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Far Away

You're leavin' this town

You're leavin' this life

Forever gone, I'm all along, and you're not coming back

Life is hard

You made it okay

But now you're gone, Forever gone, and you're not comin' back

But can you stay

Can you stay away from me?

How can I try

To sleep tonight

Knowing you're gone

I try and try

It doesn't feel okay

To laugh today

Because you're gone

Too far away

Tryin' to keep up

Life goes on

I'll keep livin'

You'll keep livin'

On and on and on

It takes time

To heal old wounds

But I'll give it all I got

And my heart will look like new

You can stay

How can you stay away from me?

How can I try

To sleep tonight

Knowin' you're gone

It takes time

It doesn't feel okay

To laugh today

Cause this feeling's stayin'

While you're too far away

So tonight

I won't be afraid, It's just another day

I'll survive

I'll be okay

It took time

Was always on my mind

But I'm better now on the inside

It took time

But I'll be okay

Because you're so far away

So far away

And that's where you'll stay

I'll get better

I'll be better

Now that you're

You're so far away

You're so far away

I learned

That life goes on

The clock still turns

Even if you're gone

I'll continue on

I'll continue on and on and on

Now you're gone

So far away

Now you're gone

Where you'll stay

And I'm so far away

We'll keep goin' on

So far away

And now I'm gone

So far away