Wow, so it's been a long time since I've updated this! I just reread it, though, so I know what's up. I hate leaving things unfinished, and lately, I've felt like writing, especially since I have a lot to add to this. So, if you're new to this, cool, and if you've been waiting for ~a year for an update, I'm so terribly sorry, and I'll give a quick summary: Evander the vampire took Calvin the human because Calvin was so average, Evander sensed his creator while out one night, sex, Evander's creator caught up with him at the apartment, and Calvin walked in on them, knowing Evander's maker is bad news. So. There you have it.

The hot washcloth felt good on my skin, and Calvin was careful over the spot where Antonius had bit me. The wounds had healed up, but the spot was still tender, which Calvin became aware of after I had winced when he accidentally washed over the area earlier. Other than a mumbled "sorry", Calvin hadn't said a word to me since Antonius left, and he refused to meet my eyes. I understood that, maybe he'd be mad about having someone bite me, but I explained to him that I wasn't expecting it.

Now the two of us were sitting on my bed, my shirt off so Calvin could clean up some blood, and although there wasn't a spot of the substance left on me, he wouldn't stop running the rag over my chest. I was getting bothered with it, so I grabbed the hand that held the cloth, stopping him from doing anymore.

"You're going to have to talk to me," I murmured, lowering my head so that my face was only a few inches from his. There was no way he could resist looking at me if I was this close, but he went so far as to squeeze his eyes shut to not look at me. Scowling, I sat back and gave him space, not liking that I unintentionally caused him to be upset. This was the first time that I had been bothered by someone being irritated with me, and I wasn't quite sure how to react. "Calvin, I told you: it wasn't like I told Antonius to bite me. He got me on the couch and then he was biting me. I don't know what to tell you. It was an accident."

His head snapped up and he gave me the most disbelieving look. "Don't give me that, Evander. Shit like that doesn't just happen. Nobody accidentally cheats. And what the fuck was with the blood donor thing? I thought you were actually going to keep me around, but apparently, I was mistaken," he spat bitterly, narrowing his eyes at me. He pushed himself off of the bed and crossed his arms, staring at his feet now. "I really don't know what to say to you. I thought I was going to be able to trust you since you promised that I'd be okay. God, I'm stupid. I obviously am, seeing as I trusted someone who drinks from people and kills them afterwards. How long is it going to be before Antonius is back and fucking you? Am I going to walk in on that, too?"

Sitting up straight, I glared at him, feeling my anger rising. As much as I tried to control it, he had taken it a bit too far with his words, saying things he never should have brought up. My teeth felt like they were throbbing, an indication of my fangs growing, a side effect of becoming mad.

The fear was obvious on Calvin's face, but he stood his ground. "Now that those are out, what are you going to do with them?" he sneered, now cocking his hip.

No, I had to keep calm. I didn't want to scare him off, even though my instinct was telling me that I needed to suck him dry. "Calvin, please…shut up," I growled, shakily curling my hands into fists. My nails nipped my palm, drawing a thin line of blood, which was making this situation so much worse. Before anything else could happen, I bolted off of the bed and headed to the fridge to grab a few bags of blood, my hunger suddenly at its peak. I tore the bags open into a large glass and tried to stay under control while it heated in the microwave. A minute later, I was chugging it down, thankful for rich, thick taste that was flowing down my throat. I drank enough to make my stomach hurt, but it staunched my hunger some, which was exactly what I needed.

Resting my hands on the counter, I bowed my head and closed my eyes, feeling my body shake. Mentally, I was feeling a little better, knowing I could talk to Calvin without thinking of ripping him apart. My fangs were still throbbing, but they slowly began to recede, much more painfully than usual.

When I turned around, Calvin was standing in the living room, Brutus beside him, taking the role as a loyal companion. "I'm going to stay at my place tonight. I really don't want to be around you for a bit, not until I know the grime from Antonius' hands has been scrubbed off of you," he snarled, his expression hard.

"Quit acting like a child," I hissed, glowering at him. I was tired with him jumping to conclusions and acting ridiculous about all of this. He had given me no time to explain myself, making me out to be the bad guy when I had done nothing. "You've given me no time to explain anything. You happened to walk in at a bad time and apparently didn't think that I was lying to Antonius to protect you! Don't you think I would have killed you by now? Trust me, if I wanted to, I would have. I called you a blood donor so that he couldn't take you away from me and drain you dry, after potentially raping you, you stupid, foolish child! And don't blame me for him biting me! It wasn't like I expected it because, frankly, I hadn't even apprehended that bastard getting into my home. But he did, and he knows who you are, and if you leave, Calvin, you will die. It will be a slow, painful death where you will be chained to a wall and fed upon by Antonius whenever he wants. It hurts, too, to be bitten by a vampire. You can feel every little drop of blood being sucked out of you, and it is miserable. You will beg to die, but he will drag it out for as long as possible."

Calvin cringed, but his face was still hard. "I'll sleep in a guestroom tonight. We need time to cool off, especially you. I know you're hungry, and I don't want to accidentally make you hungrier." Rubbing his arms, he stepped a small bit closer, but there was still a large distance between the two of us. "I didn't mean to say what I did earlier. I don't mean a lot of what I say when I'm mad. It sucked, though, when I walked in, expecting you to be there waiting for me, and instead, I find some guy, sitting in your lap, his mouth attached to your chest. Honestly, you really didn't look like you wanted to push him away, either."

For a brief moment, I really didn't want Antonius to stop. There had always been something so erotic about having my blood taken, though I would never admit it to Calvin. My goal of having him around was to allow me to be normal, and enjoying my blood being sucked wasn't going to help.

"I was too stunned to do anything," I lied, hoping that'd be a good enough answer for him. "It's not like it's an everyday occurrence, you know."

Now taking a seat on the couch, Calvin sighed and rested his forehead in his hands. "I know. But, wh-what are we going to do with Antonius now that he knows I exist?"

As much as I wanted to sit on the couch beside him and hold him, I stated put by my kitchen counters. "As long as he believes you're my blood donor, I believe you'll be okay. We can't be intimate anymore, though, just in case he ever decides to just stroll in. Obviously he thinks he can do it whenever he pleases." The last part was mumbled, mainly out of aggravation. "Listen to me, though. You can't take Brutus on walks by yourself anymore. I'll accompany you if need be, but you're not allowed to be alone. I'd rather take extra care of you rather than risk Antonius not believing us." That, and knowing my master, he would take no regards for the fact that Calvin was my property. He killed one of our head leaders. Rules meant nothing to him anymore.

Nodding slowly, Calvin stood back up and approached me, making a disgruntled face. "I guess I'm in this with you for the long run."

I reached out to stroke his cheek with the backs of my fingers, feeling how warm he was and how I needed him to stay that temperature. "I'm so sorry. If I would have known any of this was going to happen, I wouldn't have gotten you so involved with me. I feel like I stole your life because, no matter what you do, your life is going to changed." Resting my hands on the counter, I closed my eyes to think clearly. "Even if you moved away, you'd still have to uproot your life from your friends and job. If you stay with me, you run the risk of being caught in between two vampires and will end up getting hurt. If you left and stayed in the city, Antonius will hunt you down and drink from you. No matter what you do, I've messed up your life."

I had never felt so bad for a human. His normal life was suddenly being turned inside out, and it was my fault. I was destined to have a different, crazy life, and that normalcy that I sought so much would never be achieved. I hated this.