The phantom writer and a supernatural killer

I watched as my son Daniel was leaving work. He was getting ready to come home to our house. He was never one to take observations of his surroundings. He was the kind of kid who acted before he thought about it. He didn't see anything strange at all but I did. I saw the blood on the wall that read: You are next young Daniel and beware of us and…The writing just stopped there and my perpetual vision shifted to where Daniel was walking. He was walking in Central Park. There was a dark shadow following him and the next thing I saw was his dead body, dripping with his blood and a final smile on his face. The blow hit me as I tried no to cry but saw a voice say "It looks like he will be back from this nightmare." The tone was dark and creepy but yet surprising familiar. It reminds me of something but that was all I had time to think of before I woke up.

I awoke from bed with a jolt of surprise. It was surprising enough to see your son death but even more surprising when you see him ten years older than his current twelve year old age. It kinda of creeped me out and I drifted back to sleep but not before I heard the same voice from my dream say "I hope she understood the message otherwise we have to go through with the plan against Adam's better wishes."

Ten years later….

I stared at the dress Daniel had picked out for me to wear at his company's social gathering for parents of the employees. He worked for a publishing company as their mailman. He was also currently working on a story of his own based on his dreams of being a super hero and spy. He would call it the Adventures of Lucky. He had told me that was the name he had acquired his dreams. I believe his imagination had gotten the better of him but I wasn't going to argue with him. Daniel walked in wearing a blue suit, a blue shirt, blue shoes which I still had no clue how he obtained since I know Brooklyn didn't sell those types of shoes, Blue jeans and apparently to fit the theme he had dyed his hair blue. I was about to say something but who I am to argue with style except his mother. I asked "What is up with all the blue besides the fact it is your favorite color.

He responded "I decided to look eccentric for the social gathering."

I retorted back "You look like a giant blue teddy bear or a smurf."

Daniel retorted back "Mother, I do not look like a giant blue teddy bear or a smurf."

I responded "Yes you kind of do"

He said grumbling "Let's go before you come up with another horrible pun."

We walked to his blue car which you guessed it, everything in it was blue. I have to say I still have not figured out how he finds everything to be blue. I wondered if this was a fashion style because otherwise I would be panicking. I had a feeling to get a girl's attention but it might have just been my motherly instinct. We arrived at the social gathering and I immediately noticed how familiar the office Daniel pointed out to me was his. It was the office I had seen my dream ten years earlier which showed his death. It must have been a mere coincidence since the dream had happened ten years ago. I walked into the ball room and noticed the guy in the corner. He was pretty tall, was about my age and had black hair and eyes and looked very athletic. I introduced myself to him and said "My name is Jacqueline." He stared at me for the longest probably observing my brown hair with blond streaks, it could have also been my green eyes or the scar I received during a cooking accident.

He responded with a dark and familiar tone "Well my name is Jasper Knight and would you happen to have a last name?

I responded shocked "I don't know my last name since I had lost my memory but the doctors said that it was Falcon. I am not too sure of it thought.

He said "So you are Daniel Falcon's mother."

I said "How did you know that?"

He responded back "It was just a simple assumption based on your last name and I am correct am I not?

I responded "Yeah" and then thought "Boy is this Jasper fella awfully suspicious."

I told Daniel I was leaving earlier and he said that it was fine with him. I went home and I got changed. I had felt awkward talking to Jasper and it felt strange to be somewhere I had only seen in my dreams. I was nervous but yet somehow I drifted to sleep and I dreamt another strange dream.

I was in a densely dark force. I was running alone in the forest. It felt strange because it felt like someone was following me. I picked up the pace and entered a clearing. The man behind me finally caught up. He stood about six feet tall with black hair, he was very muscular, athletic, he had vampire fangs coming out of his mouth but his strength blow down a tree similar to a werewolf blowing down a straw house. He also donned a black trench coat and hat. He said with a British accent in perfect English "So now I have you cornered you beautiful witch.

I thought" That is what you think"

He said "So it seems that we are alone in this forest together so I guess I could reveal my plan but only if you kiss me"

I stepped on his foot and kick him in the groin and said "In your dreams"

He said "You shouldn't have done that and now Lucky gets it."

I grabbed him and said "What have you done to my son?"

He said "Don't you wish you knew?"

I said "Tell me you wretched fiend"

He said "Well it too late now that he is dead both here and in the other world that you will enter and you will lose him twice." He grabbed and threw me into a tree and all I saw was blackness.

I awoke for the second time in ten years with a jolt. I started to worry again since it was midnight and Daniel had not come home yet from the gathering. I heard a knock on the door and a man who stood at about five foot seven with brown hair, the brightest blue eyes and was lanky but yes somewhat muscular. I asked "Who are you?"

