This world was not what it seemed; truth be told it had never been. This world's hidden truth was buried deep in the underground of each city, hidden behind closed doors in the small towns and guarded behind the walls of gated communities. How long had I been hiding myself away from the prying eyes of the media, of the unsuspecting passersby? It seemed just like yesterday I was finding my path in life, learning about love and heartache. I looked back now and realized how naïve I was then. Snorting, I shook my head, sending my hair fluttering around my face. I wished I could go back to that time, to the days I was oblivious to all that is hidden in the darkness.

I stood on the rooftop of the apartment complex I lived in, taking in the view of skyscrapers and of people scurrying by on the streets below, searching for the meaning to their lives. I wanted to scream, "THERE IS NO MEANING!" but refrained from doing so. Instead I closed my eyes against the assault of images of the city. There were days I hated this city, with its bright lights and masses of population, hated the smell of sweat and sewer on sweltering days. I opened my eyes and stepped closer to the edge I wondered if I should jump and end it all. End this torment of my soul, to end the battle I had been waging against the dark all these years. Turning away from the slights a soft sigh escaped my crimson lips; if it was that easy I would have jumped a long time ago.

Unfortunately, if I jumped I wouldn't die. Sometimes immortality was a bitch.