I had met Matthew when we were seven. I had been walking myself to grandmother's for nearly a month when he first showed up.

I was walking home and overjoyed by the brand new white dress that was folded neatly in my basket.


Startled by the noise I flinched and let out a squeal.

"Who's there?" came my meek response. I had heard whispers from the forest before. At this particular moment I was too happy to notice the eerie silence.

From the shadows came a boy, so lanky a so beautiful. He was somewhat tall and his ice blue eyes framed with dark long eyelashes had me jealous even at that age.

"My name is Matthew. What's yours?"

I tugged at one of my low pigtails tied with red ribbon. His shaggy brown hair reminded me of a dog.


"Will you be my friend Charlotte?"

"Why would you want to be my friend?" I asked confused.

"Because I don't want anyone else to be my friend."

"That's silly."

He walked so we were parallel to each other.

"But it's true."

I made a face, "Why can't you walk over here? Why are you over on that side?"

"I don't know. My mom just said I'm not allowed on your side. I can't ever go there."

"That's what my mom said about your side."

"Oh..." his face dropped, "But we can still be friends right? Even if we're not allowed on the same side?"

"But I never said that we were friends." I said.

"Can I try and be your friend?"


Of course as fate would have it Matthew became my best and only friend.

"Charlotte!" Matthew smiles. Both of his large hands are on my face, "You came."

"I just needed a hug. That's all. I'm going back-"

"No! Please don't."

I take a step back closer to my side. One of his hands grasps mine.

"Charlotte please just stay with me." Matthew lowers his face closer to mine. I blush a bit, or at least I hope it's just a bit.


I hear the whispers and a few animalistic noises.

"You never should've come here…"

"I could just eat you up…"

"My the things I'd do to you.."

Shivers run down my spine, "-Matthew it was impulsive of me and I never should've hugged you." I try to back away again but the look in his eyes stops me.

"I know you're afraid, but don't pay any attention to the voices. I'm here and I'll protect you." He grins at me wolfishly. His hand on my cheek travels lower and lower until his hand is on my lower back.

"You want me to trust you Matthew, but I can't. There's nothing you've done to make me trust you."

Anger flashes in his eyes and he breaks contact between us.

"Why can't you just trust me?" He snarls, "I've never done anything to hurt you Charlotte." A frown is deep set on his beautiful face.

"You've never done anything to hurt me yet, but you've hurt everyone else. Why should I have any reason to believe that I'm going to be any different?" I say honestly.

I was already in one fight with him today-what's another going to hurt?

"Because no one is like you-no one is you. You are different and you mean something to me. Everyone else doesn't mean a damn thing-it's just you Charlotte."

He calms down and steps toward me again. He wraps his arms around my waist and I feel my face heat up once more. I'm so close to him I notice the freckles on the bridge of his nose and the few on his exposed and protruding collar bone. His arms are strong and defined.

Maybe Matthew hasn't hurt me yet because he won't.

I feel myself fall to his enchantments. His scent fills my senses-some mix of pine, cinnamon and tree sap.

I've known this man for years and yet I've never experienced him like this.

All of a sudden the rough pad of his thumb caresses my cheek and his lips are less than an inch from mine.

I snap back into reality and dodge his kiss.

"You're trying to lure me in again!" I accuse him.

"No I'm not!" He defends.

"Oh yes you are Matthew," I pace around aimlessly as he follows me, "I know you and you're trying to do that thing where you-you seduce me."

"That depends if it's working." He grins jovially.

"Well it's not. You bastard-you were trying to enchant me or whatever it is you do."

"No! I swear I wasn't. You're just so pretty Charlie and you smell so nice…" He runs his fingers through his shaggy hair.

Matthew does this thing where he lulls you into a trance and you just sort of fall under his spell. He can get you to do whatever he wants thus doing whatever he wants with you. It's tricky because he claims that he doesn't always know he's doing it.

"Whatever I'm going ho-"

I shriek when I hear a grotesque crunching noise coming from under my foot.

I shriek again but louder when I look down and see the discarded carcass on the grassy floor and the boney hand under my foot. I jump into Matthew's arms and shudder.

"Ew, ew, ew! Oh my god-" I nuzzle my head into his chest and try to shake the image out of my head. The flies…the blood…ugh.

Matthew walks us a few paces away but close to my side still.


Matthew hushes me, "You're getting hysterical and whatnot. You remember how one of your neighbor's disappeared…?"

"Oh god! I stepped on Jonathan Crawford!" I try to kick off my shoe. After a few attempts it flings off and Matthew helps me by removing the other shoe.

"Did you kill him?" I nearly yell.

"No! It wasn't me I promise. I'm not this sloppy…"

I grab onto his neck tighter-the image still not leaving me.

"Charlotte I know you're afraid-"

"No I'm repulsed beyond belief! I know you kill people for whatever satisfaction you guys get; I understand you've told me about it, but I stepped on a dead man!"

He chuckles. It's a deep throaty chuckle and I can feel the vibrations coming from his chest. Oh man his chest if hard.

"Okay fine. Can I show you what else it's like where I live?" He requests.

"I'm not too sure about this place…I shouldn't be here anyway."

"How about I take you one place? And you can decide if you want to come back and see more."

I look down but quickly back up again, "Fine."

"Fantastic," He grins and I can see his rather sharp canines, "How about we get something to eat?"

"No. If this is hell, or the underworld or whatever this side maybe I know you're not supposed to eat the food. What's-her-face ate the pomegranates in the Underworld and got trapped there forever right? I'm not risking that, no way."

"That's just a story Charlotte. This isn't Underworld." He muses. He's clearly enjoying something, "But if that's what you want then okay. How about we take a tour of my room?" He suggests.

I frown, "No."

"Your virginity only makes you all the more in danger here." He says in a rather sing-song voice. Is that supposed to tempt me into sleeping with him?

"And I thought you said I wasn't in danger as long as I'm with you?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Okay you've got me there. But virgins are all the more delicious Charlotte and all the other creatures here will look at you so lustfully…I think you'd be much more comfortable once you've let me make love to you dear." He winks and I roll my eyes.

"Or maybe I'd be much more comfortable back on my side-"

"No I'm sorry. How about we head to the schoolhouse?"

I furrow my brows, "The schoolhouse?"



"So you can meet my little brother."

"Okay." I reply a bit too quickly. But what can I say? I'm eager to meet Matthew's family.

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