The man said "My name is Detective John Clark and I work for the NYPD. We have found your son's body in Central Park."

I asked the worldest dumbest question "Is he dead?"

John Clark said "Yes he was dead and we have no idea how.

I said "Thank you for telling me" and I slammed the door so hard that I thought it would have spilt in two and I did the only logic to do when you find out your son is dead, I let out a stream of tears. I almost missed the note that appeared on the table which read: Your son was murdered. I ignored the insanity of the note and planned the arrangements for his funereal.

I sat through all of his funeral dates since the police had already found out the evidence they needed for his body. The place was empty and I was the only one there. The man who I saw at the gathering had just arrived. He muttered "Well looks like he is dead for now and he is in a better place." I watched as he left and felt my suspicions for him rise but it must have been my grief that I could swear he vanished into the shadows.

I walked home feeling more alone than ever. I feel depressed but yet I am overcome with a new desire. It was the desire to get revenge on the person who murdered Daniel. I was going to take matters into my own hands instead of the stupid New York Police Department. I walked into the house and it looked ransacked. The kitchen was a disaster and it looked like all the food was gone. I started to clean the kitchen and I found an odd piece of paper. It was written on a napkin. It read: If you like to know information after you are done cleaning up my notes meet me at the docks by Pier 16. I peered into the apartments other four rooms which included a living room and dining room, a bathroom, Daniel's bedroom and my bedroom. They were all complete disasters similar to the kitchen. I cleaned all the DVD's and games scattered in the living and dining room. I also clean the bedrooms and the bathroom. The rest of the notes connected to the first one and the other one I found in the kitchen. I started to read the letters and it appeared exactly the same as below because I memorized it.

Dear Jacqueline (Falcon?),

I am very pleased to assist you in solving the murder of your son. It seems to connect to my very first case which is about mass murders. The parents seem to have visions of their children dying and it has had happened to the mothers and fathers of children named Steven Falcon- Knight, Aidan Knight and a Robert nicknamed by his parents Legendary Knight. The parents seem to have memories of some past with a mysterious figure Hunter who they say they have seen in their dreams before he killed them. The parent names are Derek Knight, Rose Falcon, Adam Knight, a Jasper Knight, a Thomas Knight and majority single parents except the first two who are married. The mysterious factors are that all of these childrens died in Central Park on the same day as Daniel. I believe your son was murdered as well as all the other childrens and it might be a male serial killer. The victims were all males in their 20's with the same last names or similar names to Daniel. All of the children looked exactly the same to Daniel and I have left notes to the parents of these children. If you wish to know more information once you are done reading this note meet me at Pier 16 at 8 o clock today.

The last piece of the letter was written on the back of the first note I found when cleaning. It read: Signed the Phantom Writer since I see you but you don't see me. I was a little nervous when I read the letter. I stared at the name Jasper Knight and decided to go to Pier 16. I didn't live too far from the pier and it was only five minutes away and I felt lucky that I had finished the letter when I did.

The Pier was completely empty. There seemed to be no one there except me until I heard a sound and I came face to face with what I believed was a man with blue jeans, a red shirt, a white mask that cloaked everything except his mouth and made him look like a serial killer. His hair was dark brown and was all spikes up. He spoke loudly and with an undetectable accent and asked "Are you Jacqueline Falcon?"

I reluctantly responded "Yes I am Jacqueline Falcon and who are you?"

The man responded with a heavy sigh "I am the Phantom Writer and I will be guiding you to the warehouse to where all the other parents are."

I demanded "Prove to me you are the Phantom Writer."

The Phantom Writer said "Well I am here at 8 o clock and I know your son was murdered and that you have been grieving and the mere fact that I am the only one and if you want more proof then have my handwritten card."

I stared at the card and the handwriting was the exact same as the letter and I believed him. I replied back "I guess you can take me to the warehouse."

He said "Good I will take you there" and he escorted me to an abandoned warehouse and he said "I can't let see you where it is so I will knock you out" I struggled but my effort was futile as he knocked me with a cloud of sleeping gas.

