Memory, calls on me
Unblinking eyes
Into the foreseen
Living past

Darkness scry
Settled, a done choice
Raven wings, freezing time
Darkness encloses

Body broken, fighting
Heart stops beating
Darkness smiles
Slowly it jumps

Exile from Heaven
Raven wings attached
Flying but only downwards
Into Darkness Open mouth

Shacking and shivering
Cold lingers always
Death but a step behind
Never to be the same

Little child, standing
Wings spread, color Raven
Grounds cracks, grinning
Darkness laughs, unbeaten

Abscond is not an option
Light will never enter
Stars surely don't shine
Mortality is nonexistence

Little child, Young raven
Looking down to the between
Smiling, and craving
Darkness, never to fade

Raven Wings, sewed