful in a while. "I don't really know. I changed some of it in the car, and I filled in some blanks while I was explaining it to you. So, do you think we can do it?"

Sam's eyes widened even farther, if that was possible. "Can we do it? Of course! This will be amazing! It may take a while, but this is definitely better than my plan!"

Five years later, an energetic blond haired girl nearly bounced into the room. "Look at the paper! We've done it!" Paul smiled at her co-owner as she waved the black and white print in front of her. "Read it! Read it! Read it!" She snatched the paper from Sam before she injured something or someone and glanced at the title. As her eyes skimmed, her breath was taken away. SCIENCORP BOUGHT OUT. Paul jumped from snippet to snippet. New company… scientists from Sciencorp… Paul Adams and Sam Bailey… Bottom to the top… revealed motives… named company ABScience… years of planning…

Paul glanced up at Sam with a smile, which was no longer rare these days. "I guess we finally met our goal, right? ABScience, our company, has finally gained enough power to get rid of Sciencorp." She gave a finalizing nod. "We've really done it. I almost can't believe it."

Sam reflected all of Paul's emotion in her expression. "Exactly. But we did it. We've won! ABScience has finally defeated Sciencorp!" Suddenly, Paul's expression fell. "Hey… what's wrong?"

Paul looked down for a moment before meeting Sam's eyes. "Now what? This company has all the power, but that was the opposite of our goal, wasn't it? We didn't want power centralized. It looks like this was only half the battle. Now we have to practically undo everything." Paul seemed to hesitate before she spoke, a rare feat. "I'll need your help with this."

Sam grabbed Paul's hand firmly within her grasp. While Paul had evolved, so had Sam and she was stronger now. "Of course I'll help. At least it's nice to know where the halfway mark is in our plan."

Sam smiled, and Paul gave a sigh of relief. "Well, as nice as it is, halfway was difficult to get to. I can't wait until this is over."

As they both walked to their office to figure out their plan, Sam cheerily responded, "Neither can I."