I was in a red dress standing in front of a castle. The castle looked like one straight out of the fairytales. It was enormous and there was a lot of blue all around it. At the front door there was a sign that said "The Prince's Ball" it seemed to be something straight of a Cinderella fairytale. I noticed I was wearing blue high-heels and I had a wand in my hand. I entered the ballroom and saw it was packed with men and women and teenager boys and girls dancing and the clock read eight thirty at night. The ceiling was filled with stars and the planets which seemed to include a planet in between Earth and Mars that read Terra. I know that this was Terra somehow and some way. I remembered that I had to be home before midnight because my brother would be home and the spell the assassin casted instead of myself would wear off and I would be back to being a poor witch. I was approached a boy of about seventeen or eighteen years old who stood at about six feet tall, was athletic, had the impossibly hot black hair and was very muscular at that. He smiled and vampire fangs stuck out but I didn't mind. He asked "Would you like to dance?" A slow love song came on and before I could say yes he grabbed me and we started dancing. I asked "What is your name?"

He responded "Adam Knight." I racked my brains to why that name was so important but noticed that my sister Rose Falcon was dancing with a boy that was about sixteen years old who resembled Adam but had werewolf fangs and had yellow eyes. I stopped dancing and pulled my sister over to the side and started to talk to her.

I asked "Do you know that boy's name?"

She responded with a dreamy tone "Derek Knight" I forgot how irresistible werewolves could be to girls of any age.

I asked "Are you crazy? You were dancing with the second in the line to the throne and you are dressed like this because of my magic and it will wear off by midnight and he won't care about peasant Rose Falcon."

She snapped back "You were dancing with the prince of Terra and I didn't see you complaining." I mentally slapped myself for not recognizing the prince of Terra and I was about to leave when the assassin who came to me and I analyzed him. He had Gray eyes, blacked spiked hair and he looked almost similar to Adam except he was a year young.

I asked the assassin "You wouldn't happen to be Thomas Knight would you."

He responded "Yes" and I ran as the clock strike Midnight as Rose and I ran out of the ballroom as Derek and Adam called our names. I almost turned back but continued running until I hit home and I lost conscious in a roofless house.

I awoke and stared at where I had wound up. I was in a single cell with Jasper Knight, and people who strongly resembled my dream figures of Thomas Knight, Adam Knight, Rose Falcon and Derek Knight. I noticed that it wasn't really a cell but a single enclosed room with one door and one window. I heard the door and the Phantom Writer walked into the room. It reminded of the Grim Reaper that walked in before death. He walked like a turtle making every move seem like our last. He said " Looks like everyone is here which includes the lovely Jacqueline Falcon and the very unique Adam Knight, Thomas Knight, Jasper Knight , Derek Knight and Rose Falcon." I noticed that the Phantom Writer was hitting on me and I was sorted of creeped out and flattered. He said "Well let see what you remember about Chase Hunter the Third , Jacqueline."

I said "I only saw him once in my dreams and he threatened me and I hurt him physically and he told me that I would regret it."

The guy who I believed was Adam Knight said "The exact same thing happened with Robert "Legendary" Knight."

The Phantom Writer said "Interesting, very interesting and did the same to you Jasper.

Jasper responded "Yes the exact same thing happened to me except it was the insanity in my head which drove me to protect him and I failed at that."

He then asked Rose Falcon and Derek Knight "How did it happen to your son?"

They both responded "We both had the same exact dream and then ten years later he died at the age of twenty.

The Phantom Writer finally asked the man I knew was Thomas Knight "How did your son die?"

He said "He didn't because he was killed by his employer Chase Hunter and he said if I didn't get all the victims parents he would kill me. I am the bait that will lead Chase Hunter here."

The Phantom Writer said "You lead a mass murder here and you didn't tell anyone you little-" his words were cut off by the sleeping gas which sends us to sleep.

I was the first to awake in the cold dead room. I was the only one in the room and there were dead animals torn to pieces and drained of their blood which had once had been their life and I slightly recognized the animals to be six puppies and six bunnies. I heard a voice that said "It looked like the pretty witch is up first" I recognized that voice of the man which spoke perfect English but had a British accent. It was the voice of the fiend we knew as Chase Hunter. He continued to say "Looks like Adam Knight is the next one and now looks like everyone is up except the Phantom Writer." I await and he said "Look like the Phantom Writer is up and now if my entire lovely guest would like to find their way to the main room then we can talk and don't try to escape this single hallway is the only way out of your cell and it connects to nothing so no funny business."

I walked to the elegant ball room which was Hunter main base of operations. I was the first one in, followed by Adam Knight, Jasper Knight, Thomas Knight, Derek Knight, Rose Falcon and finally the Phantom Writer. He said "Well Phantom Writer would you like to take off your mask or would you like me to pry it off your face and then kill you."

The Phantom Writer said "I will take it off since you were so discrete in making sure to know my identity." He removed the mask and I saw a face in which I recognized and apparently one everyone else knew.

I asked first "So you were the Phantom Writer, John Clark?"

