The Featherless Angel

Her mother used to read about the angels
and tell her she was an angel unable to fly
And because God loved his little angel
he gave her a family that couldn't touch the sky.

She didn't think much about it when she grew;
life was fun and her family was the best
She didn't think much about God's choice either
because she knew she was blessed.

Sometimes she swore she could hear her feathers flutter.
They tell you to not forget, her mother explained with care
they may be invisible to everyone around
but you and I both know they're still there.

Some of God's people isn't nice at all
They told her some really mean things
That was when her survival instinct kicked in
and when the first feather fell off her wings.

She'd want to tell You she only lack one feather
but both the Lord and she knows it only went downhill
It may not have been intentional all the time
but the feathers fell down without refill.

She wrote an message in ink one night
Lord,your precious angel without feathers, cries.
She wanted You to know she's so very sorry
God, she's afraid she'll never see the skies.

Her mother hugged her tightly through the tears
and softly told her not to worry
Her heavenly father had given them a book
that was meant to read when things got blurry.

She cried as she read about faith;
the faith that could move mountains when right
She vowed to God she would change
even if her life would be a constant fight.

It was hard, harder than anything before
and Lord, sometimes she didn't have the power.
But she never stopped praying or apologizing
because with His help, she'd manage another hour.

Our angel left the world one sunny day
and as she stood before the gate, she closed her eyes
she may not be able to enter heaven
but only seeing the paradise was a prize.

She recognized her father as he walked out the gate
and he smiled kindly and hold her tight
"I watched you sin every day of your life
and yet I know no one more deserving this flight."

And high our beloved angel flew
with the feathers that never really left her side
You may not always see them or feel them
but the feathers are your faithful guide.