He responded "Yes I was the Phantom Writer and the detective on your case and I had this mission to find the killer before you even knew it since I knew of Hunter's tyranny starting with Thomas Knight."

I asked "So you knew we were going to be captured and led to the lair of our children's killer?

He said "I knew as well as an owl knows everything."

Hunter interrupted us and said "This was never about killing your children; it was about revenge on all of you."

Adam Knight said "Why would you want revenge on people you barely know?

Hunter responded back "Maybe it would be better if you remembered your past such as Thomas and Jasper Knight. " He let loose a flurry of dust and memories started to click into place. I remembered that I was a witch who had a power and that Adam Knight was my husband and that I had four children and six grandchildren. I remembered that Rose was my sister and Derek Knight was my children's uncle and my brother in law. I remembered that Thomas was an assassin that had a major crush on me and that Jasper Knight was the God of the Shadows and I remembered that my sons were named Lucky Knight, Legendary Falcon- Knight, Seth Knight, Aidan Knight and Steven Falcon- Knight since he was the one who had grown up to be an assassin. I remembered that my grandchildren were named Molly Knight who can travel into books, Kyle Knight who was shot in the heart and lived. There was also Daniel Junior who was Kyle's older brother and Holly Knight, Kyle's older sister and Lucky was married to a woman named Natasha Rose. I remembered that I had a grandkid named Mikey Falcon-Knight. The youngest of the Knight quadruplets had a son named Adrian Knight and Steven Falcon-Knight married Ashley Rose and had two kids named Steven Junior and Kayla Falcon. The memories continued to flow until I remembered everything including Terra.

Hunter asked "Do you remember everything now and the reason we hate each other.

I responded "Yes and now I am going to kill Chase Hunter the Third."

Chase Hunter said "If you do that you will kill my human half and he will die and I will be evil forever and are you willing to hurt an innocent man.

I said "No but I can kill you on Terra. I casted a spell which sent back to Terra with John Clark. I saw my son and h tackled Hunter. I remembered he was a vampire- werewolf due to his uncle and his brother but Adam stopped him before he could kill Hunter and we let Hunter live. I realized from writing this down I never had a normal life and evil never truly dies and grief always live but good also lives and if you stay on the right side you never truly lose. I also come to realize that anyone who died on Terra lived on to Earth and vice Versa so I guess we can never stop Evil but heroes outnumber the villains but that doesn't change the truth that neither side is weak and both is as strong as the other and sometimes we win and lose but there is always hope is what this adventure proved and that if we can figure out what John Clark's powers are, there may be a possibility we can destroy Hunter but time is on our side for now and forever.

I sort of lost my train of thought in philosophy but Chase Hunter the Third didn't get too far away since Daniel/Lucky had brought the whole family to the forest where we had vanished. I stared as Steven Falcon –Knight who stood at six feet tall with brown hair and very well built for being only twenty then blocked Hunter. Hunter then was surrounded by Robert/Legendary Knight who had has son who looked exactly like him and his uncle and grandfather. His name was Michael but preferred Mikey Falcon-Knight since Legendary kept Falcon in his last name for a while. I watch as Aidan Knight, the youngest of the Knight quadruplets surrounded Hunter with his hot spitting image of a son named Adrian and I wondered if it was morally wrong to call your grandson hot. Finally Lucky and Steven's wife Ashley and Natasha Rose surrounded Hunter and he had no means of escape. I noticed that Molly Knight, Holly Knight, Daniel Knight Junior, Kyle Knight, Steven Falcon Junior and Kayla Falcon along with her boyfriend Jake Junior who had blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes with well-built and Kyle's girlfriend Lucy Bluelily and an outline of Kyle's guardian Dominick Bluelily and Lucy's Demon angel Angelica Knight who was Kyle's dead sister surrounded William Hunter and Matt Hunter and NovaStormThunder who were Chase Hunter son and nephew and Matt's pet dragon who's sneeze could kill you but that is only due to sneezing out ice, fire and thunder. I said "Well you could arrest them now John Clark.

He said "This is not Earth and my badge has no authority now does it.

I responded "It does if the queen authorizes it."

He asked stupidly "So should we go and ask her?"

I retorted back " I am the queen and I approve" He arrested Chase Hunter, William Hunter, Matthew Hunter and NovaStormThunder and I finally got the best kiss with Adam and I saw a great light which glowed bright around all of us as only darkness covered the Hunters forever condemning the fate of all them except NovaStormThunder and Matthew Hunter. I knew this was not the perfect ending but it might have been a perfect beginning of the next chapter of life in the insane world of supernatural beings.

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